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To Create Harmony with Customers and Partners: Products and Services

Suntory Group’s ARS Initiatives and Goals

Under the banner of "DRINK SMART", the Suntory Group has been leading the industry by actively addressing the alcohol-related problems. We will continue to engage in the initiatives to raise awareness of responsible drinking for the consumers and also for the employees in Japan.

Indicators Targets Results in 2022
Reach out to consumers in Japan with messages of "Drink in Moderation" (by the end of 2024) 100 million people in total 28 million people reached as of the end of 2022. In addition to running advertisements promoting drinking in moderation in newspapers and digital media, we also held seminars for companies to raise awareness of drinking in moderation.
Provide alcohol content information on the packaging (sequentially from February 2022 onward) Domestically produced beers, RTDs*, wines in cans We started labeling the information on certain domestic products in February 2022 and plan to complete the labeling for all target products by the end of 2023. *Excluding 250ml beer cans
Intensify development and sales of non/low-alcohol products in Japan In major categories We expanded our portfolio by launching a selection of non-alcoholic products. We held campaigns and events to promote the non-alcoholic beverages, like limited-edition bars that featured our non-alcoholic beverage.
Employees to participate in programs aimed at raising awareness of responsible drinking (by the end of 2022) All Group employees in Japan 99% of employees of group companies in Japan participated in the e-learning program in 2021. In addition, we provided alcohol metabolism genetic test for applicants.
  • *
    Abbreviation for "Ready to Drink." Pre-mixed alcohol beverages such as canned chu-hi, canned cocktails, and canned highballs.

External Initiatives

1.Strengthen "Drink in Moderation" Campaigns and Deliver Seminars

The Suntory Group has been a pioneer in the industry to promote responsible drinking through the "Drink in Moderation" campaigns in national newspapers since 1986. We aim to reach out a total of 100 million consumers in Japan, conveying messages on responsible drinking by the end of 2024 by strengthening the "Drink in Moderation" advertisements utilizing the social media in addition to the national newspapers. We also convey the "Drink Smart Seminars" for our clients on the facts about alcohol and importance to enjoy it responsibly.

2.Providing the Content of Pure Alcohol on the Packaging of Canned Products

From February 2022 onward, we will label the content of pure alcohol sequentially in grams per container on canned products (beers, RTDs, and wines) manufactured in Japan.

3.Intensify Development and Sales of Non/Low-Alcohol Products

The market for non/low-alcohol beverages is expanding due to diversification of consumers drinking behaviors influenced by the COVID-19. We are going to continue to lead this growing market, by further improving the quality of our existing products and developing the new product lineup.

Internal Initiatives

The Suntory Group launched the Suntory Advertising Code in 1976, making it an industry leader in conducting self-regulation on its promotions and advertisement for alcohol. We subsequently established the ARP*1 Department dedicated to promoting moderate drinking and to ensuring responsible marketing in 1991. In 2017, it developed and evolved its function and was renamed to the ARS*2 Department, and then into the Global ARS Department in 2020. Recently, the New DRINK SMART COMMITMENT*3 was declared toward the group employees in Japan, designating every November as the Suntory Group ARS Month to intensify our ARS initiatives.

4.E-Learning Programs for Responsible Drinking and Responsible Marketing

We conduct an e-learning program to raise awareness on responsible drinking and responsible marketing for all group employees in Japan by December 2022. Alcohol metabolism genetic test will be provided for all employees willing to the program. We expect participants to learn about their own genetic type and encouraging those around them to drink responsibly, understanding that people have different tolerance levels on alcohol.

5.Study Sessions on Alcohol-Related Problems for Executives

Suntory Holdings executives is going to be provided with regular opportunities to learn about the alcohol-related problems and responsibility of an alcohol beverage producer. Through this initiative, we aim to secure a solid foundation for sustainable ARS initiatives by raising awareness of the executives.

6.Study Sessions on Alcohol-Related Problems for Sales Representatives

Study sessions on the alcohol-related problems is going to be conducted for the sales representatives as they have frequent customer interactions. In these sessions, participants are given the knowledge on responsible marketing of alcohol, including sales and promotion.

  • *1
    ARP is an abbreviation of Alcohol Related Problems.
  • *2
    ARS is an abbreviation of Alcohol Responsibility and Sustainability. As a company that manufactures and sells alcoholic beverages, it is our responsibility to proactively address alcohol-related problems.
  • *3
    The DRINK SMART COMMITMENT was issued in 2018. The new Commitment was declared in light of the changes in the environment surrounding alcohol since then. It consists of two tenets: "All Suntorians have the correct knowledge about alcohol and will drink in a respectful and considerate manner." and "All Suntorians recognize that we are a member of the world's leading liquor company group, and we will promote responsible drinking as we regard others as valued customers."