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The Suntory Group believes health is not something simply related to hospitals but also satisfies health of both body and mind, energy in everyday work, and enthusiasm. We started health management from 2016 to promote an even greater level of health for our employees and their families based on this belief. We also were praised and recognized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Nippon Kenko Kaigi for these initiatives in 2017, 2018, and 2019 Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program (Large Enterprise Category) - White 500 consecutively.

Midterm Goals (by 2018) Targets Toward 2019 Targets Toward 2021
Health check-up rate Employees 100% 100.0% 100.0%
Dependents (40 years old or above) 75% or more 75.0% 75.0%
Lifestyle improvements Obesity rate (including those at risk) 20% or less 22.0% 20.0%
Mental health care Stress check superior AB evaluation 85% or more 86.0% 87.0%

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- Employees who quit smoking: 77.5%
- Employees who maintained a healthy weight: 76.3%

(Reference: Explanatory meeting materials for health staff at sites)

A Variety of Programs to Promote Employee Health

Considering the physical and mental health of employees is one of the most important duties of a company. We are working to put in place periodic self checks and a follow-up support system that enhances health check-ups and stress checks so that every single employee can engage in their work energetically. We also started efforts toward lifestyle diseases prevention (Suntory Health Challenge).

Comprehensive Health Examinations

Suntory Group provides health examinations that include detailed medical tests in excess of legal requirements. Employees aged 40 and older are required to take a day-long, full physical examination in addition to the regular annual check-up (the cost of items designated by the company is borne by the company). Cancer screenings are also a requirement based on age with 90% of employees undergoing examinations for gastric cancer, colon cancer, and lung cancer as well as 65% to 70% of employees being screened for breast and cervical cancer. Industrial doctor checks the result of every employee’s health examinations and holds interviews and guidance for those need attention. In addition, we support employees to maintain and improve their health through building a system of health consultation such as nurse staff visiting offices to hold health consultation and counseling by clinical psychotherapist.

Consults held by Occupational Safety and Health Staff

We are aiming to build an atmosphere where everyone can easily ask for advice in addition to building a system for industrial health staff such as industrial doctors, mental health professionals, nurses and clinical psychologists. Nurses have been regularly visiting the offices they are in charge since 2014 to conduct health consultations once each year with employees who are at the relevant age. We will further efforts to connect to early diagnosis and treatment by understanding the mental state and life habits of our employees while raising internal awareness about our consulting system in the future.

Various Health Measures

Various policies
Illnesses, injuries, and disasters Special leave that uses expired leave Up to 60 days of leave can be accumulated from up to ten days of leave each year for paid leave not taken for injuries or illnesses occurring outside of work, for infertility treatments, and for the care of family
Hospital room subsidies for remaining balance Subsidizes 70% of the costs incurred for rooms outside of the health insurance coverage while hospitalized
Support Program for the Cost of Advanced Cancer Treatments Subsidies for the Costs of Advanced Treatments Outside the Suntory Health Insurance Society Policy such as Heavy Ion Radiotherapy (Up to 5 Million Yen per Person per Year)
Use of physical examinations Employees over 40 years of age may have require physical examinations (once a year) without any cost to the individual for items designated by the company as periodic health assessments
People over 30 years of age (including dependents) may have physical examinations (up to once a year) and only pay 5,000 yen of a one-day examine
Stress checks Held once a year and is always available
Dental examinations Once per year
Health telephone consultation system Supported by external expert staff
Mental-health consultation and telephone consultation An external expert staff supports telephone consultations and interviews (individuals only spend 1,000 yen for each consult)

Number of users for various health measures


  2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Illnesses, injuries, and disasters Special leave that uses expired leave 48 53 65 34 57
Hospital room subsidies for remaining balance 33 20 36 38 32
Physical examinations (over 40 years of age) 3,046 3,280 3,333 3,286 3,648
Physical examinations (over 30 years of age) 894 866 1,014 1,141 1,242
Physical examinations (family) 1,837 1,950 2,046 2,122 2,207
Dental examinations 3,617 3,753 3,632 3,773 3,803
Health telephone consultation system 139 120 110 59 70
Mental-health consultation and telephone consultation 209 114 64 38 50

Suntory Health Challenge 2018 Program

SUNTORY Health-Ma Challenge
Program Description Number of participants
Number of users (approx.)
Health Mileage System to assign points for efforts to better health such as daily walking and radio exercises as well as health check-ups that can then be saved and exchanged for prizes 8,000
Radio exercises Radio exercises are conducted every day at every office 8,000
Health camps Two-day one-night camp-style Suntory Health Insurance Society coaching for selected participants based on the BMI from the results of their health check-ups 135
Health seminars (led by outside lecturers) How to Use the Brain for Communicating Smoothly 560
Requirements for Women to Work in a Healthy State
- Deepening understanding of how the body works
Support in quitting smoking Smoking cessation clinic support and smoking cessation support app based support 10
Walking Event Walking Event Held with Overseas Group Companies as a Health × Environmental Management Initiative 7185

Installation of a Health Care Room

The Odaiba Office and Osaka Office have put in place health care (corporate masseuses) rooms that provide services where government-certified care givers provide care such as massages and finger pressure therapy. Approximately 2,900 employees have used this program throughout the year as one way to improve mental health and alleviate stress.

A look at treatment

Initiatives for Mental Health

We have created two mental health management initiatives for the prevention and early detection of mental health problems: our self-care initiatives which aim to make employees aware of stress and take appropriate measures to counter it, and our line-care initiatives in which managers strive to improve the working environment and provide individual counseling. We are properly engaged in various health care efforts that include self care in group training, courses in employee care overseen by a line manager, introduction of complete stress checks and counseling through clinical psychologist. We have also put in place a return to work support system for employees on leave to smoothly return to work.

Examples of mental health care initiatives

Coordinating with Work Style Innovation

Largely revising the work style to enhance both professional and personal lifestyles is indispensable in the realization of a form able to satisfy the health of both body and mind, energy in everyday work, and enthusiasm for each and every employee. The Suntory Group promotes health management while firmly connecting that management to work style innovation.

Support of the Wellness of even the Employees' Families

The Suntory Group is supporting the lifestyle of employees and their families from a broad range of aspects. External consultation windows such as mental-health consultation and telephone consultation as well as the general SOS contact window are available to support a wide range of needs from health consultations to even legal consultations. We are receiving consults from our employees and their families. We have also established a system that plays a role in issues directly confronting the lifestyles of our employees in addition to resolving their fears with programs such as the subsidy program (used by 2,000 people in 2016) to assist in physical examinations of our employees and their families.

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