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Beverage & Food


In Japan, we manufacture and sell a wide variety of non-alcoholic beverages, including coffee, mineral water, green tea, red tea, carbonated drinks, fruit juice, functional drinks, milk-based drinks, and beverages approved as Food For Specified Health Use (FOSHU).

Our lineup of products includes a number of established brands such as our authentic green tea brand Iyemon, which has grown to be a key player in the green tea market since its release in 2004; Suntory Oolong Tea, which has become a popular and proven top seller over many years; BOSS, the "working person's drink" which will celebrate its 22th year on the market in 2012; Suntory Tennensui sourced from springs in the Southern Alps, Aso and Okudaisen; PEPSI NEX ZERO, which created a new trend in the cola beverage market, and Orangina, a carbonated drink originated in France featuring fresh orange flavor and natural bitterness.

From left: Goma Mugicha, Suntory Black Oolong Tea, Pepsi Special, Iyemon Tokucha and BOSS Green

Along with these established brands, in response to the growing health-consciousness of consumers, we provide numerous high value-added products through our product development capabilities supported by our advanced technology: GREEN DAKARA, a rehydration drink for daily life using seaweed and black sesame seeds, etc., that has proven popular as healthy ingredients; Suntory Black Oolong Tea, which is approved as a FOSHU with its recognized ability to help block the absorption of fat in foods and suppress the increase of triglycerides; Pepsi Special, a cola beverage approved as a FOSHU blocking the absorption of fat; Goma Mugicha, another FOSHU for people with higher blood pressure.

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In Europe, Orangina Schweppes Holding B.V. and its subsidiaries (the Orangina Schweppes Group (OSG)) manufacture and sell non-alcoholic beverages.

OSG sells Orangina and Schweppes carbonated drinks, a fruit juice Oasis, and other products. OSG's three principal business units are as follows: non-alcoholic beverage manufacturing and sales in France and Belgium; non-alcoholic beverage manufacturing and sales in the Iberia Peninsula (Spain and Portugal); and manufacturing of concentrates and exports of concentrates and finished products.

Lucozade, Ribena

Lucozade Ribena Suntory Limited is manufacturing and selling energy & sports drink "Lucozade" and juice & concentrates drink "Ribena"

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In Oceania, The Frucor Group which consists mainly of Frucor Beverages Ltd and Frucor Beverages (Australia) Pty Ltd manufactures and sells non-alcoholic beverages.

The Group has a wide variety of products such as an energy drink V, and a fruit juice Just Juice. The Group's operation is not limited to the Asia and Oceania regions, but they export their products to the Pacific Islands, South Africa, etc., as well as sell V in other countries including the United Kingdom and Spain.

Frucor Group's V brand
Just Juice

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In order to maximize the growth potential of our business in Asia, Suntory Beverage & Food Asia Pte. Ltd. is responsible for managing our Asian subsidiaries. The business of each subsidiary in Asia is as follows:

The BRAND'S products marketed by Cerebos Pacific Limited in Asia

Cerebos Pacific Limited and its subsidiaries (the Cerebos Group) manufacture and sell health foods and processed foods including the BRAND'S Essence of Chicken series of health foods and the Asian Home Gourmet series of seasonings.


In Indonesia, PT SUNTORY GARUDA BEVERAGE and its subsidiaries (the Suntory GARUDA Group) manufacture and sell non-alcoholic beverages such as jelly drinks Okky and tea beverage Mountea. They also sell green tea Mirai (meaning "future" in Japanese).

In Vietnam, Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam Beverage Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells non-alcoholic beverages.

In Thailand, TIPCO F&B CO., LTD., an equity method affiliated company, manufactures and sells non-alcoholic beverages. In addition, TIPCO F&B sells green tea Mirai.

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Pepsi Bottling Ventures LLC and its subsidiaries (the Pepsi Bottling Ventures Group) manufacture and sell non-alcoholic beverages in the United States, mainly in North Carolina.

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