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PT Suntory Garuda Beverage

  • Head Office
    South Quarter Tower C, 3rd floor. Jalan R.A. Kartini Kav.8. Cilandak Barat. Jakarta Selatan 12430. Indonesia
  • Established
    July 2011
  • Business activities
    Production and sales of non-alcoholic beverages

Company Overview and Philosophy

Suntory Garuda Beverage, joint venture Suntory and Garuda Food, was established in 2011 to expand the beverage business in one of most growing and attractive markets – Indonesia. We are proud of our passion and the engagement of our talented people. In Suntory Garuda Beverage, we have worked as one family with a mission to inspire a smile. Our vision as Yatte Minahare company that constantly innovate drinking experience and delight consumers, translates into our five corporate values, that are: One Team, Agility, Never Give Up, Fun and Integrity.

Primary CSR Activities

CSR Philosophy

Our Mission

As our business grows and to be aligned with Suntory’s global mission to Create Harmony with People and Nature, Suntory Garuda Beverage (SGB) is giving back to the people and the communities we operate in.
We strongly advocates Corporate Social Responsibility through a wide range of cultural and social contribution. We make CSR tangible and uncompromising for the staff by demonstrating our commitment focused on five elements. There are: education, public health, humanitarian aid, community empowerment and environment.

Our Initiatives

1. To create harmony with customers and partners

We committed on products quality and safety. Our commitment translates into proactive and preventive actions over all potential risks such as material, method, machine and manpower in order to avoid any critical quality trouble which could risk our consumers and our brand

A. SGB New Generation of Cup Line at Bogor plant
While always put high priority on products quality and safety, SGB keep innovating on manufacturing and operational infrastructure

Fully Automation Cup Line opened at Bogor plant

2. To create harmony with society: educational and social contribution

We are engage in wide range of educational and social contribution activities that best suit the time and region

A. SGB Goes to Campus

Partnered with Bina Nusantara University, SGB deliver engaging and inspired session take up Talent war in Disruptive System. We talk on the importance of elevate and establish ourselves as an authentic individual and attract business through transparency and expertise amidst rush development during nowadays digital world. There were also a discussion on how to build our working attitude, upgrade the mindset and introduction on some supporting literature reference.

We are so proud at this University Relation Program (URP) and optimist that we will be able to roll-out this initatives furthermore in many leading universities across big cities in Indonesia

B. Career Talk

As part of its commitment to education in Indonesia, SGB held a seminar career preparation at following leading universities:

  • -
    Gajah Mada University (UGM) - Jogjakarta, theme: “Entering the World of Industry”, attended by near to 300 students.
  • -
    Diponegoro University – Semarang, theme: “Winning Strategy to face ASEAN economic phase”

C. Blood Donation

SGB, together with Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) carry out blood donation. This program has become one of our top and continuous priority that implemented throughout the company.

D. Support Children Rehabilitation Center

Suntory Garuda involves it’s employees during a charity event to Yayasan Bhakti Luhur, rehabilitation center for special-needs kids.

E. Plant Tour

We open opportunity for elementary, junior high, senior high, and university students to visit our manufacturing plant. Plant visits allow students to build better understanding of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) aimed to ensure products safety and quality. Plant visit program designed to stay fun, informative and interactive.

3. To create harmony with nature

In collaboration with "Komodo Community”, SGB a held a social activities program opened for farmers community at Ciburial Village, Bandung, West Java. Through this activity, we want to bring more awareness to the community on the importance of healthy environment and benefit of medicinal plants.

4. To create harmony with employees: diversity management

SGB aims for human resource development rising to the challenge to create new values with diversity management as its basic policy and to create a working environment filled with creativity where all employees can exert their full potential.

A. Fun Ramadan at SGB

In Indonesia, iftar called "buka puasa", which means "to open the fast". Takjil is the food, commonly recognized as dessert, provided during iftar. To provide takjil for employees’ iftar during Ramadan, we did fund crowdraising. Since many years, SGB build the corporate breakfasting into our culture. We name it “buka puasa bersama”. Besides “buka puasa bersama” that we had in head office, every manufacturing sites and every function also held the similar one to take opportunity to engage together in this blessings month. Grateful that SGB could celebrate the holy month together with employees.

Since many years, SGB build the corporate breakfasting into our culture. We name it “buka puasa bersama”

B. Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Campaign

SHE Campaign focusing on the promotion of sustainable safety and healthy working environment through effective individual awareness and effective management of workplace.

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