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Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam Beverage Co., Ltd.

  • Head Office
    Sheraton Saigon Hotel & Towers, 88 Dong Khoi Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 
  • Business activities
    Production and sales of non-alcoholic beverages
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Primary CSR Activities

CSR Management

Corporate governance

Our Audit Committee carries out company-wide monitoring and oversight responsibly. The committee consists of independent directors reports directly to the Members' Council. The committee oversees and reviews the financial reporting integrity, effectiveness of internal control, risk management, regulatory compliance and code of conduct matters to ensure strong Corporate Governance for enhancing the interest of shareholders.

Compliance and training

Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam Beverage (SPVB) follows a strict Code of Conduct (CoC) and Anti-Bribery Policy. These policies are clearly communicated to our employees through mandatory annual trainings and web seminars. Employees are encouraged to report any violations they see, and may speak directly to their respective line manager(s) or Field HR, or Control Environment Committee, or use the anonymous “Speak Up”hotline.

Risk management

SPVB strives to identify risks, and has been improving the Disaster Recovery Plan and Crisis Management Policy to effectively mitigate effects. IT risks are also addressed, with information security training integrated directly into our CoC and web training. In addition, our IT Department follows strict protocols for safeguarding company data and intellectual properties. Disaster Recovery facility has been setup from Mar 2016 to utilize as a backup for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

To Create Harmony with Customers and Partners
-Products and Services-

Quality assurance

SPVB's food safety and quality policies are in accordance with standards set by the Suntory and PepsiCo groups. All company plants have FSSC 22000 certification. Additionally, AIB International Standards for Inspection audits are carried out at all sites and special toolkits are provided to our sales teams to help them communicate information on quality to our customers.

Relationship with the Customers

Customer outreach

Customer satisfaction is a first priority, and hotlines are in place to solicit customers' feedback and requests. Feedback is an essential part of our qualitative research, which is used to improve services, fine-tune marketing and increase satisfaction. In 2015, 2016 the company continues to use of hotline to get feedback from retailers; Moreover, we pay incentives to retailers thru ATM to increase speed and quality of service; palletize distributors in loading in and out to enhance quality in warehouse as well as improve merchandising in store, esp. in coolers to ensure the quality of products when using.

Contributing to consumer health

As bottlers, we work closely with Suntory and PepsiCo to offer products, which contribute to consumer health: Thanks to the high-quality pure-water guarantee and well associate with fashion platform, Aquafina is one of the most popular bottled water brands in Vietnam. The taste of purity message brings to consumers a unique taste of purity with crisp, refreshment in every bottle. Drink 4 bottles of Aquafina, 2 liters of water every day to purify your body and mind; 7UP Revive contains water, Electrolytes and vitamins B3, B6, and B12; Oolong TEA+ Plus, a healthy Ready-To-Drink Tea containing OTPP (Oolong Tea Polymerized Polyphenols) which are extracted from Oolong tea to help prevent fat absorption; and Mycafé is the mixture of Vietnamese milk coffee and Japanese matcha which constantly establish its recognition in consumer hearts as “young coffee brand dedicated to young people”.

" Mycafé " 235mL

  • "Oolong TEA+ Plus"
    PET 455mL, 350mL,
    CAN 320mL

  • "TEA+ Plus Matcha"
    PET 455mL, 350mL

  • "7UP Revive" 390mL

  • "Aquafina" 500mL

Relationship with Business Partners

Working with Business partners

Purchasing at SPVB is governed by strict guidelines, and we encourage our suppliers to join online supplier management tool Sedex (the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange). Furthermore, we cooperate with key suppliers on business improvements to protect environment, such as the introduction of lighter weight PET bottles and cap.

To Create Harmony with Nature


Environmental management

All SPVB plants and have acquired ISO14001 certification and fully complied with laws and regulations. We set up environment sustainability KPI's for water usage and energy usage. These figures were reviewed weekly at manufacturing meeting and monthly at company operating review meeting. Below is the SPVB KPI's 2015 achievement vs. reduction target:

2016 Targets and Results

Water conservation

SPVB has established targets and policies for water conservation. In addition to reduce consumption and effluent, we also strive to recycle water from treatment processes, bottle washing/ rinsing and CIP.

Climate change

CO2 emissions from both power and fuel are measured at our plants, with targets to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Methods include waste heat recovery, VFD for variable load motors/pumps/air conditioners, power-saving lighting, auto-timers at offices and eco oven for blowers.

Resource conservation

We measure solid waste generation and recycling rates at our plants, with targets for reduced waste and increased recycling. We recognize the importance of following 3Rs practices (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle).
We incorporate 3Rs into product design by creating lighter packaging; to conserve resources and reduce energy consumed during transportation (related production and design are carried out in-house). We have also changed from PVC to OPP labels for PET bottles, and from PVC to ACL labels for glass bottles. This helps to reduce environmental impact and encourage proper recycling. Additionally, used materials at our plants are collected for sale to third-party companies for reuse or recycling.

Reducing pollution and managing chemical substances

We comply thoroughly with all laws and regulations for the prevention of soil, water and air pollution. We carry out environmental impact assessments and obtain governmental approval for all plants. We have also implemented hazardous waste management systems, and environmental leaders are positioned at each site to ensure proper treatment and disposal.

Hazardous waste management

Wastewater treatment system

To Create Harmony with Society
-Cultural and Social Contribution-

Relationship with the Local Community

With the philosophy "Giving back to Society”, CSR is an integral part of SPVB's sustainable business strategy. As a good corporate citizen, SPVB focuses on Vietnamese society in CSR areas including Education, Water & Environment, Healthcare, and Helping Hands, a charity program financed and conducted by SPVB's employees across the country.

Water Hope Project

Water Hope Quang Nam is a social enterprise model which was launched in Vietnam, Quang Nam Province since 2013. The project has been sponsored by PepsiCo Asia Pacific, SPVB and The Wholistic Transformation Resource (WTRC). The Quang Nam Sponsoring Association for disabled, orphans and poor patients has been chosen as the project's local partner in charge for its operation at the location.

Water hope Inauguration ceremony in Vietnam

The project's mission is to establish sustainable and viable social enterprises that support and sustain relevant community development programs as well as to provide a platform for volunteerism. The project's objectives are to provide safe and affordable water via a commercial viable water station; a community hub for the provision of community development services; additional income for local residents and a stimulated local economy via delivery of social enterprise products / services.

Its results:
  • -
    Provided clean water for 40,000 people living in Quang Nam Province annually.
  • -
    Supported for the operation of the community center, a kindergarten taking care of 16 poor children in the ages between 3 to 5 years old annually.
  • -
    Created direct employment for 11 local people annually.
  • -
    Totally carried out 6 communication programs regarding public healthcare, nutrition, clean water, water sanitation.

Mizuiku program

Mizuiku is a natural water education program that has been successfully deployed in the home regions of (Mineral Water) Suntory Tennensui since 2004. In 2015, Vietnam is the first country other than Japan having Mizuiku program implemented by Suntory to raise awareness of water resources protection and sanitation issue for Vietnamese students and society. The program was funded by Suntory and conducted by SPVB, in coordination with local authority, schools and NGOs.

Vietnamese students participated in SPVB Plant tour in 2015

Program outstanding outcome in 2015 is that it enables over 1,600 elementary pupils to improve their awareness on water saving, protecting and preservation. In particular, Mizuiku 2015 organized 60 water teaching classes with the participation of over 1,600 pupils throughout 120 indoor and outdoor lessons. More important, via the sharing of the teachers, many pupils are changing their awareness naturally after participating in the project via small actions such as saving water and collecting rubbishes at the schools... In addition to teaching classes, Mizuiku 2015 also surveyed and deployed the renovation of school infrastructures, school rest rooms.
2016 is the second consecutive year that Suntory has deployed this water education program in Vietnam. The projgramect scale is to benefit over 3,300 elementary pupils from 10 elementary schools in Bac Ninh province, Hanoi, and Ho Chi Minh city with new initiatives such as Clean Water Knight Festival, Mid-term seminar, etc.

Mizuiku Opening Ceremony in March 2017

In 2017, the “Mizuiku – I love clean water” has gained great attention from the media with over 70 articles published. 2017 marked a milestone for the program with the strategic partnership between Suntory, Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam, and Central Council of Ho Chi Minh Young Pioneer Organization, Vietnam National Student Union, together with education-insight support from Live & Learn Center and Tuong Lai Center and the endorsement of the Ministry of Education & Training. The program has expanded nationwide with the participation of 30 elementary schools in Bac Ninh province, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Ben Tre province. In particular, the program has conducted 10 Training for the Trainers (TOT) courses on water conservation and preservation education for over 260 teachers and volunteers; more than 265 classes on water education for over 5,000 elementary school students; constructing 13 clean water facilities including RO water filtration systems and upgrading restrooms nationwide. Besides, 10 Water Knight Festivals for over 3,900 students and teachers and 10 Plant tours to Suntory PepsiCo Plants for over 1,200 students and teachers were also successfully facilitated. After the launch in August, the “Mizuiku – I love clean water” drawing contest for children has received more than 300,000 entries.
SPVB’s contribution to the society has been acknowledge by VCCI Top 10 Sustainable Businesses 2017 by Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry and AmCham CSR Award 2017 by American Chamber of Commerce.

Green Summer Campaign

Green Summer is a campaign for students in joining volunteering programs and held by Vietnam National Unions of Students every summer. Throughout the campaign, many volunteers nationwide contributed effectively to society, through activities such as building and renovating countryside roads, bridges and charity houses, participating in ensuring safety traffic, and urban civilization communication activities; supporting in university entrance exams. It was held successfully from June to August 2017 with the constant companionship of SPVB - Revive Brand. With the message “Revive - Keep the Green Summer Campaign 2017 Going”, SPVB and Revive Brand would like to build a dynamic young generation who are the main force for the future development of Vietnam.

SPVB supported for Green Summer Campaign in 2017

Besides sponsoring 6,000 SPVB product cases including Revive, Aquafina, 7UP and Sting, the entire donation fund of SPVB, 7UP Revive brand was used to implement launching ceremonies nationwide, build 28 water treatment systems in 8 provinces alongside many other CSR support activities for universities across Vietnam and set up relaxing booths at examination venues in 3 key cities (HCMC, Hanoi and Danang). Total volunteers participated in the campaign was 302,127.

Students participated in CSR activities – taught children in remote areas

Helping Hands

Helping Hands program, an employee volunteering and donation program, where employees are provided with opportunities to care for community and the world we live in. It has launched in August 2011 supporting to enhance SPVB's core values and to build the corporate culture, engage employees for long term commitment and contribution to both business and society sustainable growth. The total raised funds by employees will be approved for matching by the company. It's a good platform for all - our employees, community and business. Since 2011, 10 SPVB Helping Hands committees formed, 110 HH programs were initiated, more than 5,000 volunteers, 18,000 man-hours volunteering were contributed, 8.4 billion VND was used to build 3 schools, 3 houses and 3 libraries for children in mountainous areas, award thousands of scholarships, support 1,600 eye surgeries, present gifts for the disabled and the older people in social centers.

SPVB Helping Hands volunteers
built kindergarten in Nghe An Province

Helping Hands Hóc Mon Plant joined the volunteering activities in Dak Lak Province

Education - Dynamic Contest

For years, SPVB has been taking advantage of all resources to bring the best opportunities for Vietnamese young talents to learn and exchange from people inside and outside the country.
For the last 22 years, SPVB have been accompanying the “DYNAMIC – The future entrepreneurs” contest and since 2017, we are proud to become its co-organizer with University of Economics Hochiminh City for the new DYNAMIC start up version where the students had room to conceive and develop their own business ideas. The contest helped to build the connection of 10 DYNAMIC clubs from North, Central, South, Mekong Delta which students had opportunity to compete in regions and 4 best performances on behalf of each region were selected to join the National Finale. During the contest, they also received the fruitful trainings from representatives of Finance, Marketing, Sales, HR as well as SPVB’s plant tours to sharpen the comprehensive understanding on the business world. Moreover, they were provided the great chance to approach the online competition platform via the “Globus Simulation Game”. On Mar 18, 2018 the National Finale was covered live on Ho Chi Minh City television (HTV9) which attracted interest of 1,000 students. The team from University of Economics Hochiminh City with outstanding project “” – a platform for multiple choice tests became the champion and earned a trip to visit Suntory headquarter in Tokyo to learn more about the corporate business.

  • The winning team at National
    Finale round and at Suntory Head Quarter in Tokyo

  • Students received training on aspect of Marketing
    field and visited SPVB’s plant in Dong Nai Province

SPVB golf tournament

The annual Suntory PepsiCo Friendship Challenge golf tournament is a token of the Company’s gratitude to the valuable customers, partners, friends and is also a chance for us to share the good values and contribute to the community. From 2007 to 2015, the raised fund from the tournament has been used to conduct 380 heart surgeries, offering 40 scholarships and thousands of Tet gifts for the orphanage children and the elderly, supporting 30 outstanding disabled athletes, constructing 6 medical centers, 28 houses, 4 kindergartens and 2 medical centers. In 2016 alone, the raised fund of VND 858 million has been used to construct 6 clean water systems at 5 schools and one island district of Ben Tre province, helping to provide clean water for over 4,000 local residents and children. As for the golf tournament in 2017, Suntory PepsiCo along with its partner and friends will join hands to bring clean, safe and drinkable water for over 1,600 students in 7 schools and around 7,000 patients per year at 2 medical centers of Tan Tru commune, Long An Province from total raised fund of VND 825 Million.

  • CEO of SPVB – Mr. Uday Sinha handed
    over total raised fund to Sponsoring
    Association for the Poor Patients of
    Ho Chi Minh City in the 2017 SPVB golf tournament

  • Total raised fund was used to buy to buy 74 water
    filtration systems to provide clean, safe and
    drinkable water for more than 1,600 students
    in 7 schools and 7,000 patients each year
    at 2 medical centers in Tan Tru District,
    Long An Province

SPVB’s contribution to the society has been acknowledge by VCCI Top 10 Sustainable Businesses 2017 by Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry and AmCham CSR Award 2017 by American Chamber of Commerce.

  • Article on Green Summer
    on Dan Tri online newspaper

  • Article on “Mizuiku – I love clean water 2017”
    on Thanh Nien newspaper

  • Article on Dynamic contest
    on Zing online newspaper

    SPVB's representative receiving VCCI
    Top 10 Sustainable Businesses award from VCCI

  • Article on SPFC Golf Tournament
    on Vietnam Laws online newspaper

    Ambassador Daniel J. Kritenbrink
    (most left) and Mr. Le Mac Linh - VP Corporate Affairs
    SPVB at the AmCham CSR Award Ceremony

To Create Harmony with Employees
-Diversity Management-

Our Employees


SPVB promotes local employment and national workforce development. Additionally, we also value diversity and inclusion, and train our employees and management in these values. One of our key performance indicators for management is our female employment ratio, which we consider a key aspect of workforce diversity in Vietnam.

HR development

Talents are considered as our most important treasures, we are committed to provide high quality capability development programs for our employees. In 2015, besides professional courses were organized, 45 soft skills and general skills (equivalent to 60,360 training hours) were conducted that reached to 1,250 SPVB employees (25 training hours/pax). We also focused on building up Leadership training agenda for all levels that promise the high quality. A long side with class-room training approach to provide more learning opportunities for employees; we also launched and produced e-learning courses in both Vietnamese and English for senior managers and executive - employee level.

Front Line Manager Program 2015

In 2015, in order to promote recognition cultures in SPVB, the first – ever recognition online tool was launched in July. This initiative received a big support from Line managers and employees. To 11 December 2015, there were more than 1300 e-kudos granted.
In Organization Health Survey 2015 conducted by Tower Watson, with more than 98% response rate, SPVB has improved scores in 15 over 16 categories, higher scores compared to Vietnam National norms, Asia Pacific FMCG norms and Global High Performing Norm (such as Senior Management, Sustainable Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion, Reward and Recognition, Career Advancement and Growth..)
“Performance evaluations at SPVB are fair and merit-based, based on cross-functional evaluations with facilitation from the HR department. If, at any time, an employee feels they have been discriminated against, they can feedback with Line Managers, Second Line managers or through our “Speak Up” hotline”

Work/life balance

To help promote a healthy work/life balance, SPVB offers flexible working hours to the managerial levels up. In addition to flex-time, female employees may also reduce their working hours in order to facilitate childcare when the children are under 1 year old. Excessive overtime is discouraged, and a work-from-home system is available. Besides, SPVB promotes the team activities such as the team building activities and trips, the sport programs and the healthy living activities such as the healthy food days, the promotion campaign for the healthy living style to enhance the awareness of the employees and their family on the health protection and prevention.

SPVB Healthy Food Day in 2015

Health and safety

Open dialogue between management and labor on health and safety issues is encouraged, with communication meetings held every quarter. We also carry out safety drills and training, and provide annual health checks for all employees.

We welcome your feedback