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3R in Containers and Packaging

Flow of Collection Through Recycling of Containers

Collection of Bottles

Spent plastic bottles had been conventionally recycled and reused after collection for goods such as textiles and food containers, but these materials can now be recycled and reused as new plastic bottles.

Collection/recycling of bottles

Collection of Glass Bottles

A collection and recycling route has also been established for glass bottles, which have a long history of use as beverage containers. Returnable bottles are collected and cleaned for reuse as beverage containers while one-way bottles are collected after use and fabricated into cullet (finely broken glass bottles) to mainly use as a raw material in manufacturing glass bottles. Moreover, this cullet is use for applications besides bottles such as insulation, tiles and road surfaces.

Returnable bottles

One-way bottle

Collection of Cans

Spent cans (aluminum/steel) can be traded as a valuable resource, and these materials are reused for cans, motor vehicles, construction materials and more through a wide range of routes.

Collection of Cans

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