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Sustainability Initiatives

To Create Harmony with EmployeeDiversity Management

The Suntory Group pursues diversity on the basis of its human resource management philosophy. By promoting diversity in our employee base as well as embracing diverse values and ideas, we can bring forth even greater value. In an effort to maximize the potential of each and every employee in a work environment that overflows with creativity, the Suntory Group is currently putting high priority on developing talented employees who face the challenges of value creation head-on. We have established methods to encourage employees to work hard to achieve even higher goals without the fear of failure.

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    This applies to 6,713 employees under employment of Suntory Holdings Ltd. or Suntory Beverage & Food Ltd. and work at Suntory Holdings Ltd., Suntory Beverage & Food Ltd., Suntory Products Ltd., Suntory Wellness Ltd., Suntory Spirits Ltd., Suntory Beer Ltd., Suntory Liquors Ltd., Suntory Wine International Ltd., Suntory MONOZUKURI Expert Ltd. Suntory Business System Ltd. Suntory Communications Ltd., Suntory Beer, Wine & Spirits Japan Ltd. and Suntory Global Innovation Center Ltd., etc. (As of December 31, 2018; excluding global Group expansion)
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  • Work-Life Balance

Sustainability Action Plan

Target achieved: Achieved 70% or more: Achieved less than 70%:

Prioritized items Mid-Term Targets Results in FY2018 FY2019 Action Plan Evaluation
Respect for Human Rights Cultivate an organizational culture that puts respect for human rights first and establish groupwide human rights management mechanisms
  • Conducted a human rights lecture (Theme: Corporate Human Rights Challenges Toward Sexual Minorities). Live broadcast with 39 Sites.
  • Continually introduced stratified human rights seminars for Suntorians from junior employees to newly appointed managers
  • Create a DVD of the human rights lecture conducted in 2018 and conduct human rights seminars at plants, etc.
  • Continually introduce stratified human rights seminars for Suntorians from junior employees to newly appointed managers
Development of Human Resources Enhance human resource development system and promote Yatte Minahare spirit of employees
  • Conducted a company philosophy program at each job training level During job training for newly appointed senior general manager and general manager, sessions featuring "direct conversations with the founder" were conducted and opportunities to promote the company's founding spirit were shared
  • Conducted a company philosophy program aimed at group companies in Japan. Conducted an original company philosophy program at Suntory Malting.
  • Create a system for sharing the company philosophy with group companies in Japan
  • Cultivate an organizational culture in which employees can learn independently through implementation of activities from our internal learning website "Terakoya"
Promoting Diversity Realize diversity management that creates greater value through accepting and utilizing diverse values and ideas
  • Conducted examinations through meetings with companies leading in diversity promotion to see what is currently being done and well as planning regarding the utilization of senior-level employees
  • Formulated a system for a total of 14 people with intellectual disabilities after three new employees joined the company. Also started hiring people with intellectual disabilities at group companies.
  • Promoted employment of people with disabilities at each group company by conducting joint Group interviews as well as exchanging information and providing know-how with human resources and other departments throughout the Group.
  • In addition to participation in Female Sales Staff College by sales department employees, an internal project was launched by the college graduates
  • Utilize a diverse range of human resources and implement e-learning and hold seminars focusing on unconscious bias for transformation of prudent actions and nurturing of work ethics
  • Continue to hire more people with intellectual disabilities. Take efforts to reach a hiring rate of 2.2% from people with intellectual disabilities at group companies and strengthen support for job retention
  • Establish a pipeline aimed at the true utilization of female employees
  • Conduct job training for young female employees
Promoting Work-Life Balance Transform working styles and create workplaces where each person can make full use of their capabilities
  • Reduced the total annual working hours per employee by 12 hours as a result of further executing initiatives appointing work-style innovation promotion leaders and managers united as employees, superiors, and administration
  • Realized 40,000 hours of automated work through utilization of robotic process automation (RPA)
  • Continue to promote initiatives such as BPR using IT called robotic process automation (RPA) based on further strengthening of the work-style innovation promotion leader system
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