No.8963   November 10, 2004

Suntory to Release Japan's First Single Malt Whisky in Cask: "The Owner's Cask" Your private selection among 103 casks with tasteful malt base of the blender's choice Opening exclusive tasting rooms and storages at Yamazaki & Hakushu Distilleries

The Owner's Cask (distilled in 1979) stored at Yamazaki Distillery
Cask wood: Japanese Mizunara (Deciduous Oak)
Cask type: Butt Price: JPY 30 million

Suntory Ltd. is to release "The Owner's Cask" at the Yamazaki Distillery (address: Shimamoto, Mishima, Osaka Pref.) and the Hakushu Distillery (address: Hakushu, Hokuto, Yamanashi Pref.) from Thursday, 11 November 2004. The launch, which an entire cask in unit is directly sold to and bottled for the customers, brings a new sphere in the single malt whisky market.

"The Owner's Cask" - background:

Single malt whisky has gained more popularity in recent years for the glamorous palate unique to each distillery, and has increased consumption in the market around the world especially in Japan, UK, and the US. Suntory owns two distilleries at Yamazaki and Hakushu, and has been internationally recognized for its distinguished technology to produce the second-to-none expressive malt base.

Making the most of its competitive edge, Suntory now introduces a new and more dynamic way of indulgence in whisky, and provides the customers with a luxury of "owning the private cask, only one in the world" through a direct sales of casks with unique malt base.

"The Owner's Cask," the first attempt in Japan to release a whole cask in unit, represents a new business model in the market, where Suntory fully utilizes its expertise and strengths in offering a variety of fine whisky selections to the individual customers.

What is "The Owner's Cask"?

"The Owner's Cask" is directly sold as a unit to the customers and bottled for delivery. Each of the casks is carefully hand-picked by the blenders among numbers of malt base selections in storage.

Containing single malt (or single cask *) whisky at the Yamazaki and Hakushu Distilleries, "The Owner's Cask" offers 103 selections of the unique palate specific to its aging years, distillery's production process, and individual cask's character. The owner's hand-written signature will be printed and labeled on each of the private bottles upon delivery.

"The Owner's Cask" gives you ultimate indulgence not only in owning a whole cask, but also in sharing a quality moment with your beloved ones when presented as an anniversary gift.

* Single cask whisky
Using single malt base out of only one and the same cask at one distillery

Bottle and box with old cask wood (Photo: a bottle of "The Owner's Cask" distilled in 1979; stored at Yamazaki Distillery)

"The Owner's Cask" - expressive palate

Representing 80 years of Suntory's whisky making history, all the casks are carefully selected by the experts in the state-of-the-art production processes of <preparation> <fermentation> <distillation> <aging> at the Yamazaki and Hakushu Distilleries, among the world's unprecedented malt base selections of over 1 million casks.

Each of the 103 casks differs in volume and is characterized by a unique palate, depending on the material (North American White Oak, Spanish Oak, and Japanese Mizunara), the type (Butt, Puncheon, Hogshead, and Barrel), and the years (10-25 years). The prices range from JPY 500,000 / cask (distilled in 1994 / White Oak / Barrel type / Yamazaki Distillery / approximately 95 bottles) to JPY 30 million / cask (distilled in 1979 / Mizunara / Butt type / Yamazaki Distillery / approximately. 290 bottles).

Selecting your "one and only" cask in the world

"What the cask owner receives is the heart of the distillery blended into the malt." Suntory urges all the prospective owners to visit the distillery for the feel of rich natural environment and atmosphere where the casks are cherished, and commitment to quality whisky making. "The Owner's Cask Tasting Room" is newly established at both distilleries to experience a palate, fragrance and color of the selected casks to the maximum satisfaction. Suntory blenders, engineers, and other experts will be available to support in choosing your exclusive cask. Once selected, the cask will be stored under special care at "The Owner's Cask Storage" in each respective distillery until delivery.

"The Owner's Cask" exclusive storage at Yamazaki Distillery

Name of product
"Suntory Owner's Cask"
  • * labeled as "Suntory Single Cask Whiskey - The Owner's Cask"
Release date
Thursday, 11 November 2004
  • * please allow at least three months upon order till delivery
For enquiry on product, tasting, and distillery tour, please contact
Suntory Owner's Cask Office
Tel / Fax 03-3350-2351 (Monday through Friday 10am - 5pm)
* except for Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays
* starting Thursday, 11 November 2004
For enquiries, please contact
Suntory Customer Center Toll free number0120-139-310
(Osaka) Dojimahama 2-1-40, Kita-ku, Osaka,530-8203, Japan
(Tokyo) Moto-Akasaka 1-2-3, Minato-ku, Tokyo107-8430, Japan
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