Suntory Group’s
Corporate Philosophy

Suntory Group’s Corporate Philosophy consists of our purpose and values, based on our founding spirit and motto.
It expresses our corporate aims and the principles we embrace to achieve them.

Our Purpose

The goals of the Suntory Group’s business and our corporate direction

To inspire the brilliance of life,
by creating rich experiences
for people,
in harmony with nature.

Our Values

The values we embrace to achieve our purpose

  • Growing for Good

    We keep growing, as individuals and as a corporation, towards a better world.
    By continuing to grow, we expand our capacity to improve society.

  • “Yatte Minahare”

    We refuse to fear failure, refuse to give in or give up,
    and stay relentless in our quest to innovate new values.

  • Giving Back to Society

    We give back from what our business earns, not only by reinvesting in our company,
    but by caring for our customers and partners and contributing to society.

Corporate Slogan

The essence of our philosophy that we communicate with our partners and the world

SUNTORY Sustained by Nature and Water
As a corporation sustained by the gifts of nature and water, we will always protect the ecosystems that deliver water. Because our ecosystem is the wellspring, not only of our business and the rich experiences we create for people’s lives, but also of human life itself. We will continue to be a company where everyone is empowered with the freedom and flexibility to innovate. Through all of our corporate pursuits, Suntory seeks to inspire the brilliance of life.

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