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Labor and Management cooperate to create a comfortable working environment.

Creating Employee-Friendly Workplaces

The Suntory Group respects and advocates freedom of association and the rights to collective bargaining in accordance with the laws and regulations in each country. We also recognize the importance and support freedom of association and right to collective bargaining even in countries and regions that do not recognize them by law, and promote the resolution of challenges through the cooperation of labor and management. We have various councils that meet regularly to enable labor and management to study and discuss key management challenges we face. These include the Business Conditions Conference, the Finance Reporting Council, and division and topic specific councils. These councils hear statements from the labor union about shop floor conditions and both parties debate Suntory Group's management policies.
We operate and revise our programs involving human resources and labor based on thorough consultations rooted in mutual awareness of the issues. Through these relationships between labor and management we are enhancing subjectivity and transparency of company management while increasing effectiveness of various initiatives. Suntory Group's labor union implement unionship system*.

  • *
    Unionship system: A system in which all employees are required to be a member
  • *
    56% of employees subject to collective bargaining.

Promotion of Cooperation with Workers Union Through Conferences

We are holding periodic conferences where we determine themes for vital issues common with Workers Union. We have held 21 conferences throughout the year of 2021.

Management Status Conference

Main Labor-management Conferences

Name Frequency Description
Management status conference Twice a year Conference about matters such as company management policies, management status, and business execution status
Quarterly settlement conferences Four times a year Sharing information about Group consolidated performance
Departmental conferences Twice a year (each department) Conference about issues related to departments such as R&D, production, and sales.
Work-style innovation committee Three times a year Conference about status confirmation and improvements of issues during working hours

Introduction of Recreation Plans in Cooperation with Workers

We are operating recreation plans with the cooperation of workers for the purpose of cultivating unity as the Suntory Group. The soft volleyball competition that started in 2009 has also grown to have participation from Group companies. At the 11th competition held in 2019, roughly 4,600 employees participated alongside their families. In 2022, the event was held in various locations in Japan, with over 10,000 participants. (※In 2020, 2021, the event was postponed due to the influence of COVID-19.)