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Weingut Robert Weil

  • Head Office
    Muhlberg 5D-65399 Kiedrich Rheingau, Germany
  • Established
    1868 (invested in by the Suntory Group in 1988)
  • Business activities
    Production and sales of wines
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Company Overview and Philosophy

Dedicated to the highest quality standards

Since its founding in 1868, Weingut Robert Weil has pursued a philosophy toward high-quality. This is a tradition that has lasted for over 140 years, and has resulted in acclaim from even the German Emperor Wilhelm II. To maintain the quality of the grapes harvested at our Gräfenberg vineyards, we have lowered average yields to 40 hL/ha*, less than one-half the German average. The grapes for our noble wines are carefully handpicked by the individual cluster. Fermentation tanks are separated for use by specific fields so that the unique characteristics of their grapes can be maintained, and fermentation occurs with care from the miniature vats used for noble wines to our various larger tanks.

  • *
    Unit that express labor efficiency

Primary CSR Activities

CSR Management

To Create Harmony with Customers and Partners
-Products and Services-

Providing the highest quality with safety

Building a system that allows us to create a safe product that our customers can enjoy with peace of mind is one of Weingut Robert Weil's top priorities. We are members of the VDP (Verband Deutscher Prädikatsweingüter), an association of top quality wine producers who self-impose harsh standards for product quality, particularly during grape cultivation and fermentation.

Relations with Business Partners

When locating sources for such items as packaging materials, warehouse refits, and bottling line equipment, we always use a fair and impartial bidding process while still maintaining our utmost priority on product quality and safety.

To Create Harmony with Nature

Environmental Efforts

Our vineyards are engaged in grape cultivation using environmentally-friendly methods. We only use organic fertilizers and restrict all use of herbicides. In addition, we protect the qualities of our grapes from insect pests and diseases. We are also working to protect the environment in other ways, i.e. saving water resources.

Relations with the Local Community

Contribution activities to the local community

Weingut Robert Weil stays in close contact with the local authorities, the wine authorities and other wineries in the Rheingau area to be actively involved in local activities.

To Create Harmony with Employees
-Diversity Management-

Relationship with Employees

Supporting various styles of work

As a company, we are a small winery with 30 employees. This makes it all more important that we provide a comfortable workplace that promotes the long-term employment of those who represent the accumulation of our knowledge of winemaking. We are promoting maternity and child raising leave for our employees (several months of paid leave as stipulated by German labor laws) and we support various styles of work for our employees to focus both on their professional and personal lives from the establishment of these programs to a two-month telework system.

Employees of Weingut Robert Weil

Supporting career development

We actively help our employees to develop new skills to help further their careers, such as by planning technical training courses at other notable wineries.

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