Suntory Beverage & Food (SBF) is the core company of the Suntory Group. As such, we have inherited, and share, the Suntory Coporate Tagline "Follow Your Nature." We are conducting various initiatives to realize a sustainable society as a member of the Suntory Group, aiming to coexist with people, society and nature.
Further details about the Suntory Group’s CSR are described on its website at the following

Suntory Beverage & Food positions environmental management at the core of its business activities.
In addition to the Basic Principles of Suntory Group’s Environmental Policy, we have also independently set out our own environmental policies.
Furthermore, in January 2014, we have established our own “Target toward 2020” environmental plan under the umbrella of the Suntory Group’s “Environmental Vision toward 2050”.

Environmental Policy

Suntory Beverage & Food Group positions environmental management as the foundation of its business activities, and is committed to passing down a sustainable and vibrant society to future generations from the perspective of our entire value chain.

Established 2013, Revised 2015

  1. 1. Achieving water sustainability

    We treat water, the most important resource for our business, carefully and contribute to the healthy circulation of water in the natural environment.

  2. 2. Taking initiative in conserving biodiversity

    As a company that relies on the riches of water and agricultural produce, we strive to conserve biodiversity, the source of their blessings, for the future.

  3. 3. Promoting the 3Rs in innovative ways for an effective usage of resources

    We aim to help bring about a sustainable society, we promote the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) of raw materials and energy resources by continuously refining our technologies.

  4. 4. Mobilizing group-wide efforts to become a low-carbon company

    We strive to reduce the emission of green house gases throughout all of our workplaces in order to prevent climate change.

  5. 5. Communicating with society

    We strive to pass down vibrant global environment for the next generation by active disclosure of information and engagement in activities through interaction with the society.

Initiatives for Reducing our Environmental Impact

Container and Packaging Materials

Based on the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle), we are developing environmentally friendly containers and packaging materials. We are taking steps to reduce CO2 emissions by decreasing the weight of our PET bottles and bottle caps, making thinner product labels, and using raw materials that have a low impact on the environment. In addition, the Orangina Schweppes Group only uses 100% recyclable packaging (PET bottles, aluminum, metal, and glass), and is aiming to be known as the brand that gives the most consideration to promoting recycling to the consumer.

Vending Machines

With the desire to further reduce our impact on the environment, we collaborated with vending machine manufactures to develop “Ultra Energy Saving Vending Machines (Eco Active Machines),” which offer the lowest energy consumption in Japan*. From 2014, we have been commencing the gradual introduction of these machines, which consume roughly half the electricity of conventional “heat-pump vending machines (2013 model).”

* 420 kWh/y, the lowest annual energy consumption in Japan among the primary 25 machines offered by major vending machine manufacturers in Japan as of April 2014 (according to research conducted by Suntory Foods Limited)


We have created a B-to-B (bottle-to-bottle) mechanical recycling system that uses recycled PET bottles to make new ones. We are also developing product labels with materials made from recycled PET bottles and designing packaging that is easier to recycle. Additionally, at Pepsi Bottling Ventures LLC, manufacturing plants act as recycling centers, as part of our efforts to control the amount of waste and reduce disposal costs.

Reduction and Recycling of Waste

We are committed to reducing the by-products and waste emissions generated at SBF plants in Japan, and recycling resources 100%. At the Frucor Group, we are encouraging recycling in public areas and investing in research and development that will lay a foundation for initiatives in local container recycling. At the Cerebos Group, we are creating opportunities to deepen the understanding of energy-saving activities among employees through the introduction of waste reduction and recycling programs.