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  • Head Office
    2-3-3 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan (inside Suntory World Headquarters)
  • Established
    March 1958
  • Capital
    ¥50 million
  • Sales
    ¥17.2 billion (FY2021 results)
  • Employees
    900 (As of December 31, 2021)
  • Group companies
    ・DYNAC Corporation・DYNAC Partners Corporation
  • Business activities
    ・DYNAC Corporation
    Management of restaurants with multiple business formats, such as Hibiki, Uomori, Toridori, Papa Milano, etc., and party catering business
    ・DYNAC Partners Corporation
    Consignment operation of restaurants at golf courses resorts, operation of roadside stations and expressway service areas
  • Website

Company Overview and Philosophy

"Dynamically creating the joy of food"ー That is our work.

In times of sorrow, suffering and anger, people have no appetite for food. Eating has always been a part of enjoyment for people in what we do, including festivals, talking with each other, new encounters and commemorations. Our job is to contribute to lives overflowing with this kind of joy. This is hard work that requires unceasing effort. But it is also valuable work. A company that has a full range of programs to delight customers by opening up the enjoyment of food in every direction. This is the kind of company we aim to be.

Primary Sustainability Activities

Promoting Sustainability Management

Suntory Group’s Philosophy on Sustainability

At the DYNAC Group, our good corporate citizenship is based on the corporate philosophy of "Dynamically creating the joy of food." Our aim is to develop food culture, create new value and excitement, and realize a sustainable society by staying close to our customers, employees, and all stakeholders, providing them all with enriching and enjoyable communication through food.

Corporate Governance

As its system for advancing corporate governance, DYNAC HOLDINGS CORPORATION has chosen to establish a corporate structure that includes auditors. The Board of Directors consists of six members (including two corporate auditors) and makes decisions on issues related to overall management. In addition, we have an Executive Officer system to ensure prompt execution of business operations.
There are two auditors, who use the internal control system to audit the execution of duties by directors, and the general state of business execution. The Auditing Department has been set up for internal control, and works to maintain the soundness of execution of business operations.
In addition, crucial risks are comprehensively and exhaustively managed by the Group Risk Management Committee. We have also established a Sustainability Management Promotion Office to advance sustainability in all organizational functions.

Thorough compliance

Based on the Suntory Group’s Code of Business Ethics, we have established Compliance Rules and Compliance Hotline Rules to ensure thorough compliance.

Raising employee awareness

In addition to explaining compliance in an easy-to-understand manner for employees on the intranet, we have produced a Compliance Handbook and distributed it to all employees. Members of senior management provide training sessions directly at restaurants and study sessions in each department. Employee awareness surveys are also conducted periodically to check the degree of penetration.
In addition, posters are displayed in all restaurants to spread awareness of the Compliance Hotline among employees.

Risk Management

The DYNAC Group has established rules regarding business crisis management, confidentiality management, and risk management to enhance and strengthen risk management in our corporate administration. With regard to information security, under rules concerning the protection of employees and personal information, we have established standards for handling the disclosure, correction, and suspension of use of personal information, as well as standards for the use of IT systems, and are working to strictly apply these rules. Furthermore, we are working to identify various risks associated with our business, and have created a system to preempt the emergence of risks and to respond promptly to emergent risks.

Relations with Customers

Pursuing safety and security through our Quality Assurance Management System

We have established and are operating a Quality Assurance Management System to pursue food safety and security, and to provide services that satisfy our customers. Based on the system, the Purchasing and Quality Assurance Divisions take the lead in formulating quality assurance policies (plans) while conducting restaurant hygiene inspections and analysis of defective products. We also carry out internal audits as we work to make continual improvements.

Establishment of Policy on Responding to Customer Feedback

The DYNAC Group has established a Policy on Responding to Customer Feedback, as we work constantly to improve customer satisfaction.

Policy on Responding to Customer Feedback:
  • We respond promptly, appropriately and in good faith to customer inquiries and comments.
  • We sincerely appreciate the opinions and requests of our customers, and actively reflect them in our corporate activities.
  • We listen constantly to our customers' opinions and use them to improve our products and services.

Reflection of customer feedback in restaurant activities

We actively collect customer feedback from our website and other sources, and have established a network that allows us to share feedback and inquiries with all of our restaurants. Suggestions at each restaurant are fed back to the restaurants and sales managers, and are reflected in restaurant improvement activities.

Environmental Efforts

ISO14001 certification

We have been continuously certified for ISO 14001, the international standard for environmental management systems, since December 2009. We continuously advance environmental improvement activities through the PDCA cycle in order to put into practice the environmental policy set forth by the DYNAC Group.

Reduction and recycling of food waste

Strategies for waste-free dining, waste-free consumption, and foodstuffs inventory volumes:

  • We make efforts to achieve waste-free dining by testing meal content and working to optimize possible per-person portion volumes.
  • In addition, the company manages inventory of food ingredients on a daily basis to eliminate waste stock and reduce waste losses.
  • We strive to reduce waste by using a wide variety of ingredients in our menus.

The DYNAC Group also complies with the Food Recycling Law and works to reduce and recycle food waste such as food scraps.

Initiatives for the Suntory Sustainability Vision


Energy conservation efforts

As part of our energy conservation initiative, each restaurant has set targets for efforts to reduce electricity, water, and gas consumption.

Raw Ingredients

Working with suppliers

DYNAC incorporates the opinions of its customers in wide range of corporate activities while establishing a Food Safety Philosophy and Food Safety Activity Policy based on "All for the Quality," the DYNAC quality policy. In doing so, we work to maintain and improve quality throughout the food chain in order to provide the highest quality to our customers.

Containers and Packaging

Initiatives on the issue of plastic

The straws used at each restaurant are made of an environmentally friendly material containing biomass plastic. We are also continuing such efforts and are bringing about further plastic reduction in line with the "Law for Promotion of Recycling of Plastics Resources," which went into effect on April 1, 2022.

Human Rights

Employee Development

To develop human resources, we provide various types of internal training for prospective hirees, as well as training for new employees, management training, leadership training, and other programs. We present "DYNAC Awards" as a system of business process evaluation to improve our hospitality, technical capabilities and team skills. We also hold a company-wide D1 Grand Prix, competition for customer service skills, as well as a Product Development Contest and Drink Development Contest to provide opportunities to share employee growth among all of our members.

  • DYNAC Awards (held twice a year)

  • D1 Grand Prix (hospitality customer service contest, customer service demonstration, and commentary on service)

  • Product Development Contest
    (A theme is specified for each contest, with actual dishes being judged.)

  • Drink Development Contest
    (A theme is specified for each contest, which includes a demonstration and tasting, "making-of" stories, etc.)

Promotion of diversity

The DYNAC Group believes that respect for diversity is important for corporate development. We have an internal system in place to enable employees to flourish in a diverse workforce regardless of gender or age.
Contributing to the local community of each restaurant is also essential for corporate growth, and we consider the employment of people with disabilities to be a particularly important issue. We will continue our efforts in cooperation with local support organizations, Hello Work, supporters and guardians as we strive to provide meticulous and individualized accommodations that help make working and living fulfilling for those with disabilities themselves.

Eminently Fair and Reasonable Evaluation System

The DYNAC Group has introduced a job qualification system. Employees in management positions set their own goals using a goal management sheet, and discuss the results with their supervisors during interviews, which results in highly satisfactory evaluations and treatment.

Ensuring Reasonable Working Hours

Individual working hours are tallied each month, and a list of employees who exceed the appropriate amounts is compiled, which is reported to management and their department heads to suggest corrective action. To achieve more fundamental solutions, we are reviewing staffing levels and modifying restaurant operations toward optimizing working hours.

Childcare, nursing care and support

We have established internal rules in compliance with the law and promote the use of childcare and nursing care leave. When requested by eligible employees, we also offer shorter hours, exemptions from overtime work, and restrictions on late-night work.

Support for mental and physical health management

We have enhanced our management system with regard to employee health management, ensuring that employees undergo regular health checkups. With regard to mental health care, we conduct annual stress checks on employees. In addition to providing management training for managers, including executives, the company has established an external consultation service to provide counseling and mental support.

Enriching Life

Local community initiatives

In order to root ourselves in the local community, connect with it, and spread food culture, we will work with local producers, companies, and local governments to promote sustainable urban development and regional revitalization through food, and to secure the region's growth potential.