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Frucor Suntory

  • Head Office
    86 Plunket Ave, Manukau, Auckland 2104, New Zealand
  • Business activities
    Production and sales of non-alcoholic beverages
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Company Overview and Philosophy

Frucor Suntory manufactures a wide variety of soft drinks, including energy drinks, fruit juice, mineral water, sports drinks, and dairy beverages. Most of our brands are enjoyed in homes throughout Australia and New Zealand, and we are proud to be the market leader for energy drinks in both countries. We have also gained the largest share of the fruit juice market in New Zealand and the second largest share in soft drinks in the country.
The company is now firmly established in its target markets. This can be attributed to, among other things, the values shared among all of our employees and our corporate culture. Everyone at Frucor Suntory strives to live our corporate values of "Together", "Go for It", and "Make a Difference" . We believe these values, along with our purpose of ‘Hungry to make drinks better', are among the key reasons we have been able to establish our unique position in this market.

Primary CSR Activities

To Create Harmony with Customers and Partners
-Products and Services-

Quality Management

Ensuring rigorous quality control and food safety standards

Two Frucor Suntory plants have been certified to ISO9001 and ISO22000 standards for quality management and food safety. Our manufacturing subcontractors operate under the supervision of dedicated teams, and we place the utmost priority on upholding quality management and food safety standards.

Continuously improving business operations

Frucor Suntory strives toward the company-wide eradication of waste in all areas of our operations.
We have been practicing 5S - seiri seiton (putting things in order); seiketsu, seisou (cleanliness, cleaning); shitsuke (discipline) for the past 10 years and the majority of our manufacturing staff have been qualified at Level II in Competitive Manufacturing (NZQA), Recently we have lifted our game in the area of productivity improvement programs and have a number of employees qualified as Six Sigma Green Belt exponents. Each year, Frucor Suntory manufacturing is implementing more than 800 improvement ideas in the factory. Our passion for Continuous Improvement resulted in Frucor Suntory being the inaugural winner of the Suntory World Kaizen Forum (WKF) in 2015. In 2016, Frucor Suntory hosted the 2nd WKF event in Auckland New Zealand.

Hunger for Making Drinks Better

Our company purpose of ‘hungry to make drinks better' extends right across our business. It is particularly relevant to our efforts to offer consumers more choice of products that are ‘better for you'..
We have made a commitment that low and no sugar drinks will account for half our future growth. One in three drinks we sell in 2030 will be low or no sugar.
One hundred percent of our brands in New Zealand and Australia (excluding water) display the percentage daily intake energy logo, so consumers can see at a glance how much one serving of their favourite drink will contribute to their total daily energy needs.
We were one of the first drink companies in our part of the world to use stevia, a natural plant-derived sweetener which has replaced sugar in many of our drinks.
Our state-of-the-art multi-million dollar R&D centre of excellence is our commitment to innovation and we are investing significant resources in our hunger to make drinks better for our consumers. With the development of further zero sugar and reduced sugar drinks on the horizon, we're committed to meeting our consumers' future needs with even more great tasting ‘better for you' beverages.

Relations with Customers

We treat our customers with the same respect with which we treat each other. This has led to very positive customer relationships, with customers consistently recognising us as best in class. In 2014, we received the award for "RESPECT" at the NZ BP Supplier Awards plus all our regions nominated our delivery and sales team for their consistent and friendly service.. In Australia, we won two awards at the United Convenience Buyers (UCB) Awards – Energy Drink Supplier of the Year and Product of the Year for "V Kaboom". The AU Business was also recognised as the number 1 supplier by all petrol and convenience national accounts in the Advantage Group Annual Survey 2015.

Relations with Business Partners

We make every effort to use local sources for product ingredients, but must use overseas suppliers for some ingredients. Frucor Suntory requires that all suppliers adhere to strict, socially accepted standards of employee treatment and environmental policies and regulations related to the local environment. To ensure that all product ingredients obtained by Frucor Suntory meet our quality standards, we perform rigorous ingredient inspections and onsite audits of manufacturing processes.

To Create Harmony with Nature

Environmental Efforts

Environment policy

We’re committed to monitoring and reducing our environmental footprint around the world and in our own backyard.

Our 2030 goals are:
  • -
    Zero landfill
  • -
    35% carbon footprint
  • -
    20% water usage

Promoting waste reduction and recycling

We consider waste reduction a top priority and have taken a variety of steps to promote it. Frucor Suntory is associated with multiple industry organisations in New Zealand and Australia, and promotes waste reduction and improvements in recycling rates, for example, by encouraging recycling in public areas and at event sites, improving our packaging design, and investing in research and development related to local initiatives for container recycling. Frucor Suntory’s environmental improvement plans take a structured approach to sustainability with targets to greatly improve the recycling rate and reduce both energy and water usage rates.

Effectively using energy and water resources

We’re working with the ECCA (Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority) to complete a multi-system based level energy audit at Frucor Suntory’sWiri site. Supported by the government, and based on its recommendations, we are developing additional energy efficiency improvement measures to optimise and reduce energy usage on site. We have also worked with the University Of Auckland School of Engineering in the past to perform a water and liquid waste survey, and used its results to improve production line efficiency as part of our continuous improvement plan.

"V" energy drink production line

To Create Harmony with Society
-Cultural and Social Contribution-

Relations with Regional Companies

Frucor Suntory works with a range of organisations in Australia and New Zealand that are doing great things, including OzHarvest, Foodbank Australia, KiwiHarvest and Surf Life Saving New Zealand, and we encourage our team to get out and support their local community wherever possible.
In addition, in 2006 Frucor New Zealand entered into a voluntary agreement with the Ministers of Health and Education in New Zealand not to sell full sugar carbonated beverages and energy drinks to primary and secondary school students. In 2017, we strengthened the voluntary agreement and agreed to only sell water to primary and intermediate schools. This was done as part of the wider New Zealand Beverage Council commitment to the Government’s Healthy Kids’ Industry Pledge.

Employee Volunteer Activities

Frucor Suntory supports employee volunteer activities and recently a number of employees have been volunteering with our partners OzHarvest and KiwiHarvest.

To Create Harmony with Employees
-Diversity Management-

Relations with Employees

Promoting workplace safety and health

Everyone at Frucor Suntory has a role to play in health and safety. We encourage our teams in NZ and AU to remember "See it, Sort It, Safe As". We proactively look for hazards that could cause injury or harm "See It", we work collectively as one team to "Sort It" (or fix it), to ensure that we all go home "Safe As".
Whilst we measure the performance of our safety system it's not about the numbers, what matters to us is what we do to keep our employees safe. We achieve this by identifying opportunities to do things better. Opportunities for improvement are discussed by a senior safety steering team in both countries on a regular basis. If one of our team does get injured at work, we work closely with them to support their recovery and rehabilitation. We also work closely with our regulators and insurers to ensure we meet compliance to national standards.
We encourage a healthy life balance amongst our staff and all staff are supported by an independent and confidential ‘Employee Assistance Programme'.

Employees working at the Auckland distribution center

Supporting employee growth through training and skills development

Frucor Suntory has been recognised as an Aon Hewitt Best Employer numerous times. We pride ourselves on valuing our people and having an engaged workforce. We invest heavily in developing our people through a focus on purposeful leadership and connecting everyone to vision and strategy. Our unique culture is maintained by embracing an outward looking and winning mindset.

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