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Suntory Beverage & Food Europe

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Suntory Beverage & Food Europe

Orangina Suntory France

  • Head Office
    40-52 bd du parc, 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine - FRANCE

Lucozade Ribena Suntory

  • Head Office
    2 Longwalk Road, Stockley Park, Uxbridge UB111BA - UK

Schweppes Suntory España

  • Head Office
    Paseo de la Castellana 202, 28046 Madrid - SPAIN


  • Head Office
    SIL, Media arena 5-6, 1114BC Amsterdam-Duivendrecht, THE NETHERLANDS
    SBF South Africa, Office Park, 8 Greenstone place, Greenstone Hill, Johannesburg 1609 - SOUTH AFRICA

10 Core brands: Orangina, Schweppes, Oasis, Pulco, La Casera, Trina, Lucozade, Ribena, Sunny Delight and MayTea Company Overview and Philosophy

Sustainable Growth with Purpose

Our 2025 vision for SBFE is ‘growing for good’ – we want to deliver Sustainable Growth with Purpose. At the heart of this is our Mizu To Ikiru promise. Our sustainability approach focuses on four key areas: Our drinks, Our Resources, Our Society and Ourselves. By managing the impacts and issues in these areas and forging leadership we seek to deliver harmony with our consumers, with nature, with people and with our own employees. We will minimise any negative effects of our business and maximise the positive contribution that we can make to the world in which we operate. This framework of responsibility and leadership will drive us forward, guide and inspire us. It will help make our ambitious and exciting vision of Sustainable Growth with Purpose a reality.

Our drinks
Harmony with consumers

Through our drinks we will create harmony with our consumers, building trust in what we produce and playing a positive role in their lives. We will be a progressive force in our industry, leading by example in reducing ingredients that consumers tell us they want less of, and promoting the good stuff that helps people live more healthily and happily.

Less Sugar

In the UK and Ireland, the company reformulated its entire range of drinks to be lower in sugar. In total, we reduced the average sugar content of our portfolio by 50% - removing 25,500 tonnes of sugar and 98.1bn calories. Alongside this we introduced new low sugar and lower calorie drinks to consumers, and increased marketing spend for our low sugar drinks such as Lucozade Zero which in 2018 sponsored the popular reality show, Love Island.

In Spain, we are committed to playing our part to help influence consumers to positively manage their sugar and kcal intake from our portfolio. That is why we provide choice for consumers of both original low/no added sugar products and have reduced the calories and sugar in a number of our most popular products and continue to advise consumers about the right drink at the right time for the right occasion. In the last 12 years, we have reduced 32% of sugar of our added sugar products. Currently, 40% of our products in Spain are low in sugar.
10 years ago, France signed a chart called National Programme of Nutrition and Health (PNNS) with the commitment to ally pleasure and nutrition. In 2018, France has reached -25% sugar content in its drinks with added sugar (in comparison to 2006). The new target for France is to reach -29% of sugar in its drinks by 2020.

Positive Choices

At SBFE we promote active and healthy lifestyles. We have a large range of zero drinks across our core brands (Schweppes, Ribena, Lucozade, La Casera and Trina).

More Natural

We want to lead the next drinks revolution through Enjoyable Wellness. We know that our consumers are after healthier drinks and that wellbeing is key for them. They are looking for natural taste and drinks that are authentic and simple. MayTea is one of our newest innovations. Its recipe is made of 94% of infused tea, low in calories, without sweeteners, without artificial coloring, without artificial flavors and preservative free.

Our resources
Harmony with nature

We will manage our natural resources in a way that creates harmony with nature, never taking too much or damaging the world that we rely on in our lives and our business. We will minimise our environmental impact by applying our philosophy, Mizu To Ikiru, to the resources throughout all of our business activity: sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, distributing, selling and managing consumer waste.

Less and better packaging

We are committed to making all of our packaging 100% recyclable across the region. We are working with our R&D and packaging innovation teams to develop new ways to minimise the impact of our packaging on the environment. Through new collaborations such as the UK Plastics Pact we will being to see progress in reducing packaging and packaging waste. In Spain, all of our primary packaging is already 100% recyclable. In 2018 in France, we have reduced by 17,6% our PET packaging since 2006 and the goal is to reach -20% by 2020.

Less waste

It is our ambition to be zero waste to landfill from our production facilities and we are making good progress to achieve this. We also want to see waste eliminated across the entire value chain. We believe that a circular economy is the best way to eliminate waste and we can play our part by increasing the amount of recycled content we put into our packaging – for example the UK produces Ribena bottles using 100% recycled plastic and in 2018
MayTea bottles started using 50% recycled content.

Respect water

Water is the main ingredient of all of our products and in many ways the origins of our business. It is also our Purpose as a business “Mizu To Ikiru”. That is why we believe we have a role to play in protecting this commodity, in encouraging sustainable water management for next generations.
In Spain, we are running a programme called « The Guardians of Water ». Our goal is to involve employees in the Suntory Water philosophy and educate them in a more responsible use of water. This program includes a project (2019-2021) in the surroundings of our CITRESA plant in Carcaixent (Valencia, Spain) benefiting the local community and rejuvinating the surrounding natural habitats. It will consist in restoring the Júcar river and the ecosystem around it.

In France, we’ve signed a 20-year partnership with Grand Parc Miribel Jonage located near our Meyzieu plant. It is the biggest metropolitan public protected park in France and we are committed to support water education programs, sponsor workshops for kids and families enabling them to understand the role of water. Amongst other things, we are also helping them replant and restore the alluvial forest around the Rhône river.

Reduce emissions

Limiting the impact we have on our environment is key. In France, fighting against global warming is one of our priorities. We have reduced our CO2 emission by 25% per litre of drink produced over the last 10 years. Transportation represent 16% of our carbon footprint. We are optimizing the location of our warehouses in order to reduce distances travelled by our products. We are also working on improving our logistic flow and trying to reduce the number of empty trips made by trucks.
In Spain we are committed on Zero Emission for the 100% of our fleet by 2030.

Procure sustainably

Since 2004 we have operated a blackcurrant farm stewardship programme and in 2018 we appointed an independent charity, The Farming Wildlife Advisory Group to review the programme and its effectiveness. The farm stewardship programme supports our 38 blackcurrant growers to protect the environment and the natural resources where they operate to ensure long term sustainability of the land. As a result of the independent review we have now extended the programme to include water stewardship activities and wetland habitat conservation projects.

In Spain we work with local suppliers near manufacturing centers to promote the production and development of local areas. In addition, the contracts with the ingredients suppliers include environmental clauses with the commitment to protect the environment, reduce the carbon footprint, improve the water and energy consumption, as well as improve waste management. 23% of the fruit used as an ingredient can be found in less than 100 km from the production plant. France is committed to sustainable purchasing for all its fruits. That is why, France has issued a guideline of good practices on sustainable sourcing that has been approved and signed by 100% of its partners.

Our society
Harmony with people

Shinjiro Torii founded Suntory with the spirit of ‘sharing the profit with society’, and this spirit lives on today. We want to create harmony with people by making a positive impact on the communities that produce and consume our products. We do this through the way we work, the social contributions we make, and the messages our brands promote.

Empowering communities

In France, we are partnering with different associations “Nos quartiers ont des talents” and “L’AFEV” that are developing social links, empowering less favored young adults as they enter the work force and fighting against school dropout.

Purposeful brands

Every year Ribena opens the gates of its Ribena berry farms. In 2018 the “Big berry bash” welcomed families across the UK to connect with our brand, get a chance to have a farm tour, learn how blackcurrants are harvested and hear about the natural process of growing this special little berry and its journey from farm to factory.

Since 2015, in Spain we cooperate with FESBAL (The Spanish FOOD BANK foundation) with different campaigns such as volunteering and donations (more than 89.000 cases in 2018)

Harmony with employees

Our company is defined by the way we work. We will ensure harmony with employees by working with an ethos that is open, flexible and accountable, supporting our people throughout our supply chain and ensuring that we, and they, maintain the highest standards in everything we do.

Inclusive and flexible

People matter. We are encouraging and fostering a healthy lifestyle for our employees. In 2018, in the UK we have introduced flexible working hours. In France we have signed a chart of quality of work life and equal opportunities with the aim of being a great place to work. As part of this chart, we have different initiatives around parenthood, gender equity, well-balanced private and professional life.

Spain takes care of the physical, intellectual and emotional well-being of all its employees through different initiatives to promote their personal and professional development with different initiatives such as: mindfulness workshops, fruit in the office, Language Scholarships…

Accountable for our value chain

Building trust means challenging ours and others’ perceptions of acceptable behaviour and always acting with respect for others. Our Modern Slavery Act statement sets out the steps we have taken and will continue to take to ensure that modern slavery and human trafficking are not taking place within our business or supply chains.

Ethical employer

At the heart of our Suntory values is a commitment to working with integrity and we take great pride in our reputation for always conducting business in an honest, open and fair way.
That is why we are training our employees on compliance and other topics in order to ensure that everyone understands relevant laws and responsibilities. Spain is carrying out a process of changing the culture of prevention by seeking to improve the Health and Safety of its employees, focusing on the visible commitment of all hierarchical levels and the participation of all employees. This process is reflected in projects such as Vision ZERO, Road Safety Plan, Training in First Aid and Enjoyable Wellness (Working), which also have an impact on society. France has rolled out a training called “Play Safe” around how to behave in the face of risks making sure everyone is the guarantor of its security.

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