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Effective Use of Water Resources

To avoid placing a burden on the circulation of water within the natural environment, Suntory plants carry out activities to promote water conservation, while returning only pristine water back into nature.

Further Reducing Water Usage

The Suntory Group's plants use a great deal of water in, for example, cleaning production equipment and cooling, in addition to that used as an ingredient in our products.
Each plant sets medium-term goals for the reduction of water usage in order to get the most out of this finite resource. We also promote effective water use through the introduction of technologies for reusing and recycling water.
Although our water usage increased in 2012 as production increased, we actually reduced per unit production usage through water conservation efforts at our plants.

Water usage (at 24 plants in Japan)

Applying Three Rs in Water Usage

State-of-the-art environmentally-conscious plant Suntory Products Ltd.
Minami Alps Hakushu Water Plant

The Three Rs are actively promoted when selecting equipment for plants, ensuring that the minimal amount of water is required (Reduce), water can be used repeatedly (Reuse), and water can be processed and used elsewhere (Recyle).
A variety of activities related to the Three Rs are being implemented at the Minami Alps Hakushu Water Plant of Suntory Products Ltd. In particular, thanks to our use of a sophisticated “water cascade” recycling process, we have been using our limited water resources in the most efficient way possible, making us an industry leader when it comes to per unit production in relation to the volume of water used.

Using Cascades of Water
Water is collected according to cleanliness level and stored in 200-ton tanks for recycling

Water used in the manufacturing process is classified into five grades, such as coolant water and cleaning water, based on cleanliness. This technology allows plants to recycle water to be used in subsequent processes, for example, using the highest grade water in the most demanding process, and recycling it for use in a process with less stringent requirements.

Effective Use of Rainwater
Suntory Products Ltd. Kanagawa Ayase Plant uses rainwater to water plants

Japan is fortunate to have plentiful rainfall, and rainwater is one of our important resources. The Suntory Group accumulates rainwater in tanks for use in watering plants and as cooling water in air conditioning equipment.

Comprehensive Waste Water Management

24-hour waste water management

The Suntory Group sets voluntary standards for waste water that are stricter than the legal regulations and manages quality so that we may release waste water in a state as close to nature as possible. Waste water from our plants is first purified using anaerobic waste water treatment facilities and other equipment before it is released into sewers and rivers. Inspectors use measuring equipment to take daily readings of water quality and temperature under a 24-hour monitoring regime.

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