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Striving to be a Trusted Global Alcoholic Beverage and Food Company

Since Suntory was founded in 1899, our motto has been "Yatte MinahareóGo for it!" True to this motto, we strive to do things never done before, create new value through an open-minded corporate culture, and pursue business with a bold and enterprising spirit. While the business environment surrounding Suntory has been undergoing drastic changes, we see this as an opportunity for further innovation, so as to deliver improved value to our customers.

As a global business, offering alcoholic beverage and food services, the Suntory Group is eager to tackle dynamic changes and continue to grow. In July 2013, Suntory Beverage & Food Ltd., one of the Groupís major enterprises, was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and in May 2014, major U.S. spirits company Beam Inc. joined the Suntory Group. These changes have empowered customers worldwide to attain richer lifestyles through high-quality Suntory Group products and services.

With a growing number of Suntory customers worldwide, we have reaffirmed our global commitment to local communities and the environment. As a Group that is sustained by the great bounty of nature, we have a responsibility, integral to future development, to carry out environmental activities. To achieve the goals outlined in the newly established Suntory Group Environmental Vision toward 2050, and to pass down a sustainable global environment to the next generation, we will carry out environmental management based on Suntoryís resources and expertise. By protecting the global environment and undertaking various social initiatives from a global perspective, we are working to realize a truly prosperous society.

Our corporate philosophy of the Group is "In Harmony with People and Nature." We aspire to coexist with all the people around the world and the magnificent nature that surrounds us. To achieve this philosophy, we will continue in our tradition of innovation and challenge, creating new value and "Growing for Good".

Nobutada Saji
Chairman of the Board
Suntory Holdings Limited