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Preventing Global Warming

Initiatives in Sales, R&D, Offices, etc.

Environmental Activities in Sales Divisions

Reducing Environmental Impact of Sales Vehicles and Vehicle Accidents

We are proactively saving energy by replacing most of the vehicles used in our sales activities with hybrid vehicles.
In addition, by introducing vehicle operation management systems and drive recorders that can acquire driving data such as distance traveled, driving behavior, and fuel efficiency in sales vehicles. We promote safe driving and eco-driving by feeding back the result of the analysis of collected data.

More efficient Vending Machine Operations

Suntory Beverage Solution Ltd., which provides daily vending machine operations including product replenishment to beverage vending machines, has installed wireless systems in vending machines throughout Japan since 2013. We are able to analyze information such as the type and amount of products for refilling, the timing for refilling, and the most efficient route for refilling of each vending machine while allowing us to instantaneously obtain the sales trends of each and every vending machine. In addition, by switching to smartphones as operation terminals in 2020, we were able to improve data accuracy and usability. By utilizing these systems, we are reducing the number of visits to vending machines, reducing power loss caused by opening and shutting vending machines when refilling, reducing waste by refilling machines based on sales volume changes, and improving fuel efficiency by visualizing and optimizing daily product usage and product loading.

Environmental Activities in R&D Sites

Since acquiring ISO14001 certification in 2007, the R&D sites (World Research Center/product development center) where about 700 employees work has been promoting environmental activities incorporated in daily work in the entire division. In 2013, in order to further strengthen cooperation with other departments as an R&D department deeply involved in the entire value chain of the Group, we incorporated ISO14001 operation, which had been conducted solely by the R&D department, into Group-wide operation and obtained integrated certification. It also promotes activities to reduce environmental impact in cooperation with plants and sales divisions while incorporating environmental considerations into daily operations.

Latest Environmentally-friendly Equipment

Suntory World Research Center introduced equipment to reduce the environmental impact such as an arrangement of LED lighting through the entire facility, automated control of lighting and airflow through image sensors, temperature difference water supply, and the application of hybrid heat source equipment to concurrently use natural gas and electricity while eagerly using natural energy such as the application of top lights*1 that actively let in natural light. The same center has acquired Class S, which is the highest class of the Comprehensive Assessment System for Built Environment Efficiency (CASBEE)*2. The furniture and construction materials also utilize Ikurinzai - timber from cultivated forests*3 of the Suntory Tennensui (Mineral Water) Natural Water Sanctuaries.

  • *1
    Top light: Windows installed on roofs for natural light and ventilation
  • *2
    CASBEE: Environmental performance assessment for building overall developed by the Institute for Building Environment and Energy Conservation with the support of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in 2001.
  • *3
    Ikurinzai - Timber from cultivated forests: Suntory Group calls wood material made from activities to nurture sustainable water and forests "Ikurinzai - timber from cultivated forests"

Suntory World Research Center

Environmental activities in the restaurant business

Pronto Corporation has been promoting “P LOVE GREEN” activities since 2010 with the theme of “More Green in Japan,” and donates a portion of the sales of its “P LOVE GREEN Menu,” which uses ingredients carefully selected according to their origin and production method.Donations are used for forestation activities to “plant, nurture, and use” to protect forest circulation, with the aim of being carbon neutral.
Pronto Corporation also promote sustainability through various environmental activities such as food loss reduction and introduction of energy-saving equipment and facilities. In 2017, the restaurant was certified as one of the Eco Mark restaurants (chains), meeting the Eco Mark restaurant certification criteria, the first such certification system for restaurants in Japan established by the Eco Mark Office of the Japan Environment Association.

Environmental Activity in the Office

Installing Energy-saving Equipment and Reduction of GHG and Water Consumption by Employee Action

Various initiatives are carried out by all employees daily with higher awareness on saving energy in each office. The Odaiba Office in Tokyo installs use of reused water, automatic lighting control system, and human detection sensors for lights in toilets and escalators. Reduction of Green House Gas(GHG) emission are being promoted in each office by implementing cool biz and warm biz and actively using web conference system.