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Beam Suntory Inc.

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    222 W. Merchandise Mart Plaza, Chicago, IL 60654 USA
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    May 2014 (November 1966 as Jim B. Beam)
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    Production and sale of bourbon whiskey and other premium spirits
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Company Overview and Philosophy

Inspiring Human Connections

As a world leader in premium spirits, Beam Suntory is Inspiring Human Connections. With a performance objective of being the World’s Most Admired, Fastest-growing Premium Spirits Company and a vision of Growing for Good, we’re driving growth through quality craftsmanship, consumer connections and entrepreneurial spirit.

Primary CSR Activities
CSR Philosophy

The “Growing for Good” vision inspires our CSR strategy

Good corporate citizenship and social responsibility are central to our business, and fundamental to our culture. As a company, we believe that as we grow, so can the good we do in the world, benefiting all our stakeholders: our parent company, employees, business partners, customers, consumers and our local communities. Our actions help define our character and amplify the passion of our people.

Beam Suntory’s CSR program is focused on three areas: protecting water and the environment, supporting the communities where our people live and work, and promoting responsible consumption of our products. . We invest our time, resources, and energy in these areas not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because these are our values as a company.

Protecting Water and the Environment

We share Suntory’s tradition of protecting water and the environment to preserve the precious resources that form the basis of our products and communities. We believe that the effective and efficient use of natural resources is an important element in our production centers’ long-term success. We strive to reduce our environmental impact through a variety of initiatives, including water conservation, energy efficiency, CO2 reduction, effective resource use, management systems, education, engagement, and conservation of biodiversity at our production centers. Our investment in reducing our environmental impact has totaled more than $60 million over the last ten years. As we look to the future, we will continue reducing our water and energy use, carbon emissions and the amount of waste sent to landfills.

Water is central to nearly every product we create. We are committed to preserving and protecting this critical resource for future use in our products, and for our communities. We engage in water conservation activities to protect our water sources and reducing water use per unit of production at our plants around the world, including a particular focus on our operations in water-stressed areas. Inspired by Suntory’s unwavering leadership in this area, we are also committed to the development of watershed conservation activities, such as Natural Water Sanctuaries, on or around the land of our distilleries to ensure a sustainable source of natural water for distillation and surrounding communities.

Preserving Water Sources

Beam Suntory works to protect rainwater, groundwater, and surface water. These activities include the use of semi-permeable sediment control structures, recovery pools, regulating reservoirs, and other structures designed to prevent water outflow, soil erosion, and deterioration of water quality.

Reducing Water Consumption

Reducing water consumption and wastewater generation are key focus areas for Beam Suntory. Several of our production centers have highly advanced water reclamation systems.

Beam Suntory India: The process water used to clean equipment in India is filtered and beneficially reused to reduce the amount of fresh water required, and the amount of wastewater generated. In addition, rainwater is harvested, recovered and beneficially reused, reducing the amount of runoff water that cannot be absorbed during heavy rainfall.

Beam Suntory Mexico (Casa Sauza): We have improved the quality of treated water by using a highly advanced water regeneration system. This water can now be recycled and beneficially reused at the plant’s compost operation and has been made available to local fire stations for use in fire trucks and fire extinguishing equipment.

Virgin Islands/St. Croix: Process water is regenerated by a highly advanced water regeneration system for reuse in the plant, leading to major reductions in the amount of fresh water required and wastewater generated.

Establishing Natural Water Sanctuaries

A Natural Water Sanctuary is a healthy forest that can cultivate water resources to enhance the recharge and replenishment of the natural water supply. The Natural Water Sanctuary concept was inspired by Suntory for preserving and protecting surface and groundwater resources around our production centers for the future.

Maker’s Mark Natural Water Sanctuary

As great bourbon starts with great water, the Maker’s Mark Natural Water Sanctuary aims to preserve the land that filters the water. This preservation program on 33 acres of our distillery land is designed to improve the quality of vegetation, including the addition of American White Oak trees, create a better habitat for native species, like the prairie warbler and red-headed woodpecker, and ultimately, protect our groundwater and the quality of water with which to make better bourbon.

Jim Beam Natural Water Sanctuary Alliance at Bernheim Arboretum & Research Forest

Jim Beam and Bernheim Arboretum & Research Forest, a 15,625 acre privately held forest, have formed a long-term alliance, and established a Natural Water Sanctuary on Bernheim grounds immediately adjacent to the Jim Beam distillery.

The Natural Water Sanctuary Alliance will protect water quality, restore wildlife habitats, reintroduce native plants and trees, enhance environmental education, improve watershed protection planning, and secure quality water.

Energy-Efficiency Initiatives

Beam Suntory strives to continue reducing energy use at our offices and production centers around the world. Here are just a few examples of specific work by location:

Clermont, Kentucky: The Jim Beam American Stillhouse has received the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. LEED is America’s leading program that assesses the energy-saving performance of the design, construction, and operation of buildings. This certification is granted to facilities that have a superior record of leadership, innovation, environmental conservation, and social responsibility. The following are a few of the outstanding environmentally sustainable features of the Jim Beam American Stillhouse:

  • -
    25% recycled building materials
  • -
    The use of water-saving equipment such as faucets and flush toilets that have resulted in a 50% annual reduction in water usage
  • -
    79% of construction waste was recycled and not sent to landfill

Loretto, Kentucky: The Maker’s Mark 46 Cellar has received LEED Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

Frankfort, Kentucky: LED lighting is used throughout the bottling and processing areas to improve light quality while also reducing energy use and cost.

Chicago, Illinois: Located in the historic Merchandise Mart, a LEED-certified building, our offices incorporate natural lighting. The office additionally uses energy-efficient LED lighting that automatically adapts based on natural light in the room. We are reducing our energy consumption by using the latest web conference and printing technologies in our offices around the world.

Washington, D.C. – Our Global Public Affairs office in Washington, D.C. is located within a LEED-certified building.

Madrid, Spain: Our building was the first sustainable office building in Madrid. Noise entering from outside the building is reduced to a minimum and energy savings are maximized using solar panels and insulated metallic outer walls. Excess energy is utilized by an on-site system.

CO2 Reduction Initiatives

We have set challenges to reduce CO2 emissions throughout the value chain related to our operations, including raw material procurement, manufacturing, distribution, sales and recycling. We are striving to meet the Environmental Targets toward 2030 for a 25% reduction in Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions and a 20% reduction of Scope 3 emissions throughout the entire value chain. We recently raised the ambition of our 2050 environmental vision and are aiming to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions across our entire value chain. Here are just a few examples of specific work by location:

Beam Suntory India: A roof-top solar energy system was installed at the Behror Site. This solar energy system produces enough renewable electricity to meet more than 80% of the total usage.

Loretto, Kentucky: Maker’s Mark installed a solar energy system at their Loretto Barrel Warehouse site. It produces enough renewable electricity to power all of the barrel warehouses.

Scotland & Ireland: All production centers utilize 100% renewable electricity. This includes multiple distilleries, warehouses, packaging, and office locations.

Clermont, Kentucky: The Jim Beam distillery in Clermont, Kentucky recently transitioned from the use of coal to natural gas power. The old coal boiler was replaced with a more energy efficient and cleaner burning natural gas boiler system.

Tequila, Mexico: Casa Sauza recently transitioned from the use of heavy fuel oil to natural gas. The old fuel oil boilers were replaced with a more energy efficient and cleaner burning natural gas boiler system.

Jarnac, France: Courvoisier has shifted more than half of its production from truck to trains traveling from Cognac to Le Havre. By switching from truck to train transport, the total greenhouse gas emissions were reduced by approximately 92% or about 763 tons.

Segovia, Spain: The DYC Distillery uses natural gas to fuel a combined heat and power plant – also known as a cogeneration plant. The heat and electricity produced are used in the distillation process and excess electrical power is sold to the local power company. This cogeneration process has been shown to be 30% more efficient than when heat and electricity are produced using separate facilities.

Glasgow, Scotland: The Springburn site uses natural gas to fuel a combined heat and power plant – also known as a cogeneration plant. The heat and electricity produced are used in the bottling process.

Effective Use of Resources

Beam Suntory monitors and reports on the amount of waste it sends to landfill as well as the amount of material that is recycled and beneficially reused. We will continue reducing, reusing and recycling production supplies, product packaging and containers. Below are a few examples of these initiatives:

White Oak Barrels

All of our Kentucky bourbon barrels are effectively reused. Most are used for other distilled spirits, while others are refashioned into furniture and other wooden products. Bourbon barrels are made of white oak procured from sustainable stands of timber. Our suppliers actively support and cooperate in the sustainable procurement of white oak.

Beam Suntory and barrel supplier, Independent Stave Company, are among the founding members of The White Oak Initiative. The White Oak Initiative is designed to actively create and champion activities to conserve our white oak forests throughout the white oak range. These activities include:

  • Supporting research on oak health, population, age, genetic diversity and economic impact
  • Technical assistance for both private and public landowners to encourage the growth of white oak
  • On-the-ground implementation strategies to engage and support family forest owners and assistance to public land foresters
  • A communication strategy to educate landowners, the public and others about the issues and opportunities
  • Policy solutions to support state and federal programs supporting white oak sustainability
Agricultural Products

At our distilleries, we recover and beneficially reuse spent stillage, often as livestock feed. The beneficial reuse diverts thousands of tons of material from landfills each year.

Tequila, Mexico: At Casa Sauza, 99.8% of waste is recycled and reused, diverting an annual average of 47,000 cubic meters from landfill. Used agave (an ingredient of tequila) fibers are recovered and used as compost. This compost helps retain water in the soil and provides nutrients for new agave plants.

Containers and Packaging

Beam Suntory continues to develop methods to reduce packaging waste while delivering the premium products our customers expect. Our goal is to have a more positive impact on both the environment and customer experience. Beam Suntory also promotes recycling and reuse initiatives.

Sustainable Plastic Initiative: Beam Suntory has an aspirational goal of eliminating the use of new PET from petroleum for plastic bottles. By 2030, we want all PET bottles to be made from 100% recycled content or from plant-based (renewable) materials.

Ireland: Our Cooley Distillery is a member of REPAK, a packaging compliance system supporting companies that contribute funds used in the recovery and recycling of packaging material waste products.

Environmental Management

Environmental Management is a business priority for Beam Suntory. We maintain environmental management systems to help ensure compliance, prevent pollution and continually improve.

ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. Beam Suntory-owned production centers are certified to the ISO 14001 Standard for Environmental Management System. This management system is internally and externally audited annually. It is also externally certified by a 3rd party every three years.

Pollution Prevention and Management of Chemicals. Beam Suntory uses safety data sheets in accordance with the global harmonization standards to properly manage the use, storage and transport of potentially hazardous materials.

Tequila, Mexico: Casa Sauza participates in Clean Field Programs run by AMOCALI (commercial organization) and SEMARNAT (Environment Ministry) to help ensure agriculture chemicals and container recycled and safely used.

Environmental Education and Engagement

We participate in key industry environmental sustainability organizations, including the Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable (BIER), as well as smaller, local groups and programs such as the Kentucky Sustainable Spirits Initiative and Kentucky Excellence in Environmental Leadership (KY EXCEL).

We also partner with educational and research institutions like the University of Kentucky and the Kentucky Water Resources Research Institute to create opportunities for employees, university students, and professors to collaborate on research, education, training, and technology transfer for water-related environmental issues.

Clean-Up Activities and Conservation of Biodiversity

Employees are actively encouraged to support their local communities, such as volunteering in clean-up activities. Our employees continue to make meaningful contributions in the communities where we work and live. We recognize these efforts in a variety of ways, including with our annual Vision Into Action (VIA) Awards.


Beam Suntory has a partnership with the Friends of the Chicago River, a 40-year-old organization working to improve the health of the Chicago River system for the benefit of people, plants and animals. The partnership is focused on preserving and protecting the local waterway and will include regular employee volunteer commitments. The Chicago office has eliminated the use of plastic straws and all single-use paper and plastic cups, is using compostable plates and utensils and has placed recycling and composting stations throughout the office.


Jim Beam has completed several riverbank revival projects in Kentucky – projects that utilize non-chemical natural methods and biotechnology. The distillery also partners with the University of Kentucky for watershed protection planning and has created and protected many acres of wetlands. Our teams also volunteer in partnership with the Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest to collect trash and other debris from local waterways.

The Maker’s Mark Distillery has created a nature preserve on part of its 620-acre property. It has been recognized for its positive influence on wildlife and the environment and was awarded the Kentucky Business Conservation Partner of the Year award by the Commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources.

All Beam Suntory plants located in Kentucky are active members of Kentucky Excel. Multiple, voluntary environmental projects are completed each year by employee-led environmental teams.

Protecting Wild Birds and Bees

Beam Suntory’s Ardmore Distillery (Scotland) is a corporate sponsor of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. It supports the East of Scotland Sea Eagle Reintroduction Program and has sponsored the RSBP Nature of Scotland’s Species Champion Award since 201.

The Jim Beam Distillery and Maker’s Mark Distillery are also active in the protection of wild birds. Both distilleries make and maintain bird houses for a variety of birds and bats. The area around the Booker Noe Plant in Kentucky is home to bald eagles and barn owls. Conservation activities are conducted in this area for these protected species of birds.

The Courvoisier and Jim Beam Distilleries support the protection of bees (each year they participate in the protection of two beehives at Courvoisier, and 12 at Jim Beam, and maintain wildflower gardens at both sites).

Supporting the Communities Where our People Live and Work

Employee Volunteer Activities

Beam Suntory is engaged in a variety of charitable activities and community support programs where our employees live and work. We provide critical financial support to important community activities such as environmental conservation, health research, higher education, and cultural organizations. In 2019, Beam Suntory launched “Together for Good,” an annual, global day for employee volunteering. Nearly 2,000 employees carried out primarily watershed protection and preservation activities across 55 sites. Across our global footprint, teams worked together to enrich the soil around local waterways by removing invasive species, planting trees and picking up trash.

Our Kentucky teams partner in an annual statewide program to raise funds for the United Way charities, which support causes critical in each local community. Beam Suntory employees have raised nearly more than $2 million, including corporate matching funds, for Kentucky United Way charities.

In addition, Beam Suntory supports individual employees’ charitable activities. The Beam Suntory Cares Program encourages all employees to take two paid holidays per year to volunteer for community programs of their choice (if all employees participate, this could total more than 72,000 hours of activity per year). We additionally match employees’ charitable contributions in the U.S.

Growing for Good Committees

Our employees are always looking for ways to give back in their communities. Some corporate offices have established “Growing for Good” committees, which help harness employees’ passion for supporting their communities, offering opportunities to volunteer, donate, or otherwise get involved.

Support Activities for Disaster Victims

In recent years, natural disasters have occurred all too often. Beam Suntory provides both financial support and humanitarian aid to recovery activities in disaster areas through the Red Cross. We also provide safe, clean drinking water to many areas hit by natural disasters.

Cruzan Rum created the Island Spirit Fund after Hurricane Maria hit our distillery’s home on the Island of St. Croix in 2017, causing severe damage to homes and the islands’ infrastructure.
In partnership with GlobalGiving, the Cruzan Island Spirit Fund assists communities across the U.S. and its territories weathering storms of all kinds. Grants made from the Fund support local non-profit organizations providing the nourishment, supplies, equipment, and other resources required for short-term recovery and long-term stability. Cruzan also donates a portion of proceeds for every case of rum sold to the Island Spirit Fund and has received generous matches from our distributor partners. The fund has raised over $3 million dollars since its inception.

In early 2020, Suntory Group donated $500,000 AUD with $100,000 coming from Beam Suntory, to support recovery efforts in Australian communities that were impacted by bushfires, with the funds divided among the Australian Red Cross, the New South Wales Rural Fire Service and the New South Wales Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service (WIRES).

COVID-19 Response

Beam Suntory is helping to support the fight against COVID-19 through donations to organizations that protect the hardest-hit populations, and support urgent health needs.

Beam Suntory supported bartenders and restaurant workers across the U.S. through various initiatives. The company donated a combined $1 million in partnership with our distributor partner Southern Glazer’s to the United States Bartenders’ Guild emergency fund and the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation. We also donated a combined $100,000 along with distributing partner Major Brands to Missouri Restaurant Association Workers Benefit Fund. Our US commercial team launched the “Shift-Meals To-Go” program and arranged more than 6,700 free meals for restaurant and bar employees, as well as pre-packaged meals for impacted families in the trade community. Maker’s Mark also partnered with the LEE Initiative Restaurant Workers Relief Program to serve more than 200,000 meals to hard-hit restaurant workers and their families across 23 locations in 19 U.S. cities.

In Europe, Beam Suntory donated €100,000 to the German Red Cross and a combined €240,000 along with its joint venture distribution partner Maxxium Spain to support hospitals and nursing homes in Madrid and Segovia. Courvoisier donated €20,000 to support health services in the Cognac region through the Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac (BNIC). Sipsmith partnered with the Drinks Trust to raise more than £40,000 to support impacted on-trade workers. In India, employees donated INR2,686,852 to the Rajasthan Chief Minister COVID-19 Relief Fund. The company also partnered with the National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI), pledging USD 150,000 to support thousands of restaurant staff and their families during the shutdown.

Beam Suntory also harnessed our innovation capabilities to produce hand sanitizer in our Global Innovation Center in Clermont, KY. This program develops more than 8,000 liters of quality hand sanitizer each week. The hand sanitizer was donated to first responders, medical professionals and other essential service providers in Kentucky and Illinois. Beam Suntory operations in Scotland, the United Kingdom, Spain and more, have developed hand sanitizer, sanitizing solution or donated neutral spirits for production of hand sanitizer.

Culture and Art Promotion Activities

Beam Suntory supports cultural organizations in the communities where our employees live and work. For example, we sponsor the Ravinia Festival, the oldest music festival in North America. Each year this festival hosts one of America’s premier orchestras, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, outside of Chicago. The 36-acre Ravinia Park is located within a quiet forest and is the perfect setting for enjoying music. Children up to the age of 15, high school students, and university students are not charged admission to the lawn area, which provides them with a great opportunity to enjoy classical music.

Beam Suntory also sponsors the Chicago Botanic Garden, a natural treasure with 27 gardens and four natural areas, sitting on 385 acres of land. The garden hosts a variety of annual events and programs, is open year-round, and admission is free. Scientists and graduate students also conduct an array of plant research in their nine laboratories.

Plant Tours

Tours of production centers are available in the United States, Mexico, Scotland, Ireland, France, Spain and Japan.

Operation Homefront

Since 2008, Beam Suntory has provided more than $3.5 million in cash and in-kind donations, and worked to raise awareness of Operation Homefront, a non-profit organization to build strong, stable, military families so they can thrive in the communities they’ve worked so hard to protect. It’s Holiday Meals for the Military program was inspired by a Beam Suntory employee in 2009, and since then,, Beam Suntory has helped Operation Homefront provide more than 375,000 family holiday meals.

Promoting the Responsible Consumption of Our Products

Promoting Responsible Consumption

Beam Suntory’s approach to responsible alcohol consumption is fundamental to everything we do. Thus, in addition to practicing responsible marketing and sponsoring alcohol education, we invest in a wide variety of programs, partnerships, and social aspects organizations throughout the world focused on the prevention of alcohol misuse. Beam Suntory employees regularly receive information and encouragement to promote responsible alcohol consumption to family and friends as “ambassadors” of Beam Suntory and its brands.

Global Commitments to Reduce the Harmful Use of Alcohol

Beam Suntory is a founding member of the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking (IARD), a not-for-profit organization dedicated to reducing alcohol-related harm worldwide. Through IARD, leading beverage alcohol producers put our commercial competitiveness aside to create a shared force in our Global Commitments to reduce alcohol misuse – the most ambitious and comprehensive set of initiatives the industry has undertaken to date.

Beam Suntory addresses each of these commitments in a variety of ways around the world, including founding membership in the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility (FAAR;; DWI Courts, a system that treats repeat DWI offenders in specialized courts, dramatically reducing the rate of repeat offenses; and Building Resilience in Campus Communities, a program at the University of Louisville and the University of Kentucky to reduce underage and binge drinking on those college campuses.

Global Marketing Principles

Beam Suntory’s leadership in responsible consumption starts by complying with all laws and regulations in all jurisdictions as well as industry codes and regulations. Beam Suntory’s global marketing principles are uniform for all brands and in all regions and extend to advertising, marketing to consumers, merchandising, brand websites, POS, direct marketing, product development, product placement, and consumer events.

Responsible Marketing

Beam Suntory is a proud leader in responsible marketing in the spirits industry. In 2007, we voluntarily adopted industry-leading media placement standards in the United States, with the goal of reducing exposure to consumers under legal drinking age. Compared to the current industry standard of 71.6% of the media audience of legal purchase age, at least 75% of the audience for each Beam Suntory media placement – and 85% in aggregate -- must reasonably be expected to be of legal purchase age. Beam Suntory has additionally prohibited marketing programs related to “Spring Break”, out-of-home advertising within 500 feet of parks and other recreational areas, and advertisements in video games.

In early 2020, in partnership with IARD, we also announced a set of actions to intensify the fight against underage drinking. This includes a voluntary commitment to place age restriction symbols, or equivalent words, on our packaging.

Drink Smart®

Drink Smart® is a global platform that educates consumers of legal purchase age to make responsible choices about alcohol. Drink Smart provides tools for consumers who want to take the lead in the responsible consumption of alcohol and provides information about our global commitments to reduce alcohol misuse. Drink Smart, its website or its logo are included in all Beam Suntory marketing materials used around the world, from social media to television advertisements. Beam Suntory product labels include Drink Smart, and the website provides nutritional information about our products. Please learn more about Drink Smart at

Safe Rides

Beam Suntory and its brands regularly partner with ride-share services to offer consumers safe rides home after a night out on the town. Our employees may also “Take a Taxi on Us,” when they or a friend are in a situation in which it would be unsafe to drive.

Formulating the Code of Conduct & Ethics

Beam Suntory and our employees are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards while aggressively competing in the market.

Our employees, executives, and directors abide by the sound business practices and ethical standards described in our Code of Conduct & Ethics. Our objective is to do business with integrity and the highest standards, and continuously earn the trust of all stakeholders.

The Code of Conduct & Ethics is available in seven languages.

Corporate Oversight

Corporate Governance

Beam Suntory’s “Code of Conduct & Ethics” is our guide to conducting business with integrity and the highest standards. The Code provides a set of policies governing business practices that reflect our commitment to Growing for Good while conducting business the right way - the Beam Suntory way.

In addition to industry regulations, our employees also abide by the rules imposed by company policies, procedures and standards that reflect our industry leadership position. Beam Suntory has established a “Global Risk and Compliance Committee” as well as “Risk and Compliance Committees” in each region where it does business, along with a separate committee for Global Operations and Supply Chain oversight.

Promotion of Compliance

At regular Global Town Hall meetings and through other communications, employees are consistently reminded by our CEO that they are expected to “conduct business the right way, the Beam Suntory way,” or always in compliance with requirements and, where possible, consistent with best practices. In addition, live training is provided, and interactive compliance training seminars are available online. Beam Suntory also has hotlines available in all major languages to handle inquiries from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Focus on Proactive Risk Management

Beam Suntory has created a system for senior management to take the lead in identifying, supervising, and managing risks to the business. The Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program actively identifies major areas of potential risk, and the executive leadership team designates specific employees to supervise and mitigate the risk. The executive leadership team holds regular meetings to discuss strategy. When risks or crises do occur, the appropriate response is identified and implemented under Beam Suntory’s global Major Incident Management (MIM) protocol.

Crisis management

Major incidents are handled by the Global Major Incident Management (MIM) Team, to ensure swift and effective handling. The Global Technical Service Team facilitates the FACTS incident investigation process with engagement from General Managers in affected operations and the risk management leaders.

When a major incident occurs, the Global MIM Team convenes to understand the facts, assess risks and develop appropriate actions to mitigate risks. The MIM team also develops appropriate communication plans to inform key stakeholders. The safety of employees, customers, consumers and the local community is always the highest priority when responding to major incidents. In addition, the Global MIM Team oversees governance, integration, and instructions to local MIM teams. The Global Technical Services Team supports the location where any incident occurs, in cooperation with technical leaders from environment, safety, quality, security, brand protection, insurance/risk management, and other areas. The General Managers at production centers and regional risk management supervisors oversee the local MIM teams. The local MIM teams also handle preventative risk assessment, risk reduction plans, emergency contingency plans, emergency contingency actions, assessment of damages, business recovery, and more.

Information security

Beam Suntory manages confidential personal data in accordance with legal requirements of each country where we do business.

Management of intellectual property rights

Beam Suntory employs global intellectual property (IP) rights specialists in our legal department. The IP team deals with filing complaints related to protection of intellectual property rights, the prevention of copyright infringement, and other issues.

In Harmony with Customers and Partners
-Products and Services-

Quality Assurance Initiatives

Quality Management Policies and Indicators

Beam Suntory requires manufacturing sites to achieve ISO Certification for Quality and Food Safety standards. In addition, the company upholds global standards based upon an Integrated Management System policy that includes Quality, Food Safety, Environmental, Health and Safety. Each production facility has key performance indicators with established improvement plans to meet and exceed quality requirements. Continuous improvement protocols that follow TRACC (software-based guide used to implement continuous improvement through sustainable methods) are in place at all of our production facilities.
Beam Suntory’s employees and stakeholders will continue to do their utmost to improve systems, processes, and all business activities while protecting the company’s most important resources: Employees (safety), Brands (quality), and Reputation (compliance).

Quality Management

Beam Suntory production facilities have obtained ISO 9001 quality management certification. Many production centers have also obtained ISO 22000 (food safety) and HACCP certification. In addition, the bottling companies with which we subcontract (co-manufacturing) are regularly required to perform technical audits that include the main items of ISO regulations, and rigorous internal inspections at all production locations.

Consumer Care

Collecting customer feedback

Beam Suntory has global databases to gather customer and consumer feedback. Each concern is routed to the appropriate function to investigate and respond effectively.

Relations with Business Partners

As a responsible corporate citizen, Beam Suntory maintains standards to ensure that people are treated properly and fairly. The Beam Suntory Global Citizenship Policy provides guidance to the company, employees, suppliers and contractors.

This policy has provisions that prohibit forced labor, slave labor, and labor under confinement. Information disclosure is conducted in accordance with the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010. We comply with the United Kingdom Modern Slavery Act 2015 and ensure that Beam Suntory suppliers do not use slave labor or human trafficking.

The Beam Suntory Global Citizenship Policy

At Beam Suntory, corporate values are an essential element of continued success in the marketplace. These values, which include integrity, quality, responsibility, agility, tenacity and Yatte Minahare, are vital to our success. The company’s business results are dependent upon our reputation with our co-workers, suppliers, investors, business partners and the communities where we work and live.

  2. 1.
    Working Conditions/Health and Safety
  3. 2.
    Child Labor
  4. 3.
    Forced Labor
  5. 4.
  6. 5.
    Working Hours
  7. 6.
    Wages and Benefits
  8. 7.
  9. 8.
    Management Systems
  10. 9.
    Suppliers and Contractors

Beam Suntory expects the same commitment from key suppliers and subcontractors. By complying with this policy, our company demonstrates its leadership within the business community. Further, this enhances each of our brands, improves our ability to attract and retain the best talent, and provides better supply chain management and performance.

In Harmony with Employees
-Diversity Management-

Relations with Employees

Beam Suntory is committed to creating a diverse environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants seeking employment with Beam Suntory will receive consideration without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status.

Beam Suntory has a dedicated Diversity & Inclusion page on its company website, which shares details of its work in this area, and its 2030 ambition of women holding 50% of leadership positions, and 45% of US employees identifying as multicultural. For more information please visit:

Promotion of Work-Life Balance

Beam Suntory has prepared Global Guidelines to support flexible work hours and workplaces for its employees to promote work-life balance. Based on these guidelines, each regional HR department creates a protocol in accordance with its local region and offers support to maximize employee engagement and performance. In 2020, Beam Suntory significantly expanded its flexible workplace and parental leave benefits globally, as part of a sweeping effort to foster a more diverse and inclusive culture. Employees can utilize flex work and flex rotation based in accordance with local laws.

Flextime Scheduling

The company has a Peak Time Flex Work system by which employees determine their standard daily work hours (core time) and allows them to shift their work time, pending their manager approval. It also has a “compressed workweek system” that allows them to determine their total weekly work hours to allow them to work fewer than the standard 5 days per week while fulfilling fulltime obligations, pending leadership approval. Employees can also work remotely one day each week.

Parental Leave

The company offers primary caregivers at least 26 weeks of fully paid leave for the birth or adoption of a child, with secondary caregivers receiving four weeks’ paid leave. This enhanced benefit places Beam Suntory in the top tier of global company parental leave policies.

Creating an Employee-Friendly Workplace

Beam Suntory practices open communication and information sharing between labor and management. Each production center has routine training on health and safety topics. Production centers that are implementing lean manufacturing have daily “huddles” in which safety is the first item that is discussed. These and other discussions stress the importance of complete openness and free communication.

Workplace Safety & Health and Employee Health Management

All Beam Suntory production centers have created Safety Management Systems in accordance with OHSAS 18001 Standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management. In addition, Global Safety Standards have been developed that clearly describe safety requirements and expectations. All production centers have developed safe working programs and procedures to meet these requirements.

Beam Suntory encourages employee health and wellness. Routine occupational health inspections are conducted, and employees are provided access to a wide variety of mental and physical health checks and services.