Takeshi Niinami

Toward Making Suntory a Truly Valuable Global Corporate Group

The Suntory Group continues to steadily grow as a corporate group that is expanding its wide range of businesses globally around alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Our driving force is the "Yatte Minahare — Go for it!" spirit, which has been passed down since our founding. We are determined to pursue challenges that others will not and contribute to the society by creating new values.

We commit to bring the highest level of quality to all of our products on a global scale. We are steadfast in putting consumers first to continually care the food and beverage quality until the point of consumption. We strive in not only the safety and reliability but also the taste, fragrance and ease in using our containers at the point of consumption for all of our products. Last year, we shared and implemented the Suntory MONOZUKURI Values, which holds the values and code of conduct in Suntory manufacturing that we have valued since our founding, throughout the Group. We will create new values such as developing products with even higher quality through generating synergy and technological exchange based on these values.

To become a truly global corporate group, we must pass down a sustainable society to the next generation through contribution unique to Suntory based on our founding spirit of "Sharing the Profit with Society." Water is not only the most valuable resource to our businesses and also vital in terms of the lives and lifestyles of people as well as the economy. Water is the most important theme that we need to prioritize. Based on a recognition that Suntory's business activities are part of the global scale circulation of water, we will expand our initiatives globally with long-term perspective. Our initiative will be based on our thinking of "Water Sustainability" that we cultivated in Japan.

Our mission "In Harmony with People and Nature" is outlined in our corporate philosophy. This mission is the unchanging foundation of the Suntory Group that contributes to creating more affluent lifestyles while simultaneously realizing constant harmony with society and the beautiful global environment by delivering the highest quality products and services to customers around the world. The united strength of every employee of the Suntory Group is what realizes this philosophy. We will always strive for further innovation and challenge with the goal of becoming a "Growing for Good" company that realizes a sustainable and vibrant society while promoting an environment that encourages the spirit of "Yatte Minahare - Go for it!"

Takeshi Niinami President & Chief Executive Officer,
Member of the Board, Representative Director