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Pursuing a Taste and Aroma Befitting the "World's Greatest Beer"

Suntory's employees take pride in their role as brewers, a pride that extends to responsibility for every aspect of the manufacturing process, from ingredient selection and brewing, all the way to product delivery.

The man behind the development of The Premium Malt's had a single dream - to create the world's greatest beer. Taking the pilsners that originated in the Czech Republic and Germany as a model, our brewers began their research. Over many years they worked to craft a beer with the world-class features they were looking for Ė a spectacular aroma of hops, a firm body, and deep, rich flavor.

In 2012, The Premium Malt's was reborn - we added a new diamond barley to the recipe, achieving an even greater depth of body and superb aroma. In 2013, we achieved the top sales for the past 10 years*1, and we continue to see growth in the support of our customers. In 2014, we are promoting the key message of "maximum body and flavor"*2 as the biggest features of The Premium Malt's to promote understanding of our products among even more customers.

Our quest to realize the "ideal beer" for all of our products, including The Premium Malt's, continues.

*1: Comparison of annual shipments made of The Premium Maltís from 2004-2013.

*2: In terms of original extract content and hops usage comparison among our firmís beers (exclusing limited sales products).

Suntory's Choice to Brew Using 100% Natural Water

All of Suntory's domestic beers are brewed using 100% natural water drawn from deep underground.
Suntory's beer plant locations

Suntory insists on using only 100% natural water drawn from underground for our beer, happoshu, and new-category beverages produced in Japan.

Since 1963 when Suntory first began making beer, we have thoroughly concentrated on the quality of water, which makes up for about 90% of the raw materials. Accordingly, we build our plants in locations with abundant fresh water to take advantage of the contained amount and excellent balance of minerals and ions when producing our beverages. The water is drawn from deep wells and has been filtered through many rock layers over geologic time, making it pure and of reliable quality.

"Made in Natural Water Beer Plants" logo to express our persistence to water quality

From 2011, we attached the logo "Made in Natural Water Beer Plants" to all of our beer products sold domestically in order to express our persistence to water quality and have delivered these to our customers.

Our Commitment to Creating Beverages That Add Value

Malt's, Wazen, Kinmugi, Kinmugi (75% less sugar), Kinmugi Clear Label, Jug-nama and non-alcoholic beer-flavored beverage All-Free
Promoting R&D activities aimed at creating new value for customers

Suntory's ongoing R&D efforts are inspired by a desire to create products that offer new value to customers.

In 1986, Suntory released the 100% barley Malt's beer, and in 1994 we established the happoshu market with the introduction of Hop's Draft. We continue to introduce value into new categories, including Jug-nama, which uses corn as its base, and Kinmugi, with its barley carefully selected for flavor, as well as the reduced-carbohydrate Kinmugi (75% Less Sugar) *1. In April 2014, we will release Wazen, a beer which pairs well with Japanese food, providing customers with new value and a new way to enjoy beer through the selection of brands suited to a given type of cuisine. Further, in May, we will be releasing Kinmugi Clear Label, a fresh and crisp beverage. Going forward, we will continue to deliver enjoyment and great taste to our customers.

Suntory has also actively developed new products bringing new value to consumers in the non-alcoholic beer-flavored beverages category, in which demand is rising. In August 2010 we released the world's first*2 non-alcoholic, no-carbohydrate, zero-calorie*3 beer-flavored beverage, All-Free, which has since become very popular and recorded No. 1 sales for three consecutive years. *4

Going forward, Suntory will continue to make products that provide even newer discoveries than ever.

*1 Compared to Suntory's Kinmugi

*2 In the beer-flavored beverages category, according to a survey performed by Suntory

*3 In accordance with nutrition labeling standards.

*4 Intage MAI survey of non-alcoholic beer-flavored beverages
Total cumulative sales between January 2011 and December 2011 (at SM/CVS/liquor DS nationwide), and between January 2012 and December 2012 (at SM/CVS/liquor DS/general & commercial liquor stores nationwide).