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Frucor Suntory

  • Head Office
    86 Plunket Ave, Manukau, Auckland 2104, New Zealand
  • Business activities
    Production and sales of non-alcoholic beverages
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Company Overview and Philosophy

Frucor Suntory manufactures a wide variety of soft drinks, including energy drinks, fruit juice, mineral water, sports drinks, kombucha and dairy beverages. Our brands are enjoyed in homes throughout Australia and New Zealand, and
the company is firmly established in its target markets. This can be attributed to, among other things, the values shared among all of our employees and our corporate culture. Everyone at Frucor Suntory strives to live our corporate values of "Together", "Go for It", and "Make a Difference". We believe these values, along with our purpose of ‘Hungry to make drinks better', are among the key reasons we have been able to establish our unique position in this market.

Primary CSR Activities

To Create Harmony with Customers and Partners
-Products and Services-

Quality Management

Ensuring rigorous quality control and food safety standards

Frucor Suntory factories operate under a range of national and international food safety and quality programmes ranging from HACCP, National Programme, through to ISO 9001 and ISO 22000. We also hold Certification to support our Organics claims.
Our manufacturing subcontractors are selected in part based on their adherence to the same quality standards we hold ourselves, and we have a dedicated team who ensure this is upheld.

Continuously improving business operations

Frucor Suntory strives toward the company-wide eradication of waste in all areas of our operations. We have been practicing 5S - seiri seiton (putting things in order); seiketsu, seisou (cleanliness, cleaning); shitsuke (discipline) for the past 10 years and the majority of our manufacturing staff have been qualified at Level II in Competitive Manufacturing (NZQA), Recently we have lifted our game in the area of productivity improvement programmess and have a number of employees qualified as Six Sigma Green Belt exponents. Each year, Frucor Suntory manufacturing implements more than 800 improvement ideas in the factory. Our passion for Continuous Improvement resulted in Frucor Suntory being the inaugural winner of the Suntory World Kaizen Forum (WKF) in 2015. In 2016, Frucor Suntory hosted the second WKF event in Auckland New Zealand.
Over the past four years, 37 individuals from different departments (R&D, Quality, Manufacturing, Engineering, HR & Finance) have completed Green Belt (continuous improvement) projects with another ten candidates progressing in 2019.
Two members of staff qualified as Black Belts and in 2018, 15 people went through the two day Yellow Belt course with two more programmes planned for 2019.

Hunger for Making Drinks Better

Our company purpose of ‘hungry to make drinks better' extends right across our business. It is particularly relevant to our efforts to offer consumers a greater choice of products that are ‘better for you'..
We have made a commitment that low and no sugar drinks will account for half our future growth. One in three drinks we sell in 2030 will be low or no sugar.
In 2018 we launched Amplify kombucha, which has less than 1g of sugar per 100mL, NZ Natural Sparkling flavoured waters, which have no sugar and no artificial flavours and Pepsi Max Vanilla, with zero sugar. We’ve also reformulated OVI, reducing sugar by 50% so it now has just 2g per 100mL and OH sodas, which have less than 2g of sugar per 100mL, and we reduced sugar in V Pure by 10 per cent.
We have also rapidly adopted the Health Star Rating food labelling scheme with the % Daily Intake Energy icon and voluntarily restricted the sale of sugar-sweetened beverages in schools. As part of the Ministry of Health’s Healthy Kids’ Pledge we only sell water to primary and intermediate schools. We do not directly sell sugar-sweetened soft drinks or any energy drinks to secondary schools..
We were one of the first drink companies in our part of the world to use stevia, a natural plant-derived sweetener which has replaced sugar in many of our drinks.

Relations with Customers

We treat our customers with the same respect with which we treat each other. This has led to very positive customer relationships, with customers consistently recognising us as best in class Domino’s Pizza Enterprise (DPE) Australia and New Zealand awarded us 2018 Business Partner of the Year for our team’s contribution to helping Domino’s deliver excellent service. And our Australian sales team won also won an array of industry awards in 2018 including NPD of the Year for V Deadpool at BP’s awards night; Supplier of the Year Beverages – Energy at the New Sunrise Group conference; and Beverage Supplier of the Year at the AACS Convenience Leaders’ Summit.

Relations with Business Partners

We make every effort to use local sources for products and services, but on occasion we must use overseas suppliers for some requirements. Frucor Suntory requires that all suppliers adhere to strict, socially accepted standards of employee treatment and environmental policies and regulations related to the local environment. To ensure that all product ingredients obtained by Frucor Suntory meet our quality standards, we perform rigorous ingredient inspections and onsite audits of manufacturing processes.

To Create Harmony with Nature

Environmental Efforts

Environment policy

We’re committed to monitoring and reducing our environmental footprint around the world and in our own backyard.

Our 2030 goals are:
  • -
    Zero landfill
  • -
    35% carbon footprint
  • -
    20% water usage

Promoting waste reduction and recycling

We consider waste reduction a top priority and have taken a variety of steps to promote it. Frucor Suntory is associated with multiple industry organisations in New Zealand and Australia, and promotes waste reduction and improvements in recycling rates, for example, by encouraging recycling in public areas and at event sites, improving our packaging design, and investing in research and development related to local initiatives for container recycling. Frucor Suntory’s environmental improvement plans take a structured approach to sustainability with targets to greatly improve the recycling rate and reduce both energy and water usage rates.

Effectively using energy and water resources

Frucor Suntory is one of only a handful of ANZ companies to be CEMARS certified. CEMARS stands for Certified Emissions Measurement And Reduction Scheme - a globally recognised certification for companies actively managing and reducing carbon emissions.
At Frucor Suntory our CO2 emissions stem from several sources, some being obvious – like manufacturing – and others much less so.
However, we’re taking action to reduce these emissions. Over the past 18 months we have been working with an environmental consultancy to accurately measure our carbon, and seeking new ways to decrease it. We have set achievable goals to decrease our environmental impact, while also meeting the requirements of an independent audit

Our Supply Chain team has made great progress towards reducing our energy and water use. Investment in new technology and embedding better behaviours has seen a 12% reduction in energy intensity and a 9.2%reduction in water usage.
The Logistics team has also delivered several key projects to reduce our overall CO2 footprint, including moving our Victoria warehouse in Australia to LED lights, the optimisation of the Christchurch warehouse in New Zealand (saving 10,500 kilometers) and an increase in container and transport efficiency (saving 40,000 kilometers).

"V" energy drink production line

To Create Harmony with Society
-Cultural and Social Contribution-

Relations with Regional Companies

Frucor Suntory works with a range of organisations in Australia and New Zealand that are doing great things, including OzHarvest, Foodbank Australia, KiwiHarvest and Surf Life Saving New Zealand, and we encourage our team to get out and support their local community wherever possible.
In addition, in 2006 Frucor New Zealand entered into a voluntary agreement with the Ministers of Health and Education in New Zealand not to sell full sugar carbonated beverages and energy drinks to primary and secondary school students. In 2017, we strengthened the voluntary agreement and agreed to only sell water to primary and intermediate schools. This was done as part of the wider New Zealand Beverage Council commitment to the Government’s Healthy Kids’ Industry Pledge.

Employee Volunteer Activities

Frucor Suntory supports employee volunteer activities and employees regularly volunteer with our partners OzHarvest and KiwiHarvest.

To Create Harmony with Employees
-Diversity Management-

Relations with Employees

Promoting workplace safety and health – leading for change

We put people at the heart of everything we do. Our vision is that our people go home to their families healthy and safe, every day.

To achieve our vision, we are committed to ensuring our people leaders promote an environment supportive of excellence in health and safety practices and performance. People leaders are expected to participate in conversations on improving health and safety outcomes, be mindful of the risks associated with work activities, and encouraged to provide the necessary resources to reduce risk exposure.

In addition to a network of Health and Safety Committees, there are approximately 70 Health and Safety Representatives throughout the business, nominated by their peers to represent them on health and safety matters. Involving Health and Safety Representatives in discussions means improvement proposals take into account actual working conditions.

Our Health and Safety Management System provides the tools and processes to support the implementation of our commitments and delivery of our vision – and we make health and safety improvements an integral part of all business decisions and plans. We view compliance with legislation and industry standards as a minimum requirement: we aim to go beyond them to deliver excellence in health and safety performance.

Employees working at the Auckland distribution centre

Supporting employee growth through training and skills development

We pride ourselves on valuing our people and having an engaged workforce. We invest heavily in developing our people through a focus on purposeful leadership and connecting everyone to vision and strategy. Our unique culture is maintained by embracing an outward looking and winning mindset.

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