Suntory Beverage & Food is a core company in the Suntory Group, sharing its basic corporate philosophy and vision.
Guided by Suntory’s ideals, we have developed a long-term vision for Suntory Beverage & Food.

Our Vision

A quest for the best tastes & quality to bring happiness & wellness into everyday life.

To be the leading global soft drink company recognized for our premium and unique brands.

Suntory Group’s Philosophy

  • Our Mission In Harmony width People and Nature
  • Our Vision Growing for Good
  • Our Values Yatte Minahare-Go for it ! Sharing the Profit with Society Coexisting width Nature
  • Our Values The Suntory Group Code of Business Ethics

Corporate Tagline

To our global audience, many new to Suntory, “Follow Your Nature” is our corporate brand promise. It is not just a tagline, but an open door, welcoming employees, consumers, and external stakeholders to understand who we are and what we believe. At the same time, it is an aspirational call to action, inviting people to celebrate and freely express themselves.

In Line with Our Mission

A reflection of our mission — In Harmony with People and Nature — “Follow Your Nature” creates an emotional connection. It supports people in pursuing their individual passions, while also urging them to join us in preserving our planet’s natural resources.

Supporting Our Values

Hand-in-hand with our founder Shinjiro Torii’s favorite expression, “Yatte Minahare,” Follow Your Nature is also about moving forward without fear, accepting challenges and embracing the future. It is in keeping with our desire to help others prosper alongside us by giving back selflessly to the world.

Honoring the Human Spirit

“Follow Your Nature” celebrates people being true to themselves, even as we at Suntory follow our own nature of creating high-quality products to enrich consumers’ lives. Supporting the company’s vision of “Growing for good,” we seek to contribute to society, working with communities and our consumers to make a better, brighter future as we all follow our nature together.

Group's Philosophy

Our Mission

In Harmony with People and Nature

Our Vision

Growing for Good

The Suntory Group promotes corporate activities that delivers the highest quality products and services to its customers, contributes to the fruitful development of culture and lifestyles as well as to the achievement of a global sustainable environment. We will continue to strive for worldwide growth by providing better products and services. Our further contributions to achieve rich cultures and lifestyles as well as to the environment will progress on a global scale.

Our Values

Yatte Minahare – Go for it!

Continuing in the spirit of taking on new challenges exemplified by our founder who trailblazed the way for Western-style liquors such as whisky in Japan, we have broken new ground as a multi-faceted food and beverage company in a variety of new areas of businesses including beer, soft drinks, and health foods. This spirit has been a motivator for our open-minded corporate culture and the challenges we set ourselves to create new value.

Sharing the Profit with Society

Following the philosophy of Suntory's founder, we believe that business profits should not only be used for reinvestment into the business and providing services to clients and business partners, but for making a contribution to society. Carrying on in his spirit, we are aiming for sustainable growth with our stakeholders.

Coexisting with Nature

Many of our products, including whisky, wine, beer, and non-alcoholic beverages, are created thanks to such natural bounties as water and agricultural products. With a spirit unchanged since our founding, we fervently promote environmental management, maintaining respect and gratitude for the great workings of nature.