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Actively Creating and Promoting Delightful Dining Experiences

The Suntory Group conducts various operations, both in Japan and overseas, aimed at creating a rich, pleasurable world of food and drink and providing new dining experiences. These include DYNAC CORPORATION, the operator of about 230 restaurants, bars, and pubs; Pronto Corporation, the operator of some 300 establishments mainly consisting of the Pronto restaurant chain, which blends the concepts of cafe and bar; and Izutsu Maisen, the producer and seller of ready-to-eat foods and other items and restaurant chain operator. We also operate restaurants overseas, mainly in Mexico and Asia.


Founded in 1958, DYNAC CORPORATION has expanded its business to include everything from the contracted operation of restaurants at various facilities to the planning and operation of a variety of events and parties, utilizing its expertise in the bar and restaurant business. These include the multi-format, directly owned restaurant business, in which it is highly dominant, and the contracting business, which is expanding thanks to the company's track record and expertise. Its strength is a business model designed to expand the business by building a portfolio driven by these two wheels.

A Hibiki restaurant, operated by DYNAC CORPORATION, in the Tokyo metropolitan area

Founded in 1988, Pronto Corporation operates a range of franchise stores such as Pronto, which offers a comfortable, convenient space throughout the day, functioning as a café during the day and a bar at night; Di Punto wine bars, where customers can enjoy casual wining and dining; E Pronto, a café that specializes in lemonade-based drinks and gourmet hotdogs; and Tsumugi, Japanese-style cafés where customers can enjoy tea and Japanese snacks.

A café during the day and a bar at night—a Pronto store franchised by Pronto Corporation
Izutsu Maisen

Tonkatsu Maisen produces and sells tonkatsu (pork cutlets) that are so tender that they can be cut in half with chopsticks, pork cutlet sandwiches, and various types of boxed lunches and ready-to-eat items. Since its inception in 1965, many customers from Japan and overseas have loved this long-running restaurant that pays particular attention to each ingredient, including its pork, breadcrumbs, and sauce.

The Western-style Aoyama restaurant is located in a historical building established in the early period of the Showa era (1926-1989), which was originally used as a bathhouse. Today customers can dine here in an atmosphere of nostalgia.
Restaurant Suntory Mexico Group

Since the first restaurant opened in 1970, Suntory has opened a total of nine restaurants in Mexico City, Acapulco and Guadalajara and Puebla that offer luxury Japanese cuisine focused on teppanyaki. The traditional Restaurant Suntory brand and the modern Shu are extremely highly regarded within Mexico and have received a number of awards.

The restaurant in Guadalajara, relocated and reopened in 2023
SUNTORY Japanese Cuisine & Whisky Honolulu

Established in 1980 as a restaurant offering authentic Japanese cuisine in Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii. It includes a sushi counter, teppanyaki seating, and an area for Japanese cuisine, as well as a separate room for those who wish to dine in private. The goal is to create a restaurant that guests will love while conveying the Suntory brand.

Sushi counter reopened in 2022
SUNTORY Japanese Cuisine & Whisky Shanghai

Established in Shanghai, China in December 2022 as a fine dining restaurant. It offers a fusion of traditional Japanese and Western cuisine, accompanied by a wide selection of carefully selected wines and whiskies from around the world produced by Suntory.

A modern, elegant space fusing Japanese and Western cuisines
Häagen-Dazs Japan
Suntory's Commitment to Taste, Quality, and Excitement

Haagen-Dazs Japan was founded in 1984. Its mission in business is to “bring a richer level of happiness to the world,” from careful attention to ingredients to the moment the product is created and then enjoyed by customers. The company’s goal is to create products that exceed the imagination while incorporating new, free-thinking ideas. Haagen-Dazs Japan will take on the challenge of engaging in corporate activities that deliver happiness while envisioning the smiling faces of all of its stakeholders.

Delicious taste is made possible by our insistence on superior ingredients and quality
Monte Bussan

Since its founding in 1977, this specialty trading company has introduced Italy’s characteristic food culture and lifestyle. In addition to importing and selling Italian wine and foods, the company also operates the Ca’Monte retail store to deliver the authentic tastes of Italy and how to enjoy them.
Ca’Monte offers over 300 varieties of wine from all 20 of Italy’s regions, along with a variety of Italian foods and ingredients. A bar counter located in the store is available for customers who wish to enjoy a glass of wine.

The Ca’Monte retail store, operated by Mote Bussan
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