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Suntory Beverage & Food Europe

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  • Lucozade Ribena Suntory
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Suntory Beverage & Food Europe

Orangina Suntory France

  • Head Office
    40-52 bd du parc, 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine - FRANCE

Lucozade Ribena Suntory

  • Head Office
    2 Longwalk Road, Stockley Park, Uxbridge UB111BA - UK

Schweppes Suntory España

  • Head Office
    Paseo de la Castellana 202, 28046 Madrid - SPAIN


  • Head Office
    SIL, Media arena 5-6, 1114BC Amsterdam-Duivendrecht, THE NETHERLANDS
    SBF South Africa, Office Park, 8 Greenstone place, Greenstone Hill, Johannesburg 1609 - SOUTH AFRICA

10 Core brands: Orangina, Schweppes, Oasis, Pulco, La Casera, Trina, Lucozade, Ribena, Sunny Delight and MayTea Company Overview and Philosophy

Company Overview and Philosophy

Our Mission

Our Vision

Lead the next drinks revolution through Enjoyable Wellness.

How we do things at SBFE

A drop of inspiration. A dash of passion. A splash of fun. At SBFE, we know what it takes to create something special. Bold by nature and bound by a playful energy, our people are ambassadors for some of the world’s best-loved brands.
Founded with an entrepreneurial spirit and an unwavering focus on consumers, we’re turning our inspiring past into an exciting future focused on enjoyable wellness. At SBFE, we’ll empower you to make your own impact – on our business, our people, and consumers everywhere. If you’ve got big dreams and the courage and commitment to pursue them: Yatte Minahare - Go for it!
“Yatte Minahare” is our driving force and at the centre of everything. What stems from that are our four core behaviours of One Team, Agility, Commitment and Passion – and this comes across in everything we do as well as guiding our actions and decisions.

Primary CSR Activities

Our Founder Shinjiro Tori was not only a merchant crafting whisky to make profit. He wanted to build a successful business in order to make a positive impact on society and the community around him. He believed that success goes hand-in-hand with responsibility. In 1921, even before the concept of CSR existed, Suntory opened the “Hojukai”, a social welfare organization helping less fortunate people. This was the start of Suntory’s pioneering social and environmental contribution activities. Today, SBFE still believes that growth isn’t at odds with nature, sustainability and wellbeing.

Enjoyable wellness for our employees

We provide our employees with an enjoyable, safe and responsible place to work trying to maximize the potential of each, and encouraging them to achieve their goals while taking on new challenges.

  • Office refurbishment and aiming to get the Great Place to Work label, fostering work and life balance.
  • Encouraging exercise and getting to move (gym coach at work, being the best me campaign)
  • Nutrition and labelling workshop
  • Recycling

Enjoyable wellness for our products

  • Sugar reduction with brand reformulation and new recipes in order to comply with sugar tax coming into force in EU
  • Focus on MayTea as a business and on our Enjoyable Wellness journey. We want to provide our consumers with healthier and better for them products (natural ingredients and sweeteners, low calorie and low sugar, hydration and taste)

Enjoyable wellness for our community

Green commitments around

  • CO2 (offsetting our carbon footprint by donating to charities that support water activities)
  • Water (awareness, educating children and communities around water management)
  • Energy optimisation through factory upgrades
  • Plastic footprint reduction (waste management strategy, prevention, minimization, recycling)

CSR Platform

Growing for Good

Our Group competitiveness and development depend on our capacity to combine performance with sustainability. Inspired by our Suntory Group spirit and long-term vision, our company aim is to 'Growing for Good'; constantly innovating to create the highest-quality drinks for our consumers' pleasure, while contributing positively to the development of a global sustainable society. We believe the time has come to reinvent a new way of doing business, in harmony with people and nature.

QEHS Management

We developed our unique QEHS (Quality, Environment, Health, and Safety) policy as a strategy for continued corporate growth. Our standards are tougher than those required by the EU and local governments, and are promote d through our QEHS management system. This policy is strictly followed and correctly implemented to focus on providing our customers with high quality products that best meet their needs.

To Create Harmony with Customers and Partners
-Products and Services-

Relations with Customers

Our consumers are our priority

We constantly adapt our drinks to our consumers' expectations. Our passion and our spirit of challenge and innovation lead us to make our drinks even less sugary, even more natural, yet as delicious as ever.

Reducing added-sugar level

'Less sugary drinks but still just as delicious'
We are gradually reducing added sugar content in our most popular products, thereby allowing our consumers to enjoy lower-calorie drinks or drinks that are less sweet in taste but still just as delicious. This is a key driver for our new product development, and all our Business Units are strongly engaged in this challenge.

Guaranteeing safety and a high level of quality

'Working towards product excellence'
We guarantee the highest level of safety and reliability for our consumers. All the ingredients making our drinks are checked through a very strict quality-control process, backed up by our Suntory Group 'All for the quality' spirit!
We give priority to qualitative and natural ingredients, with the aim of offering a large portfolio of drinks with choices that include fruit based drinks, as well as beverages containing no artificial colourings and flavourings, or preservatives.

Committed to responsible consumption

'100% of our products provide nutritional information'
We provide our consumers with transparent and informative nutritional information on all our packs, as well as with a wide range of formats and products, so that each consumer can make informed and suitable purchases depending on his or her individual needs. We also made the decision not to communicate to children below age 12 in all countries, as this population is not mature enough to make responsible choices.

Opting for sustainable agriculture

Our drinks are made with ingredients from nature (fruit, sugar, and water). With this in mind, we are convinced we have to work hand in hand with our suppliers for sustainable practices, guaranteeing our products' quality and safety as well as our business future.

Building long-term relationships with our partners

'We believe that loyalty makes efficiency'

We encourage long-term relationships with our partners. This loyalty enables us to work with them in a sustainable way, involving them in our commitments and building credible action plans with them in terms of quality, innovation or environmental preservation. We have developed a 'Partners' Code of Conduct' summarizing all our corporate commitments, which must be accepted by each of them.

Being experts on our ingredients' sourcing

'Our products' quality starts in the fields'

It's our responsibility to have full knowledge and traceability of how our ingredients are produced. This is why we impose a strict audit process on each of our partners and aim at developing, with some of them, long-term partnerships to encourage sustainable practices. In 2011, we carried out thorough audits of all our major fruit producers, from the fruit plantations to the processing plants.

To Create Harmony with Nature

Protecting the climate

Greenhouse gas emissions have a major impact on climate. That's why one of our core priorities is to reduce the impact our activities may generate. We measure and analyze our impact, then put plans into action to reduce our carbon emissions throughout our processes.
In the UK, we are proactively enhancing the sustainability of each department respecting the roadmap set by Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs of the UK. Site in Coleford is being used as zero emission landfill and a plant with private power generation is being built. We are also building on the long term relationship with The Wildlife Trusts charity, focusing on the positive impact the company can have on the environment, not just at Coleford but wider in society.

Measuring our impact to better reduce it

'We made our first carbon footprint analysis in 2007'

Since 2007, we have been measuring our company's carbon footprint every three years. This has enabled us to identify the most impactful stages of our activities and to develop precise action plans for reduction, through the optimization of our internal processes and with the involvement of all our partners.

Optimizing packaging

'Reducing, Recycling and Re-Using'

Packaging contributes to a significant share of our greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing its impact on the environment is a clear priority for us, as well as a real challenge, as the packaging must guarantee the safety and quality of our drinks.

  • Reduce: Making our packaging lighter
    We are working to make our packaging lighter, in order to limit our consumption of raw materials and reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Recycle: Encouraging and improving recycling
    Almost 100% of our bottles and cans are recyclable, but not 100% of our packaging is recycled. That's why our teams are working on two key challenges: improving the recycling process of our bottles and encouraging our consumers to recycle their used packaging. For example, part of the PET bottles for Ribena are being recycled and preparation for drinking bottles made from 100% recycled plastic is underway. Also in the UK, most of the products being sold carry a message to encourage consumers to dispose of the product responsibly.
  • Re-use: Promoting recycled materials and using returnable packaging
    Using returnable packaging as well as incorporating more recycled materials (R-PET) are a key lever for consuming less raw material and for limiting our environmental footprint.

We have also part-funded an innovative environmental and litter reduction programme in London called 'Neat Streets'. The focus of this programme is to investigate alternative ways to reduce littering and increase awareness of its impact.

Reducing energy consumption

'Environmental savings thanks to new equipment'

Our 10 factories are all ISO14001 certified. This international standard requires us to constantly improve our industrial processes, by investing in new, more efficient and less energy-consuming equipment. In our French factory in Gadagne, we have attained 40% savings in energy by changing our bottling process.

Preserving water

Water is a vital resource that needs to be managed in an extremely responsible way, as much in terms of quantity as in quality. As a key player in the beverage industry and as part of the Suntory Group, which is a leader in the drive to preserve water, we have a special responsibility to protect this major component of our drinks.

Reducing water consumption

'We aim to use the minimum of water we need'

All our factories are strongly involved in reducing their water consumption, and constantly working to optimize their production processes. New equipment and innovation are key levers, as well as team training in order to develop, internally, a real culture of water preservation.

Water Sustainability

'Water is at the heart of an amazing ecosystem which maintains life on earth'

Inspired by the Suntory philosophy, we take great care of the quality of water we release into the environment, keeping in mind that water is at the heart of an amazing ecosystem which maintains life on earth. We are extremely demanding in the quality of our water treatment processes, and we take action to protect natural ecosystems.

Working in harmony with people and nature

'Acting locally enables us to be closer to our environment'

Driven by a local approach, we encourage local production and manufacturing. All our business units and factories are located as close as possible to where our products are consumed, hence contributing to the local economy. Likewise for our ingredients, for which we aim at promoting local production.
As an example, our Ribena blackcurrant drink in the UK uses British blackcurrant production.

Activities for preserving the biodiversity in forests

Surrounding Coleford, the location of Lucozade and Ribena production, is the well-known Forest of Dean. The Forest is typical of the conifer and broadleaf forests across GB & I many of which have been managed since the 1600s and are designated as Site of Special Scientific Interest. The wilderness, forests and rivers in the grasslands or heath are habitat of birds, butterflies, bats and other various rare species. To reflect this, we have formulated a Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) to preserve and nurture such natural environment. The plan includes a survey of forests and grasslands where wildlife lives and work the land according to an annual plan to increase the number of living species, in corporation with local companies and farmers.

  • *
    Convention on Biological Diversity demands signatory countries to formulate a Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP).
    Some private companies and organizations may voluntary formulate their own plan.

Coleford Factory
surrounded by rich nature

To Create Harmony with Society
-Cultural and Social Contribution-

Sharing our passions with society

Our world is a world of pleasure, passion, conviviality and optimism. We want to share all these positive values with society, which explains why we support projects that promote positive attitudes for positive change.

Giving access to sport to as many young people as possible

'Sport is a positive driver for young people'

Sport can play a vital role in children's education and development, it is a key factor in having a healthy lifestyle and building positive human values. Orangina Suntory France encourages young people to engage in sports and exercise by supporting local programmes such as UNSS (Sports at School) in France, which gives 1 million children access to more than 80 different sports every day. We also support national sports teams, as inspiring young people by associating with star players is a good way to encourage and motivate them to participate in sport. In the GB&I we also have partnerships with the England, Scotland, Ireland rugby union teams and key Welsh rugby union internationals and the England Football Association.

Using sport to make change happen

'Sport is a key way for positive change'

Sport is a strong and essential way to get people to support a cause and is a great driver for positive change. In France, Orangina Suntory France is a partner of the Rugby French Flair association, which promotes the positive values of rugby among disadvantaged young people.
In GB&I we offered sports kits and equipment to local teams and clubs as part of on-pack campaign. Clubs are chosen at random to receive motivational visit by elite athletes as part of Random Acts of Kitout. The company has also partnered with the Dame Kelly Holmes Foundation to support and develop young people from challenging backgrounds through the use of sports professionals and staff as role models.

Reinventing the connection between the 'Me' and the 'We'

'A bit for me, a bit for the others'

We believe that an individual's well-being should generate collective welfare. While promoting individual good habits for an enjoyable and well-balanced life, we also encourage people to share their positive energy with other people who may need a boost. This is the ambition of Orangina Schweppes Spain's 'Me-We' programme, which simultaneously develops our employees' individual well-being and encourages them to share with the poorest by donating to a food bank.

'Contributing to the local community'

Example: as a responsible company, we donated a brand new tuk tuk to the Kangemi Resource Center (KRC), based in one of the poorest slum of Nairobi. The KRC provides education and care to around 200 children every day and produces its own safe water, thanks to a filtering system. Water is packed in various types of containers and given to children so that they bring them back to their schools situated in unsafe water zones. The tuk tuk prevents children from walking a long way back school while carrying heavy water containers and help deliver bottles of drinking water to communities.

To Create Harmony with Employees
-Diversity Management-

Engaging our people and our partners

At SBFE, all of our people and our partners are included in our corporate vision. Driven by our famous Suntory “Yatte Minahare - Go for it!” spirit, we empower people to dare and to make things happen. This requires a lot of passion, optimism and involvement, which are key values for us.

Promoting the Suntory “Yatte Minahare - Go for it!” spirit

'The “Yatte Minahare” spirit is our driving force'

We create an inspiring environment, where our people are supported and empowered to make things happen, driven by our famous Suntory “Yatte Minahare - Go for it!” spirit. This daring philosophy provides our people as well as our partners with the dynamics to act, innovate, and create value for our company as well as for the society we belong to.

Guaranteeing well-being at work

'Convinced that well-being drives performance'

We strongly believe that performance is very much linked to employees' well-being at work. This starts, of course, with a serious health and safety policy, especially in the factories. As we support the idea of equal opportunity for everyone based on our Code of Conduct and policy, we are highly engaged in our employees' individual development. By providing the employees with the tools to become the entrepreneurs of their own life, thanks to high-quality management and training programmes.
We also operate a Flexible Working Policy, which provides employees with the opportunity to request reduced or changed working hours, is implemented as an initiative of work-life balance.

We welcome your feedback