Our Business

Cross-Functional and Integrated Services

Suntory Business Systems Ltd.

Suntory Business Systems Ltd. brings together the work and functions common to the various members of the Suntory Group, in order to further streamline Group management, approaching the work with professional expertise in each field.

  • <Main Work and Functions>
  • ・Group internal information system development
  • ・Shared services across the accounting, general affairs, and personnel affairs fields
  • ・Support and assembly of sales department backyard work
  • ・Group internal business support and diversity and inclusion implementation

Taking responsibility for these functions will not only enhance the Suntory Group’s competitive edge overall and contribute to its creation and improvement of value, but also work toward providing customers with ever better products and services.

Suntory System Technology Limited

Suntory System Technology Limited is responsible for formulating and promoting Suntory Group IT strategy, and for utilizing IT to support operational reforms at Group companies.

  • [Main Operations]
  • ・Formulating and promoting IT strategy
  • ・Planning, development and operation of information systems and IT tools
  • ・Research and analysis of IT trends, and validation and deployment of the latest technology
  • ・IT-related risk management

Through these operations, the company works to put in place an IT platform that will enable Suntory Group companies in and outside of Japan to more reliably deliver better products and services to their customers, and to strive for each to become a "Growing for Good." company by enhancing their competitive strength.

Suntory Corporate Business Limited

Combining the various goods and services produced by Suntory Group companies, in addition to providing solutions for corporate customers’ diverse needs in relation to comfortable, efficient office management, Suntory Corporate Business Limited handles sales of Suntory Group company soft drinks and alcoholic beverages in transportation and leisure facilities as well as offering support for restaurant businesses opening branches such as location introduction.