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Suntory Flowers
Left: Our Surfinia seedlings have been consistently popular over the past three decades since their launch. They are loved around the world as a leading brand in the gardening industry.
Center: APPLAUSE, the world’s first blue rose. In the language of flowers, APPLAUSE means "dreams come true."
Right: The Honki Yasai lineup including Jun-ama cherry tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, and other vegetables with rich flavor.

Suntory has developed numerous creative flowers such as Surfinia, Sun Parasol and the Moondust blue carnation Florigene Mooncarnation, which are enjoyed by people around the world.The company has expanded its vegetable business from seedlings to fresh vegetables as the Honki Yasai series.Suntory Flowers aims to become a good partner bringing smiles to people’s lives through flowers and vegetables.


Left: Greening of a 258 m2 wall in the Museum of Chinese Gardens and Landscape Architecture (Beijing), the first museum in China focusing on gardens.
Center: Greening of the TSMS office entrance.
Right: “GG” decorative plant gift boxes.

Toyota Suntory Midorie (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between Suntory Holdings Limited and Toyota Motor Corporation. This joint venture developed Pafcal, a lightweight, easy-to-handle new soil substitute that promotes plant growth. The company sells greening materials in Japan, China, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and other parts of the world, as well as “GG” decorative plant gift boxes.

Suntory Marketing & Commerce

Suntory Marketing & Commerce was built on the product promotion experiences of various Suntory Group companies after many years of business with liquor stores, restaurants, and bars. Among others, through the online shop Ieno-bar (“Your Home Bar”), which suggests new ways of enjoying drinks at home, Suntory Marketing & Commerce proposes enjoyable lifestyles with alcoholic beverages. It will continue offering highly creative products and services going forward.

Suntory Publicity Service Ltd. (SPS)

SPS provides reception and information services and fan development at Suntory factory tour facilities and corporate PR facilities nationwide. SPS is also involved in services and administrative operations at public cultural facilities, concert halls and art museums, and in recent years has developed business in education and training and consulting in facility operations. The company has also expanded its business into a wide range of other areas, including support for CSR activities such as the next-generation Mizuiku education program. SPS will continue to face the challenge of creating new value with the aim of contributing to society, the community and enterprises.


As a brand development and advertising company, SUN-AD Company Ltd. is involved everywhere that advertising is commonly found, including TV and radio commercials, newspaper and magazines, and the production of posters, catalogs, pamphlets, websites, and promotional videos. SUN-AD Company Ltd. has won many advertising awards in recognition of its high-caliber work. In recent years, it has also actively been involved in the fields of corporate and visual identity, product package design, spatial design, and book design. SUN-AD aims to become a one-of-a-kind advertising production company that transcends conventional boundaries.

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