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Domestic Operations

Creating the Flavors that Keep Life Flowing

What do people want in a beverage these days? What is the flavor they are after? These are questions we continually ask ourselves in our pursuit of the ever-changing tastes of consumers. At Suntory, our hope is to read the changing tastes of our customers in order to provide them with more and more, ever-tastier products, which is why we continue to come up with new and exciting drinks for our times, one after the other.

Our diverse lineup of drinks brings great taste to our customers for real enjoyment.
Suntory Oolong Tea

Our lineup of products includes popular items such as our authentic green tea brand Iyemon, which has grown to be a key player in the green tea market since its release in 2004, Suntory Oolong Tea, which has been well-loved and has proven to be a top seller over many years, and BOSS coffee, the "partner of working people," which will celebrate 20 years on the market in 2012, not to mention Pepsi Nex, which made new inroads in the cola market.

Because we endeavor to take the environment into consideration in addition to taste, we put Suntory Natural Mineral Water in P-ecot bottles that can be easily compacted by hand, produced under thorough quality management.

Orangina, which we launched production and sales domestically in 2012, has been well-received for its refreshing orange flavor and natural bitterness, which comes from the orange peel essence. We hope to continue to bolster its position in the carbonated fruit juice market as the one and only value-added brand.

Suntory Natural Mineral Water, obtained from three natural sources (Okudaisen, Southern Alps, and Aso)

Putting Science to Work to Create Healthy and Delicious Drinks

Flavan Tea, Kuro Oolong Tea, and Goma Mugicha, and Pepsi Special

Suntory develops new products in the pursuit of the ideal of creating "beverages that truly contribute to people's health, with scientifically demonstrated effects and safety." In November 2003, we brought to bear the fruits of research into polyphenols in red wine and other products to launch Flavan Tea, a green tea beverage that features Flavangenol®, an ingredient extracted from the bark of maritime pines that has been shown to be effective for maintaining health. Furthermore, in May 2006, we drew on the results of years of research on the efficacy of oolong tea to launch Kuro Oolong Tea, recognized for its ability to suppress elevation of serum triglyceride levels by suppressing the absorption of dietary lipids.* Winning high praise from consumers for its value as a product that "reduces the body's absorption of fat when consumed alongside meals," Kuro Oolong Tea has become a huge hit. Then in February 2007 we released Goma Mugicha, a sesame barley tea suitable for people with high blood pressure that contains sesame peptides extracted from sesame seeds.* Many consumers have come to drink Goma Mugicha, calling it "a delicious alternative to ordinary teas." In November 2012, a cola beverage Pepsi Special* was marketed, which has been popular among consumers for its sharp and refreshing aftertaste unique to Pepsi, created through our accumulated technologies in producing cola beverages.
We will continue to promote high value-added products through our product development abilities backed up by our advanced technology, while quickly adapting to the changes in our consumer's needs.

* These are recognized as foods for specified health uses (FOSHU) by Japan's Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.