Suntory Group strives to be a group that continues to create new values through supporting the professional independence of each employee.

Basic Policy on Human Resource

Suntory Group has a human resource policy based on diversity management on the basis of our diverse employees and aims to realize Growing for Good by creating an environment that enables each employee to work with enthusiasm by fully utilizing their potential.

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    Employment centered on the person, without considering their nationality, gender, age or disabilities
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    Assign the appropriate person for the right job to utilize their individual skills
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    Offering compensation based on individual performance

A fresh and lively corporate culture is sustained by the employees who perform work and at the same time represent ordinary citizens. We will continue striving to be a company that can take on new challenges based on the spirit of "Yatte Minahare—Go for it!" spirit through implementing a system and creating an environment that are both challenging and comfortable to work in.

Survey on the company’s organizational climate through the Employee Awareness Survey

The Suntory Group utilizes management policies by continually monitoring the awareness of its employees in realization of Growing for Good. In recent years, these surveys have been widely expanded to Group companies with surveys conducted at 69 companies in 2021. The results have played a role in solving many issues by providing feedback to the heads of departments.

Commitment to Local Employment

The Suntory Group is actively hiring locally at each of its business locations to foster ongoing sustainable growth together with the local communities where it conducts business. Approximately 20,000 employees are working at Suntory Group companies overseas, most of whom were hired locally. The overseas ratio is roughly 54% of Suntory's total employment. As a general rule, our overseas Group companies hire executives and upper management personnel locally.