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To Create Harmony with EmployeeDiversity Management

The Suntory Group pursues diversity on the basis of its human resource management philosophy. By promoting diversity in our employee base as well as embracing diverse values and ideas, we can bring forth even greater value. In an effort to maximize the potential of each and every employee in a work environment that overflows with creativity, the Suntory Group is currently putting high priority on developing talented employees who face the challenges of value creation head-on. We have established methods to encourage employees to work hard to achieve even higher goals without the fear of failure.

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    This applies to 6,785 employees under employment of Suntory Holdings Ltd. or Suntory Beverage & Food Ltd. and work at Suntory Holdings Ltd., Suntory Beverage & Food Ltd., Suntory Products Ltd., Suntory Wellness Ltd., Suntory Spirits Ltd., Suntory Beer Ltd., Suntory Liquors Ltd., Suntory Wine International Ltd., Suntory MONOZUKURI Expert Ltd. Suntory Business System Ltd. Suntory Communications Ltd., Suntory Beer, Wine & Spirits Japan Ltd. and Suntory Global Innovation Center Ltd., etc. (As of December 31, 2019; excluding global Group expansion)
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Sustainability Action Plan

Target achieved: Achieved 70% or more: Achieved less than 70%:

Prioritized items Mid-Term Targets Results in FY2019 FY2020 Action Plan Evaluation
Respect for Human Rights Cultivate an organizational culture that puts respect for human rights first and establish groupwide human rights management mechanisms
  • Held human rights seminars at nine production plants (92 managers participated).
  • Introduced stratified human rights seminars for Suntorians from junior employees to newly appointed managers and executives in addition to conducting training for plant managers.
  • Hold human rights seminars under themes about addressing assimilation issues of discriminated communities, especially in the Kinki area (tentatively planned for ten offices).
  • Continually introduce stratified human rights seminars for newly appointed executives, newly appointed managers, plant managers, and junior employees.
Development of Human Resources Enhance human resource development system and promote Yatte Minahare spirit of employees
  • Created a system for sharing the company philosophy.
    We collaborated from the planning stage to directly confront and solve management challenges unique to each Group company and conducted programs for sharing the company philosophy. This system shared examples at joint Group company meetings to provide information for wider dissemination at each Group company, which also helped explore new needs.
  • Vitalized “Terakoya” activities
    We hosted numerous events with set targets to cultivate an organizational culture of independent learning and mentoring with great results. Site access: 7,271 people (110% of previous year); participants: 2,646 people (up 125% of previous year); festivals; 120 events (up 115% of previous year)
  • Promote greater efficiency by transitioning to training webinars for stratified training and other seminars.
  • Create a system for sharing the company philosophy with Group companies worldwide.
  • Cultivate an organizational culture of independent learning, mentoring, and connection by vitalizing the "Terakoya” learning platform within Suntory.
Promoting Diversity Realize diversity management that creates greater value through accepting and utilizing diverse values and ideas
  • Provided e-Learning to every employee to encourage the understanding and practice of diversity and inclusion by everyone, and held unconscious bias training for managers.
  • Hired two new employees with intellectual disabilities in 2019 to form a 16 person team entrusted with tasks requested by more than 100 Group companies.
    We have built a platform to encourage employment and work commitments through the exchange of information at group interviews and the Human Resources Conference.
  • Launched the SHINE network of women throughout the Group globally and introduced new career training for young female employees. We also held seminars led by female managers to encourage diversity and inclusion by management—senior general managers in particular—and conducted activities to realize a fair workplace free of gender discrimination (ratio of female managers: 10.4% with 177 female managers [up 0.4% with 11 new female managers]).
  • Continually hold unconscious bias themed training to bring understand about diversity and inclusion and incite prudent action by each person.
  • Formulate and further activities under various themes, such as LGBT, seniors, global inclusivity, gender, and disabilities, to promote greater diversity.
Promoting Work-Life Balance Transform working styles and create workplaces where each person can make full use of their capabilities
  • Furthered initiatives underpinned by the work-style innovation promotion leader system, accelerated knowledge expansion (number of posts and access to knowledge website compared to previous year: 141% and 170%), and promoted the use of RPA (90,000 hours of automation annually).
  • Further initiatives to heighten employee motivation (interest) underpinned by the work-style innovation promotion leader system.