To Create Harmony with Employees: Diversity Management

Group global People and Culture initiatives

Suntory Group has been driving great change in People and Culture activities in recent years as the global expansion of its businesses. We are engaged in a wide variety of initiatives at a global level for the purpose of business growth and employee growth as a means to realize Growing for Good.

Employee Value Proposition – Unleash Your Spirit

We launched of our new Suntory global talent brand, “Unleash Your Spirit” as Employee Value Proposition.
Unleash Your Spirit captures the essence of our founding spirit and collective ambition to inspire the brilliance of life. Through this talent brand, we define what makes us unique, why our people love to be part of Suntory, and the impact our people can make as we focus on Growing for Good.
We want to help people understand how we are all connected and how our culture and values unite us. Our ambition is to retain and build the career opportunities of people we already have in our family and inspire the best external talent from around the world to join us. As we support Suntorians everywhere to “Unleash Your Spirit” we hope this will help accelerate our ability to make the change we want to see, and we are thrilled to craft our future together with each of you.
You can see our new global career site from here with Suntorians’ stories across our social platforms.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

We created the Group Diversity Vision with the launch of a cross-Group project team in 2016 under our view of diversity promotion as a management challenge. Furthermore, we work to promote the active participation of women at Suntory Holdings as an effort to drive the progress of diversity at each company. Since 2018, we conduct lectures for women managers by inviting women executives from Beam Suntory to Japan from America.

  • -
    Build networks of women leaders in the Suntory Group
  • -
    Learn recent challenges and initiatives of gender diversity directly in business
  • -
    Consider development of future female leaders in the Suntory Group

There was active debate about gender diversity through sessions with top management, lectures with guest speakers and group discussions. A variety of activities in the future will accelerate the promotion of diversity globally throughout the Group.

In line with our vision of Growing for Good, Suntory Group is committed to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). Although at different stage of evolution, Suntory Group companies have taken steps to derive strength from diversity and enrich our workplace through inclusion. Not only do we commit to recognizing, valuing and respecting diversity and actively promoting and fostering inclusion, we will find ways to ensure equity as we listen to the voices and perspectives of our employees and take action.
In November 2021, we have established our first global DEI vision and strategic pillars. This is our ambition to build an environment where each and every Suntorian to unleash their spirit.
Regardless of our individual uniqueness, we will work together, listen and learn from each other, and be bold at times to create a better future for everyone. We are proud to see the various steps that each business is already taking in their organizations, and will continue to grow as individuals and as an organization.

global DEI vision and strategic pillars

Group Talent Review

Suntory has been leading Group wide talent reviews to identify, develop and leverage our people who are able to actively participate in the Group worldwide. The Group talent reviews have been evolved and held not only by group businesses but also by functions and regions across businesses with commitment from top managements at major Group companies, identifying the key talents and positions throughout the Group, including formulating plans for successors in those vital positions, and assessing the person-to-person exchanges across countries and businesses. We are striving to expand the content of these reviews.

Group global talent framework

We are cultivating the foundation for Suntory Group's talent to play more active roles across countries and businesses. Through these efforts, we are working on group global talent management. For example, we have established unique behavior model for all Suntorians around the world so that they can think and act toward the vision and future targets. We use this behavior model as one of the basis for leveraging our people group-globally. We aim to deliver more excitement and joy to the world through letting all Suntorians demonstrate Suntory's uniqueness.

Talent rotations across businesses

Supported by group talent review and group global talent framework, We have actively led Talent rotations across businesses with the aim to develop our people and make synergies group-globally such department as finance, people & culture, R&D, SCM, and so on. In the future, we will more actively take initiatives for talent rotations as one of key activities.

Health management

Suntory group has led an activity called "One Suntory Walk" to promote walking among group-globally since 2017 as one of core activities for healthcare of Suntorians with the sense of unity.
One Suntory Walk not only aims to raise the health awareness of our people and support their health but also to contribute to society through leading initiatives around "water" from sustainability perspective which would be one of competitive advantages of Suntory. For example, we donates to environmental organizations around the world according to the number of steps taken by participants to One Suntory Walk. This event contribute to developing the sense of unity through team competition and social networking to create a sense of unity.
We will continue to promote the importance of health group-globally based on the belief that the physical and mental health of Suntorians and their families is the source of challenge and innovation.