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To Create Harmony with Employees: Diversity Management

Group Global Human Resources Department

The Suntory Group has been driving great change in human resource activities in recent years as the global expansion of its businesses accelerates. We are engaged in a wide variety of initiatives at a global level for the purpose of business growth and employee growth as a means to realize Growing for Good.

Promoting Global Human Resource Activities Through Cooperation with Each Group Company

The Suntory Group is advancing various activities while cooperating with each company to create synergy between Group companies across the globe under the motto of ONE SUNTORY. Each and every Suntorian full of individuality found around the globe demonstrates the “Yatte Minahare” spirit from people-to-people exchanges across countries and organizations as well as sharing know-how with one another. We will continue to evolve our global human resource activities so that we may be able to deliver much sensation and joy to ever corner of the world.

Suntory People Way

In recent years, we formulated the Suntory People Way as the belief and concept held by all of Suntory by reaffirming our stance on human resources as the driving force of growth at the Suntory Group in the drastically changing environment surrounding us from the acceleration in expanding businesses globally to the drastic increase in the number of Group employees following the expansion. The Suntory People Way encompasses three elements which cherish the originality and uniqueness of Suntory -- FAMILY, YATTE MINAHARE, and ENGAGEMENT. This belief and concept are held by all of the people who come together in the Suntory Group and are rooted in all of the activities conducted by our human resources.


The people Suntory brings together are our family. They are essential to the organization.
Suntorians are the force driving our growth to be an even better corporate group.
Each and every person is a Suntorian. We provide growth opportunities from a long-term perspective to support the realization of lifestyles filled with health and happiness.


We strive to set enthusiastic goals and tackle bold challenges while keeping our founder’s spirit close to our hearts.


We are strongly united by our Founding Spirits and vision "Growing for Good".
We deliver sensation and joy to the world recognizing and blending the individuality of each person as diverse value.

Group Talent Review

Suntory conducts a Group talent review once a year to identify, develop and utilize human resources who are able to actively participate in the Group worldwide. The Group talent review held in 2018 was conducted by function such as finance and administration to gather top management at major Group companies and identify the key talent and positions throughout the Group, including formulating plans for successors in those vital positions, and assessing the person-to-person exchanges across countries and businesses. We will strive to expand the content of these reviews in the future. We will promote talent management throughout the Group and the world through these Group talent reviews and other measures in the future.

Group-wide Human Resource Platforms and Systems

The Suntory Group works to adopt human resource platforms and systems shared throughout the Group to effectively link and leverage human resource information that exists at each Group company. We share information related to a system (Group talent book) that allows Suntory Group employees worldwide to view information that incorporates an enthusiasm unique to Suntory as well as key talent and positions in addition to utilizing talent management throughout the Group. In 2018, we newly formulated a global level human resources evaluation axis and are conducting activities for its application in 2019. We have created a foundation that allows more opportunities for talent to be active in the Suntory Group regardless of country or business. They are used in group-based talent management.

Group Engagement Survey

We aim to maximize the organizational capabilities of the Group and are working to introduce Group-wide engagement surveys. The Suntory Group has clarified an increase in its organizational capabilities as a result of adopting common Group questions to measure the engagement level throughout the Suntory Group as well as the penetration of the Group corporate philosophy in 2017 as a way to cultivate unity as a Group and visualize that unity.

Global HR Conference

We are holding Global HR Conferences once a year as a place to debate solutions to human resource issues common to the Group in addition to building networks and exchanging information to create synergy in the field of human resources. 55 persons in charge of human resources from around the world came together at the eighth conference held in 2018 to deepen their relationship for two days with the three purposes below.

  • Align & Engage: Share and permeate the Group Management Policy, human resource strategies and the founding spirits
  • Elevate: Learn the trends and best practices of human resources and understand different cultures
  • Build & Collaborate: Strengthen Group networks and promote collaboration

In 2018, with the theme "HR Transformation towards 2030 Vision," sessions with top management, lectures with guest speakers, group-based workshops, panel discussions, team building, and a variety of other activities are implemented to thoroughly discuss what HR should do to realize the Suntory Group 2030 Vision. We were able to bring together HR from all over the world to improve pushing forward various activities toward the evolution of One Suntory to the next stage in order to become a truly unique global organization.

Health management

We launched a cross-Group project team for the health of our employees as human resources of the Group that advances activities that create unity throughout the Group. Continuing from 2017, we conducted the One Suntory Walk (activity to promote employees to walk) to improve awareness about health and encourage better health in Group employees. We also incorporated systems to determine donations to environmental organizations worldwide based on the number of steps as well as integrated elements of social media networks to increase the motivation of employees to participate to make the event a great success. Health is not simply preventing illness but also the ability to work enthusiastically each day filled with motivation and happiness. We will also promote health management throughout the Group now and into the future based on the belief that physical and mental health of our employees and their families is the source to perseverance and innovation.


We created the Group Diversity Vision with the launch of a cross-Group project team in 2016 under our view of diversity promotion as a management challenge. Furthermore, we work to promote the active participation of women at Suntory Holdings as an effort to drive the progress of diversity at each company. In 2018, we conduct lectures for women managers by inviting women executives from Beam Suntory to Japan from America.

  • -
    Build networks of women leaders in the Suntory Group
  • -
    Learn recent challenges and initiatives of gender diversity directly in business
  • -
    Consider development of future female leaders in the Suntory Group

There was active debate about gender diversity through sessions with top management, lectures with guest speakers and group discussions. A variety of activities in the future will accelerate the promotion of diversity globally throughout the Group.

Global Employment

As the Group expands worldwide, Suntory needs to find human resources who can act as a bridge to each Group company with both a focus on Japan as well as the international community. Suntory Holdings and Beam Suntory have been conducting joint activities to hire new graduates in North America since 2016. These activities help enhance the recruitment efforts of both companies, such as sharing mutual know-how and candidates. In the future, the Group will unite to advance its employment activities toward establishing an employment brand as a Group.

People-to-People Exchange (short-term assignments)

We have actively promoted people-to-people exchange with the aim of training human resources who can be active transcending businesses and countries and use each other's knowledge. Starting this activity in 2017, we accepted nine overseas group company employees from a very wide range of fields, such as the Corporate Strategy Planning Department, Human Resources Department, R&D Department, and Design Department to participate in short-term assignments. In the future, we will more actively promote the vitalization of human resource exchange by viewing it as a key activity for the development of human resources within the group.

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