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Health & Wellness Products

Contributing to a Healthy, Radiant Daily Life
Left: Original health foods developed by Suntory based on our long-term scientific research.
Right: F.A.G.E. skin care cosmetics make use of the properties of yeast to produce a supple, moist, and glowing complexion.

Suntory entered business in the field of health and life sciences based on its many years of scientific research into food and quality control technologies. We launched the sesame-based health supplement Sesamin in 1993 and in 2001, established the Institute for Health Care Science (currently Suntory Life Science Institute) to reinforce our existing health-related R&D practices. Drawing on the results of this research, we have launched products such as Sesamin EX, DHA & EPA + Sesamin EX, Locomore and Omega A.D.E. We currently operate an online and mail-order service that suggests products and services to individuals and provides products suited to their personal needs. In addition to these health supplements, the service also offers beauty products, including the skin care cosmetic lines F.A.G.E. and VARON, and the drink Liftage. We also go beyond products to support our customers’ total wellness in this age of 100-year lifespans through our Suntory Wellness Club membership service and by providing our free Comado health action app.

We seek ingredients that contribute to good health and work to scientifically maximize their benefits.