To Create Harmony with Nature: Environment

Environmental Communication

Suntory Group values communication with the stakeholders and communicates information related to Suntory's spirit of "Coexisting with Nature" to the society.

Appropriate and Timely Disclosure of Information and Communication

Feedback and requests from stakeholders regarding environmental activities gathered through dialogue and customer center are utilized to improve target and activities. In addition to responding to feedback, we also communicate environmental information through issuing sustainability report, website and environmental events.

Download Sustainability Report

Website Communicating Detailed Information

The "Environmental Activities" website introduces detailed information regarding environmental activities. It regularly adds and updates information in effort to offer the latest information.

Environmental Communication at Plants

Suntory Group welcomes approximately 700,000 visitors to tour its beer, whisky, mineral water and other plants. These tours include a section on the environment to introduce related activities. We also hold special events where parents and children can enjoy and learn about the environment and its importance. For the Corona disaster, we offer online tours and virtual factory tours.

  • Event for parents and children

  • Environment section in the plant

Corporate Ad to Share the Tagline "Follow Your Nature" with the Society

Under the corporate mission "To Create Harmony with People and Nature", Suntory Group is engaging in environmental activities to pass down sustainable global environment to the next generation; and various cultural and social contribution activities such as community contribution through social welfare, education, and support for disaster relief; promotion of arts, academia and local culture; support for sports, and development of next generation.
To communicate our wish to be a company that enriches society like water through these activities and products, we established “Mizu To Ikiru”, literally “living with water”, as our promise to society. In 2013, we placed environmental ads in newspapers and on television with the theme of water resource cultivation activities in Natural Water Sanctuaries. The Television commercial "Suntory Natural Water Sanctuary (Soil Cultivation)" received the Grand Prize in the Environmental TV Commercial category at the 17th Environmental Communication Awards hosted by the Ministry of the Environment and Global Environmental Forum.

  • Newspaper ad "Suntory Natural Water Sanctuary"

  • Television commercial "Suntory Natural Water Sanctuary"
    (Soil Cultivation)

To reach more customers and communicate Suntory's environmental activities, we placed newspaper ads and television commercials "Researching Suntory by Alien Jones" from 2014 to 2016 (television commercial ended on March 2016).

  • First television commercial "Joining the Company"
    (from July 2014)

  • Second television commercial "Natural Water Sanctuary: Lecture"
    (from October 2014)

From 2018 , we have been placing new ads in newspapers with the message of "To Create Harmony with People and Nature", the promise which Suntory Group make with our customers, community and natural environment, to broadly communicate the importance of water to society.

Newspaper ad
"To Create Harmony with People and Nature"