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CSR Initiatives

To Create Harmony with Customers and Partners
Products and Services

The Suntory Group values communication with customers and reflects their feedback widely in its corporate activities while also working to preserve and improve quality in all of its processes including planning and development of products and services, procurement of raw materials such as water, agricultural products and packaging materials, manufacturing, distribution, provision of goods and services - based on the Suntory Quality Policy of "All for the Quality" to continually provide products and services able to earn the trust and satisfaction of customers. In addition, we are actively engaged in tackling alcohol-related problems as a global multi-faceted food and beverage company.

  • Quality
  • Customer relations
  • Procurement
  • ARP

CSR Action Plan

Target achieved:  Achieved 70% or more:  Achieved less than 70%:

Quality Assurance and Customer Relations

Prioritized items Mid-Term Targets Results in FY2017 FY2018 Action Plan Evaluation
Quality assurance based on the customer's perspective Gain a higher level of trust from customers
  • Identified quality issues from customer feedback and improved quality.
  • Promoted food defense activities in the supply chain
  • Continued food bank activities.
  • Currently creating a system to procure high quality raw materials (grape, etc.) in a sustainable manner.
  • Participated in GFSI activities to promote food safety.
  • Increase the speed of analyzing customer feedback and identify quality issues and improve quality.
  • Continue food bank activities.
  • Enhance system to procure high quality raw materials (grape, etc.) in a sustainable manner.
  • Create system to provide information related to Suntory's quality to overseas customers (global quality PR).
  • Continue to participate in GFSI activities to promote food safety.
Enhance group-wide quality assurance system and create synergy
  • Began Global MONOZUKURI Innovation (GMI) activities in the entire Group.
  • Began comprehensive safety and reliability check in GMI
  • Began activities to share and implement Suntory's shared value globally through stipulating values and action guidelines for manufacturing we kept since the founding in Suntory MONOZUKURI Values (SMV).
  • Engaged in activities to raise awareness of the importance of the quality policy and quality at the point of consumption in Group companies. (lecture on looking from bird's eye view and taking prudent actions to eight companies)
  • Reorganized Group Quality Management System, established quality management rules and standards and shared them with the Group companies.
  • Held expanded quality meeting and enhanced quality assurance system for restaurants. (Restaurant Group companies: Pronto and Maisen)
  • Began communication with overseas Group companies to share legal and risk information globally.
  • Released quality related information that wanted to be shared with overseas Group companies on the intranet.
  • Reduce quality risks in the entire Group through expanding comprehensive safety and reliability check globally.
  • Engage in direct communication with overseas Group companies to deepen their understanding about Suntory MONOZUKURI Values (SMV).
  • Promote implementation of activities based on SMV in overseas Group companies.
  • Implement Group Quality Management System and activities based on the quality standard in overseas Group companies.
  • Especially focus of raising awareness about philosophy on water quality standard and implement Suntory's quality management that place importance on water to overseas Group companies.
  • Share legal and risk information globally in a timely manner with overseas Group companies and enhance system that can respond to them from early stage.
Communication with customers Deepen relationships with customers by listening to customers' opinions more broadly and deeply than before
  • Implement external assessment of telephone and email support and enhancing the PDCA cycle improvement activities
  • Hold training and workshops on product knowledge for staff of the Customer Center to improve their skills
  • Innovate an customer service informational search system
  • Strengthen active support (customer support utilizing SNS)
  • Continuous activity to improve quality of response of the Customer Center
  • Promote PDCA activities based on results of evaluation of quality of response by external review
  • Disseminate credo mind and hold training and workshops for staff of the Customer Center
  • Appoint customer service leaders primarily at sales sites
  • Improve provision of information through Customer Center website.
  • Promote and develop new methods to communicate with customers based on advancement in digital technology
Reflection of customer feedback in corporate activities Enhance the system of utilizing customers' opinions in products and services and spread them within the Group
  • Implement prior assessment activities from customer perspective in each process in merchandising
  • Enhance VOC activities that utilize customer feedback in management and merchandising (implement regular VOC meeting with departments involved in product development)
  • Implement VOC activities in the entire value chain
  • Improve products and services utilizing customer feedback
  • Implement departmental study sessions to strengthen prior evaluation activities

Alcohol Related Problems

Prioritized items Mid-Term Targets Results in FY2017 FY2018 Action Plan Evaluation
Awareness-raising initiatives promoting responsible drinking Popularize and raise awareness of responsible drinking among consumers
  • Implemented No Binge Drinking! Campaign and STOP! Underage Drinking Campaign
  • Continued moderation advertising campaign
  • Strengthen and continue consciousness-raising initiatives to prevent underage drinking and binge drinking
Pro-active approaches to improve industry-wide initiatives Leading the industry, implement industry commitments for the World Health Organization's global strategy to reduce harmful uses of alcohol
  • Raised the age restriction of actors in TV commercials and revise industry voluntary standards on expression of drinking
  • Continued to not make promotion of energy drinks
  • Continue to implement industry commitment
  • Support digital media

With Business Partners

Prioritized items Mid-Term Targets Results in FY2017 FY2018 Action Plan Evaluation
Promoting CSR activities in raw material procurement and distribution Promote supply chain CSR Initiatives
  • Continued supply chain CSR initiatives questionnaires after sharing CSR procurement policy with the partners
  • Shared CSR procurement policy with overseas Group companies (implementation of global procurement meeting)
  • Conducted hearings with Oolong tea ingredient suppliers on human rights issues
  • Strengthened measures through the Safety Committee to promote safety coordinated with distribution affiliates
  • Continuation of supply chain CSR initiatives questionnaires
  • Newly implement environmental questionnaires
  • Conduct hearing with overseas Group companies on their activities
  • Continue to conduct hearings with ingredient suppliers on human rights issues
Improve safety in the distribution system
  • Improve and continue promoting safety in logistics
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