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Environmental Management

Environmental Education for Employees

We are making efforts to raise environmental awareness and improve communication through disseminating information to the employees in timely manner and holding regular environmental trainings.

Promoting Environmental Education in the Group

We promote environmental education to raise employees' environmental awareness strategically. We implemented various environmental education initiatives including e-learning for all Group employees in Japan and dissemination of information on the Intranet. In addition, we regularly hold workshops and seminars to learn specific skills that are required in each operation. In addition, from 2020, we have started a program on "Sustainability Management" through an online course that can be taken by all Group employees worldwide.

Seminar on managing Wastes Disposal and Public Cleansing Act

FY2021 Environmental Training

Name Target Number of participating employees
Onboarding training (environmental management class) New employees All
ISO14001 awareness and special education Plant employees All
Sustainability management training (e-learning, etc.) Group employees in Japan 20,129
Training for newly appointed employees in charge of ISO14001 Employees in charge of ISO14001 18
Internal ISO14001 auditor training Internal ISO14001 auditor 55
Eco-products seminar Employees in charge of product development 24
Environmental Law Training Employees from relevant departments 54
Wastes Disposal and Public Cleansing Act seminar Employees from relevant departments 327

Raising Awareness among Employees on First Hand Experience with Forestry

We are advancing employee participation in the First Hand Experience with Forestry at Suntory Natural Water Sanctuaries where Group employees and their families have participated in volunteer activities since 2013.
We have been engaged in an activity for approximately 7,600 employees in alcoholic and nonalcoholic businesses that encourage employees to participate in first-hand experience with forestry to make each employee experience and understand Suntory's value of coexisting with nature since 2014. It is still being implemented in new employee training programs.

Forestry Maintenance Training for Employees

First Hand Experience with Forestry training by Employees

Promoting Environmental Action on the Intranet and Internal Magazine

We are sharing basic environmental information, environmental laws and ordinances pertinent to our business, internal guidelines and other materials on the intranet. We are also raising awareness in our employees and encouraging action by including e-Learning as well as lending out DVDs related to environmental activities.
The MADO internal magazine and the e-MADO published on our intranet play a role in introducing the latest environmental activities and information of the Suntory Group to not only enlighten employees but also their families.