No.11564   September 19, 2012

Launch of 26 Items from 10 Import Brands,
Including the World's No.1* Bourbon Whisky "Jim Beam" Strengthening the Partnership with the Major U.S. Spirits Producer

Starting Friday, January 4, 2013, Suntory Liquors Limited will launch a total of 26 items from 10 brands, including the bourbon whisky "Jim Beam," the world's No.1 bourbon in sales, and "Maker's Mark," manufactured by the major U.S. spirits producer, Beam, Inc.

  • * Source: A performance record for 2011 (from Impact Newsletter, February 1 & 15, 2012)

Suntory launched "Yamazaki" and "Hakushu" this past May in order to offer the multifaceted appeal of whisky to people whose curiosity has been triggered by "highballs". These products focus on authentic flavor and ease of consumption, and are well received as a "premium whisky for fun times."

To provide further appeal of whisky, Suntory is now introducing a variety of products such as "Jim Beam" and "Maker's Mark." Bourbon whisky is one of the American whiskies that were born in Bourbon County, Kentucky. With corn as the main ingredient, bourbon is aged in new barrels that have been charred on the inside, thus producing hues and rich fragrance unique to bourbon. It is enjoying popularity as one of the whiskies with the richest characters in the world.

"Jim Beam"

Having been produced in the same way for over 200 years since the establishment in 1795, Jim Beam is one of the oldest bourbon whiskies in the United States. It enjoys the No. 1 sales in the world, with the characteristic mild flavor coming from the fragrance and sweetness of corn.

"Maker's Mark"

Made from winter wheat, Maker's Mark is a bourbon whisky that is fragrant, and yet refreshing and mild. Each bottle is manually and carefully sealed with red wax.
Suntory imports and sells Canadian whisky "Canadian Club" and other Beam products.
With the strengthening of our partnership with Beam, we will be conducting an active campaign for a variety of whiskies and spirits of the world.

About Beam

Jacob Beam
Deerfield, Illinois, United States
Matt Shattock
226.4 billion yen (2011)
  • * Approximately $2.83 billion ($1=¥80)
3,200 (at the end of 2011)
Business Description
Production and sales of whiskies and spirits
Main Products
Bourbon whiskies "Jim Beam" "Maker's Mark"; Scotch whiskies "Laphroaig" "Teacher's Highland Cream"; Canadian Whisky "Canadian Club"; cognac "Courvoisier"; Tequila "Tequila Sauza"
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