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To Create Harmony with EmployeeDiversity Management

The Suntory Group pursues diversity on the basis of its human resource management philosophy. By promoting diversity in our employee base as well as embracing diverse values and ideas, we can bring forth even greater value. In an effort to maximize the potential of each and every employee in a work environment that overflows with creativity, the Suntory Group is currently putting high priority on developing talented employees who face the challenges of value creation head-on. We have established methods to encourage employees to work hard to achieve even higher goals without the fear of failure.

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    This applies to 6,713 employees under employment of Suntory Holdings Ltd. or Suntory Beverage & Food Ltd. and work at Suntory Holdings Ltd., Suntory Beverage & Food Ltd., Suntory Products Ltd., Suntory Wellness Ltd., Suntory Spirits Ltd., Suntory Beer Ltd., Suntory Liquors Ltd., Suntory Wine International Ltd., Suntory MONOZUKURI Expert Ltd. Suntory Business System Ltd. Suntory Communications Ltd., Suntory Beer, Wine & Spirits Japan Ltd. and Suntory Global Innovation Center Ltd., etc. (As of December 31, 2017; excluding global Group expansion)
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CSR Action Plan

Target achieved:  Achieved 70% or more:  Achieved less than 70%:

Prioritized items Mid-Term Targets Results in FY2017 FY2018 Action Plan Evaluation
Respect for Human Rights Cultivate an organizational culture that puts respect for human rights first and establish groupwide human rights management mechanisms
  • Conducted seminars presenting human rights lectures held in 2016 at all production and R&D locations in Japan (21 sites)
  • Continually introduced stratified human rights seminars for Suntorians from junior employees to newly appointed managers
  • Conduct a human rights lecture in July (Theme: Corporate Human Rights Challenges Toward Sexual Minorities {Tentative}). Live Broadcast Schedule for Roughly 20 Sites
  • Continually introduce stratified human rights seminars for Suntorians from junior employees to newly appointed managers
Development of Human Resources Enhance human resource development system and promote Yatte Minahare spirit of employees
  • Adopted programs to think about the corporate philosophy in stratified training to further penetrate the founding spirits. Implement trial programs for Group companies in Japan to directly examine the corporate philosophy.
  • Implemented third selection and award of the "Walk the Walk Yatte Minahare Award.” Start the fourth Yatte Minahare Award from April.
  • Evolve stratified corporate philosophy programs.
  • Further expand programs to share the philosophy with Group companies in Japan.
Promoting Diversity Realize diversity management that creates greater value through accepting and utilizing diverse values and ideas
  • Implement nursing care seminars to prepare for the future while expanding careers from a long-term perspective and creating occupational fields.
  • Career workshops: 214 participants
  • Life-planning seminars: 319 participants
  • Nursing seminar: 250 participants
  • Formulated a system for a total of 11 people with intellectual disabilities after three new employees joined the company. We conduct more than 20 different operations with contact points between 15 group companies.
  • Promote employment of people with disabilities at each group company by conducting joint Group interviews as well as exchanging information and providing know-how with human resources and other departments throughout the Group.
  • Participate in the Women in Sales College through sales departments We are generating a wonderful ripple effect through this activity, including seminars for female participants to become independent sales persons. Production and research divisions conducted seminars for supervisors of female employees in technology to provide opportunities to review management.
  • Generate understanding of the current situation and organize issues while closely listening to on-site opinions via links between the Life Cycle Advisory and Career Support Offices for further participation of senior employees
  • Create further recruitment of persons with intellectual disabilities We are enhancing support of initiatives and employment which has achieved a 2.2% employment ratio at Group companies.
    We will strive to develop independent efforts through the participation of each member while continuing our approach toward production and research divisions. We will continue to conduct events to provide career advancement and help think about one’s career path with the aim of establishing a pipeline into management.
Promoting Work-Life Balance Innovating working style and creating workplace that enables each employee to exert their potential
  • Achieve an increase of roughly one day of paid vacation taken by employees as a result of efforts between promotion leaders and managers in every department united as employees, superiors and administration.
  • Promote initiatives such as BPR via the use of RPA and other IT founded in further education about the work-style innovation promotion leader program.
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