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Preventing Global Warming

Green Procurement and Purchase

We promote procurement of ingredients, materials and equipment that have low environmental impact through cooperating with each business partner.

Promoting Green Procurement

Green procurement is selecting items and services that consider the environment, such as by not including hazardous substances or efficient use of resources, when selecting ingredients, materials and equipment to purchase.
Suntory Group has established Suntory Group Green Procurement Standard (revised 2011) based on the Suntory Group’s Basic Policy on Supply Chain Sustainability and promotes procurement activities to lower environmental impact in corporation with each business partner.

Suntory Group Green Procurement Standard (revised 2011)

  1. 1.
    Basic policy

    Suntory Group strives to purchase ingredients, materials and services that have the lowest environmental impact as possible for items and services used in the Group to build a sustainable society.

  2. 2.
    Prioritized items
    • a)
      Consider not to use environmentally polluting substances, etc.
    • b)
      Consider resource- and energy-saving through use of renewable resources, miniaturization, etc.
    • c)
      Consider resources collection that does not damage the ecosystem
    • d)
      Long-term use is possible through repair, parts replacement, etc.
    • e)
      Whether if it is reusable
    • f)
      Whether if it is design to be recyclable
    • g)
      Whether if it is easy to dispose or treat
    • h)
      Whether if it is environmental information about the item is disclosed
    • i)
      Consider the items is manufactured or sold by business operator that actively engages in environmental preservation such as acquiring ISO14001

Promoting Green Purchase

When actually purchasing an item, we promote Green Purchase based on the Green Purchase Guideline which sets standards for determining whether it's a Green Purchase with the goal of making more Green Purchases than in the previous year. We also implement online purchasing system that registers a standard Green Qualified Items and deploying it to Group companies. Furthermore, we uses work uniforms made using fibers from recycled PET bottles according to seasons in production plants.