Suntory Group’s Philosophy

Mizu To Ikiru
Our Mission
Our Vision
Our Values
The Suntory Group Way
Our Principles

Suntory Group’s Philosophy

Mizu To Ikiru

"Mizu To Ikiru" is the Suntory Group's promise to our stakeholders.

Renew the world like water

As a company that delivers the blessings of water and nature to our customers,
we will protect and pass on the natural environment to the next generation.

Satisfy people like water

Just as water quenches the thirst of all living things, so will we enrich lives by
delivering products, services and social activities of value to customers and society.

Move freely like water

We will continue to be a company where all employees take up the challenge to
create new value, moving freely and changing and adapting like water.

We will make continuous efforts in our daily activities to fulfill these three promises.

Our Mission

To create harmony with people and nature

Our Mission is the fundamental reason for Suntory to exist, and guides and inspires our organization. Through our products and services, we will create new value for our customers. We deeply respect nature and will strive to protect the environment. By forging greater bonds of appreciation between people and the world around them, we will promote richer, more fulfilling lives, to inspire the brilliance of life.

Our Vision

Growing for Good

Our Vision describes what Suntory wants to achieve. It applies both to the company as a whole, and to each individual within the company.
The bigger we are, the greater our positive impact can be. We will grow to become a company that always benefits its community. By doing good things for society and the environment, we will help make a better, brighter future.


Our Values

Our Values reflects our organization's culture.
It is forever fundamental to Suntory and expressed in the two statements:

Yatte Minahare

We earnestly accept challenges. United by our drive to succeed, we move together to create markets and provide new value. From the start, Suntory has been a pioneer. Today we look forward boldly and confidently.

Giving back to society

By giving back generously to the world, we show that Suntory stands for both enjoyment and responsibility. While we always aim for success, we recognize the importance of the world around us. We are committed to building long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.

The Suntory Group Way

The Suntory Group Way defines how each one of us should think and act during our daily work to ensure that the Suntory Group is supported by our customers and continues to grow.

  • We protect nature

    As a company that delivers the blessings of nature to our customers, we conduct business activities that reflect our respect and appreciation of these resources. By reducing our environmental impact and contributing to sustainable cycles of natural water, we thoughtfully pass a healthy planet on to the next generation.

  • We respect humanity

    We provide products and services that enrich the minds, bodies, and lifestyles of our consumers. Through new and delightful experiences, we contribute to a society in which all people can enjoy harmonious and spiritually rich lives.

  • We exceed consumer expectations

    We regard all people as our customers and put their satisfaction first. We pursue a “Gemba” (on-site) perspective, reflecting the views of our consumers in our activities, and continuously strive to earn trust and exceed expectations.

  • We put quality first

    Quality is the highest priority in all our processes, from the planning and development of products and service to the way we interact with our consumers. We strive for quality in everything we do, every day.

  • We challenge ourselves

    We dream big without fear of failure. Every day, we strive to create value never achieved before, think with fresh mindset, act resolutely, and take on new challenges.

Suntory Group Code of Business Ethics

It sets forth the basic ethical principles to be followed by Suntory Group to fulfill social responsibilities and gain trust of society.