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"In the Barrel" factory shop

Yamazaki Distillery’s factory shop, In the Barrel

In the Barrel, our factory shop located within Yamazaki Whisky Museum, offers an extensive selection of products that are only available at the distillery, including single malt whiskies, specially designed glassware, and the distillery’s own line of snack foods that go particularly well with whisky. You’ll find everything you need to enjoy whisky at home in unparalleled style.
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Yamazaki single malt whiskey

Yamazaki 12 Years old

Japan’s premier single malt whisky was first launched in 1984 on the 60th anniversary of the completion of Yamazaki Distillery, the birthplace of whisky in Japan. Made using mature key malts stringently selected from the distillery’s treasured casks that have been aged for more than 12 years throough the four seasons of Yamazaki, this whisky never tires of drinking with layers of complex aromas and continues to capture the hearts of whisky-lovers the world over.

  • Colour:Amber
  • Aromas:Peaches, ripe persimmons, marmalade, butter, custard cream, toffee, coconuts, vanilla, incense, cloves
  • Taste:In-depth sweetness with a rich flavour
  • Finish:Sweet vanilla and oak with a pleasant lingering aftertaste
  • 43%alc./vol.700ml ¥7,560
  • 43%alc./vol.180ml ¥1,944
  • 43%alc./vol.50ml ¥648
Suntory Whiskey
Yamazaki 12 Years Old

Yamazaki 18 Years old

This full-bodied single malt whisky is prepared using stringently treasured malts aged for more than 18 years and married in old sherry vat casks. It’s a masterpiece of a concoction with deep-rooted, mature notes.

  • Colour:Red amber
  • Aromas:Raisins, strawberry jam, apricots, dried persimmons, toast, bitter chocolate, coffee, Creme brulee
  • Taste:Sweet-and-sour flavours, slightly bitter, rich and spicy
  • Finish:Ripe fruit with sweet-and-sour flavours and a long-lasting aftertaste
  • 43%alc./vol.700ml ¥21,600
Suntory Whiskey
Yamazaki 18 Years Old

Take your whiskey-drinking experience to the next level with the perfect glass.

Yamazaki Premium Tumbler

This glass was custom-designed so that you can enjoy a highball prepared using Yamazaki single malt whisky, which is made from a variety of key malts that capture the goodness of Yamazaki’s seasons, in the comfort of your own home. A line etched into the glass demarcates 30 ml of volume, making it easy to prepare a delicious highball.


Yamazaki Premium Tumbler

Half Rocks Glass

Notice the unique shape of this glass: a bulge in the centre helps spread the whisky’s aroma, while the constricted shape where the mouth is placed ensures that none of the aroma escapes your enjoyment. Ideal for delivering the full experience of whisky’s mellow, full-bodied aroma, the half rocks glass is ideal not only for highballs, but also for a variety of drinking styles, including on the rocks or diluted with water.

¥500 each

Half Rocks Glass

Snacks that go perfectly with whiskey

Yamazaki Distillery Private Label Snacks

Each pouch contains an assortment of snacks of different textures and tastes, for example, almonds and brown sugar nuggets, allowing you to enjoy a variety of flavours that accord with Yamazaki brand whisky. Nuts bring out Yamazaki whisky’s refreshing, oaky flavour, while brown sugar nuggets complement its sweet, gentle taste.

Package of 10 pouches, ¥690

Yamazaki Distillery Private Label Snacks

Pure Chocolate

The chocolate�s restrained sweetness perfectly sets off the refreshing flavour and clean finish of the highball.

Package of 24 chocolates, ¥980

Pure Chocolate

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Suntory Yamazaki Distillery
Dedication to Quality

Suntory Yamazaki Distillery
Dedication to Quality
Dedication to Quality

Click here to learn more about how skilled craftsmen create world-class whiskies at Yamazaki Distillery, which produces a variety of distinctive single malt whiskies.

Major awards
Major awards

Suntory Whisky has received awards at numerous international liquor competitions.

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