Takeshi Niinami

Inspiring the Brilliance of Life

Suntory Group aims to create a society full of “Brilliance of life.” With our mission “To create harmony with people and nature,” Suntory contributes to creating a rich and prosperous lifestyle by providing products and services of the highest quality, and aspires to create a sustainable society while always being mindful of social diversity as well as coexisting with the beautiful global environment.

COVID-19 brought about drastic change to our lifestyles, including the way we work and communicate with each other. Meanwhile, we are now asked to reconsider what is the genuine abundance for the people living today.

Our products do much more than just quench people’s thirst; our products strengthen the bond between people, deliver joy and move people’s hearts. Based on this belief, we have been working hand in hand with the foodservice industry which has been facing hardships during the pandemic, and have been making the effort to overcome the impact of COVID-19 to pass on the precious food and drinking culture to the next generation.

Today, Suntory’s businesses are expanding globally to enrich and inspire the brilliance of life of all types of consumers and customers. Suntory’s employees throughout the world are working as one with the spirit of “Monozukuri*” to develop innovative products, and to propose new styles of consumption and joy that did not exist in the past. We will continue to share and synergize our technologies and cultures built up across the regions, and take on the challenge to develop innovation and create new markets to bring smiles and brilliance to consumers around the world.

Environmental issues such as climate change and the loss of biodiversity are a top priority for the future of our world and humanity, and the role that companies play in addressing them is becoming ever more important.

As a company that bases its business on the blessings of nature, Suntory have positioned water sustainability as its top priority, and have been expanding activities worldwide through the insight gained and activities deployed in Japan including water replenishment programs. Moreover, we are promoting environmental and social initiatives including reducing CO2 emissions, preserving water resources, and protecting the human rights of people involved in the supply chain.

The Suntory Group will place sustainability at the core of its management, provide products and services that drives sustainable society, and make significant contributions to promote a recycling-oriented and decarbonized society.

As an “OMOROI**” corporate group, we will create new value with the founding spirit of “Yatte Minahare” and “Giving back to society” in our hearts, and uniquely continue innovating and taking on new challenges to inspires the brilliance of life.

Chief Executive Officer
Suntory Holdings Limited
Takeshi Niinami

*Monozukuri – Japanese term for craftsmanship

**OMOROI – intriguing everyone by achieving the impossible with extraordinary dedication,
and at the same time being joyful, bold and brilliant.