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Corporate Message

Corporate Logo


Through its color and design the logo delivers the message that water is an indispensable resource underpinning all that we do at Suntory. We want to treat it with care. We also want to be a company that is flexible like water. We want to be a company that has the liveliness of water, one that never stands still and continues to develop and grow. At the same time, the logo also expresses the energy and blessings of this planet we live on. The fresh "water blue" color we use expresses our determination to always take on new challenges flexibly and sincerely.

Corporate Message

Suntory, Bringing Water to Life

"Suntory, Bringing Water to Life" has been the corporate slogan of the Suntory Group since 2005. This message conveys the spirit that our corporate logo expresses in an understandable way, and broadly shares with society our philosophy and the activities we undertake. It reflects that as a company that delivers the blessings of water and nature to our customers in the form of whisky, beer, wine, soft drinks, and health foods, we want to protect both the water that is a precious resource for the world and the environment that produces that water. This means we want to be a company that delivers those pleasures to society just like water satisfies the thirst of all living things. We want always to be ready to take on new challenges and be adaptable like water. Our message signifies turning such ideas into something new every day. All of this is encapsulated in our slogan "Suntory, Bringing Water to Life."