Takeshi Niinami

Inspire the Brilliance of Life

The Suntory Group aspires to inspire the brilliance of life. With our mission "To create harmony with people and nature," Suntory has been enriching people's lifestyles and culture by delivering highest quality products and services. At the same time, we have been always seeking to realize a sustainable society by coexisting with diverse society and beautiful natural environment.

At the root of everything we do, we embrace the spirit of "Yatte Minahare" and "Giving back to society," which is what Suntory has cherished since its founding.
During the challenging times of pandemic, Suntory fulfilled its responsibility as a global food and beverages company by continuing production and delivering our products and services to consumers. Moreover, our group companies around the world provided medical workers with neutral-alcohol for sterilization and protective equipment to prevent infections, as well as offering various supports to help people in need in their respective regions.

The pandemic has raised new, important issues. With the acceleration of digitalization, as well as the major shifts in people's lifestyles including how we work and communicate, we are now asked to reconsider what is the genuine abundance for the people living today. Meanwhile, the frequent natural disasters and the global pandemic, as well as the broader environmental issues including climate change and biodiversity, it can be seen as warning signs to our human society and the economy of the Post-Industrial Revolution. Now is precisely the time for Suntory to go back to our basics that we have been pursuing since our founding, and take the bold step ahead towards a society that "creates harmony with people and nature," where social and economic growth coexist with the sustainability of natural environment.

Our products are intended not only to serve the function of quenching people's thirst, but to help create the bond between people, as well as to offer joy and happiness, and touch people's hearts. As our business globalizes, Suntorians around the world who share the "Monozukuri" spirit are collaborating beyond borders. We are continuously coming up with innovative and value-adding products and services, and developing products that are not only tasty but also healthy, and proposing new ways to enjoy drinks. Suntory will bring together and share the technologies and culture across the region to create innovations and new markets, and continue its challenge to spreading smiles and brilliance among consumers throughout the world.

In order for people's lives to shine with brilliance, the natural environment must remain healthy. This is especially important for Suntory, a company that has been providing products to consumers from the blessings of nature, such as water and agricultural products. This is why Suntory has strongly focused on coexisting with nature since it's foundation, and we need to take this one step further. A "Good" product of course has to be safe, reliable and high quality, but considerations to environmental and social issues are also essential, such as CO2 emissions and preservation of natural resources including water, as well as the human rights of people involved in the supply chain. The Suntory Group places sustainability at the core of its management, and will continue to deliver "Good" products to consumers, simultaneously contributing to global sustainability.

With our common values of "Yatte Minahare" and "Giving back to society," as well as a "Growing for Good" company, Suntory will continue to innovate and take on challenges to coexist with nature and offer joy to consumers. By forging greater bonds of appreciation between people and the world around them, we will promote richer, more fulfilling lives, to inspire the brilliance of life.

Chief Executive Officer
Suntory Holdings Limited
Takeshi Niinami