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Chu-hi and Cocktails

New and Exciting Beverages

Over the decades, Suntory has introduced many types of spirits not traditionally found in Japan, including whiskies and liqueurs. More recently we have also put a great deal of energy into developing ready-to-drink (RTD)*1 alcoholic beverages that make it even easier for people to enjoy a drink.

-196C Strong Zero, -196C Zero Dry, Calori, Cocktail Calori, Horoyoi, Non-aru-kibun, and Cocktail Smoothie

In the 1990s we developed The Cocktail Bar series, which brought the authentic flavor of bar cocktails into the home, Totteoki Kajitsu no Osake that offer fruity flavors, and the affordably priced Super Chu-hi, which led the canned chu-hi market.

Then, in the 2000s we launched Calori, a product that opened up a new category of health-oriented alcoholic beverages based on a new "low calorie" concept. In 2008 we introduced the sugar-free*2 -196C Zero Dry series. Calori and -196C continue to be the leading RTDs in the health-oriented alcoholic beverage market even today.

Horoyoi (barley and lemonade), -196C Strong Zero Dry

Suntory has accumulated rich technical expertise through years in the food and liquor industries, and we put that expertise to work in developing original products that bring new value to consumers. Horoyoi, a slightly sweet and mild chu-hi with an alcohol content of 3 percent created with a young-adult consumer base in mind, and -196C Strong Zero, which is both sugar-free and has a higher 8 percent alcohol content for an extra punch, are both examples of aspirations made reality using this expertise.

More recently, in 2011, we introduced Cocktail Calori (featuring a great texture enhanced by fruit pulp), and Non-aru-kibun, a non-alcoholic RTD cocktail that allows customers to enjoy the taste of a cocktail with zero alcohol content, then followed up in 2012 by releasing Cocktail Calorie Cocktail Smoothie that features the syrupy texture of fruit pulp.

In 2013, we challenged ourselves in making new value proposals through the release of the innovative barley and lemonade flavor from the Horoyoi series and dry type from the -196C Strong Zero series.

Looking to the future, we will continue to bring our adaptive approach and pioneering spirit to product development, and we look forward to introducing more value-added beverages aimed at delighting customers.

*1 RTD:"Ready-to-drink" alcoholic beverages, such as canned chu-hi drinks and canned cocktails with a relatively low alcohol content.

*2 "Sugar-free" products do not exceed 0.5 g of sugar per 100 mL (in accordance with nutrition labeling standards)