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Cross-Functional and Integrated Services

We established Suntory MONOZUKURI Expert Ltd., Suntory Business Systems Ltd., and Suntory Communications Ltd. in 2017 to improve the management of the Suntory Group.

Suntory MONOZUKURI Expert Ltd.

Suntory MONOZUKURI Expert Ltd. is a cross-functional company that works to uphold our MONOZUKURI values in each of our Group companies.

  • Main Operations
  • ・ Promotion of quality assurance throughout the entire value chain, from raw material procurement through manufacturing, sales, and consumption.
  • ・ Development and introduction of production technologies and cultivation of human resources in MONOZUKURI.
  • ・ Business efficiency improvement and cost reduction throughout the entire supply chain.

Through these main operations, we use our technological and professional expertise to provide solutions to our Group companies, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction.

Suntory Business Systems Ltd.

Suntory Business Systems Ltd. oversees the operations of the various companies across Suntory Group; Suntory Business Systems Ltd. approaches each field of work in a tailored way to most efficiently and effectively streamline Group management.

  • Main Operations
  • ・Internal information system development.
  • ・Shared services such as accounting, general affairs, and payroll calculation.
  • ・Support and assembly of sales department work.

These functions not only enhance the Suntory Group's competitive edge and value, but also work toward providing customers with higher-quality products and services.

Suntory Communications Ltd.

Suntory Communications Ltd. provides marketing communications solutions to Group companies by using digital technologies ranging from package design and advertising to customer service and optimized communications design, working toward bringing "inspiration, surprise, and emotion" to customers.