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Suntory Group’s Health Management

2022 健康経営優良法人 ホワイト500

The Health of Each and Every Suntorian Serves as the Source of the Yatte Minahare Spirit

What we are aiming for in health management is enriched, fulfilling lives for everyone, including employees and their families. At the core of our health management approach, we want our employees and their families to be able to lead healthy, energetic lives and to work with a sense of challenge to make their lives fulfilling. We are convinced that the promotion of health management based on this concept will lead to further challenges for the Group and is linked with its future.
Suntory is working extensively to improve health checkups and prevent lifestyle-related diseases which can lead to various illnesses as one of its priority areas, and is developing various measures.
Suntory is also working to improve daily support by building a system that allows employees to consult with occupational physicians and nurses, and expanding new consultation services.
With mental and physical health as the foundation, we aim to achieve a state of well-being where employees can mutually enhance their work and private lives in conjunction with work style reform.

Suntory Holdings Limited
Vice President, Member of the Board, Director
Global Chief Health Officer (GCHO)
Director, Suntory Health Insurance Society
Shinichiro Hizuka

Suntory’s Aim for Health Management

In 2014, we issued the “Health Promotion Declaration”. Later in 2016, after management appointed a Global Chief Health Officer (GCHO), the new “Health Management Declaration” was set forth.

Health Management Declaration (Established in 2016)

Based on the idea that the health of our employees and their families is the source of Suntory’s challenge and innovation,
we aim to have all employees work in a healthy and motivated state, both physically and mentally.

Basic Policy

  • We will promote the creation of a foundation for employee health by improving the workplace environment and through work style reform.
  • We will work to improve health literacy by providing health information and individual support to employees.
  • We will work to improve lifestyle habits and promote physical health through prevention, early detection, and support for balancing work and family life.
  • We will provide support so that each employee can understand about mental health and take appropriate care.
  • Through these efforts, we aim to help our employees and their families realize enriched, fulfilling lives.

Significance of Health Management

Working to maintain and improve the health of employees and their families will lead to more time for both personal and professional enrichment.
As a result, business performance improves, allowing for further investment in human resources and in resolving social issues, such as environmental investment. By promoting health management, we will realize our aspiration of Growing for Good.

Health Promotion System

Health Consultation Support System

Suntory has introduced a nurse in charge system where nurses are assigned to all business locations to support all employees. The nurse in charge acts as a contact point for employee consultations, while industrial physicians, psychiatrist, clinical psychotherapists, and others work together to provide consultation services and support to allow employees to work while maintaining good health.
In addition to our in-house occupational health staff, we have also set up external consultation services such as the E-Partner Consultation Service, which provides consultation on private family issues, and First Call, an online service that provides medical consultations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Internal Consultation
With Nurse Provides support as a person deeply familiar with each employee through daily contact, including health interviews.
With Occupational Physician With the supervising occupational physician taking a central role, occupational physicians provide post-treatment measures for regular health checkups, guidance for various interviews, and support for balancing treatment and work.
With Psychiatrist Psychiatrists who are familiar with mental health issues in the workplace work together with occupational physicians and nurses to support employees.
With Clinical Psychotherapist Counseling based on psychological knowledge is provided to care for employees who are troubled to help them resolve their problems.
External Consultation
EAP An external consultation service that allows employees to consult with an external counselor about a variety of issues, including personal and family problems.
Online chat-based consultation service An online service that allows employees to consult with a doctor via chat or video phone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • *1
    AP (Employees Assistance Program): An employee support program provided by businesses outside the company. In response to consultations from companies, the program provides stress diagnosis, counseling (telephone counseling, e-mail counseling, and face-to-face counseling), medical recommendations, mental health education and training, consultation for human resources and managers, and programs to support an employee’s return to work.

2025 Mid-term Goals

  • *1
    At least one day off per week
  • *2
    Those that answered "Already working on it" for a question "Do you plan to improve your lifestyle habit such as exercising and daily diet?".
  • *3
    Work productivity when 100% in the absence of illness or injury* 4-week average

Various Measures

As a foundation for all activities, we conduct not only regular health checkups but also health consultations with employees conducted by in-house nurses to support individual health maintenance and encourage participation in measures tailored to each employee's condition.

Work Environment Creation/Health Literacy Training

We are working on health literacy education to foster health awareness among the younger generation and those who are not currently experiencing any health issues. In the monthly Healthma newsletter distributed by our nursing staff, we try to make people feel closer to health by introducing health information and measures. We also strive to provide opportunities for health seminars for the entire company, as well as seminars for each office in line with the issues they face.
We promote health management while firmly connecting that management to work style innovation.

Physical Health - Efforts for improving daily habits

Since daily lifestyle habits such as eating habits, exercise, sleep, alcohol consumption, and smoking are deeply related to the onset and progression of diseases, various measures are implemented to improve and maintain lifestyle habits. In addition to specific health guidance, we also provide guidance comparable to specific health guidance to those under 40 years old who are subject to the same criteria, and are making efforts to raise awareness among the younger generation. At the same time, we are actively recommending that they undergo re-examinations and precision examinations, and are also working to support early detection and balance health and wellness.

Mental Health - Initiatives for Mental Health

We have created two mental health management initiatives for the prevention and early detection of mental health problems: our self-care initiatives which aim to make employees aware of stress and take appropriate measures to counter it, and our line-care initiatives in which managers strive to improve the working environment and provide individual counseling. We are properly engaged in various health care efforts that include self-care in group training, courses in employee care overseen by a line manager, introduction of complete stress checks and counseling through clinical psychologist. We have also put in place a return to work support system for employees on leave to smoothly return to work.

Examples of Mental Health Care Initiatives

Global Health Management × Sustainability Walking Event "One Suntory Walk"

Content of the Policy

One Suntory Walk is a program aimed to raise awareness of health among the participants and make exercise a habit through competing the number of steps they take within a month. The program has been held every year since 2017 targeting all Suntory employees, totaling approximately 40,000. This event is considered to be an event that unite Suntory globally and help promote health management. Engaging in sustainability of water, source of Suntory Group's business activities, at a global scale is put forth as message and core aspect of the event to raise awareness among the employees.

2021 activity results

One of the participants commented that awareness toward number of steps taken raise during October along with the will to increase them. In addition, walking rallies are held independently at each office at the same time, proving that the exercise is becoming a habit through events. We will continue to hold this event every year with "October is One Suntory Walk month" as the slogan.

  • Number of participants: 7,014
  • Steps taken and distances traveled: 10.32 billion steps (786,607km)
  • Participating countries: 34
  • Total donations: 70,140 USD (7,715,400 JPY)
    10USD was donated per participant to MSF Covid-19 Crisis Fund of the Medecins sans Frontieres

Photo posted on the bulletin board by a participant