CSR Site Map

The Suntory Group believes information should be available in an accurate and easy to understand way for the customers to ensure customers’ peace of mind and trust in the products and services we provide. In doing so, information on quality assurance and related activities that we are engaged in should be disseminated through websites and other means.

Realizing Easy to Understand and Accurate Product Labeling

In addition, we promote the display of accurate information that is easy to understand through Quality Assurance Division checking and building a system to secure compliance and validity, collaborating with the related divisions in charge of development and production of each Group company.

Examples of Labeling on Products

Example of display to prevent drinking alcohol by mistake

We display the alcohol logo on products so that low alcohol drinks such as Chu-Hi are not mistaken for soft drinks. In addition, "Contains Alcohol" is written on the lid of the can with "Alcohol" written in braille on our main products.

Labeling examples to warn pregnant and nursing mothers

We also display, "Drinking while pregnant or breastfeeding may be harmful to the development of unborn babies or infants” on products in order to evoke caution about alcohol in pregnant and nursing mothers.

Labeling to warn pregnant and nursing mothers

Allergenic Labeling

Suntory has investigated raw materials and has confirmed whether or not they need to be indicated on products as allergenic. Soft drinks are not only part of the 7 items that require labeling by food labeling laws but also are included in the 20 items recommended for labeling on products. Alcoholic products are exempt from allergenic labeling, but we label low-alcohol drinks such as beers and Chu-Hi allergenic information based on our own rules and regulations.

Product information (ingredients, nutritional information, etc. can be checked)

"Month/year" labeling for "Best by" dates

The best by dates of soft drinks have generally included the day, month and year up until now, but the Suntory Group has worked to display only the month and year (indicated in Chinese characters) for products with best by dates that are longer than one year to reduce the environment burden even slightly with inventory management and other measures while also providing customers with easy-to-understand information. The month and year best by dates started to be displayed on the 2L Suntory Minami-Alps Tennensui plastic bottles in 2013, and then gradually expanded to can coffee and tea drinks.

Introduction of Safety and Reliability Initiatives

We are introducing various initiatives on Suntory’s Commitment to Safety and Reliability website to accurately communicate our pursuit of safety and reliability to our customers. The information display is customized for both desktop computers and smartphones; furthermore, we provide information with consideration for our overseas customers.

Suntory Group's Quality Initiatives Website

As the business activities of the Suntory Group expand globally, we have been engaging in initiatives to improve information disclosure by advancing the design of global quality websites so that our earnest approach and activities toward quality that we have striven for in Japan up until now can be understood by our overseas customers. In the future, we will continue to provide information about safety and reliability so that customers may evaluate the activities of the Suntory Group.

Voluntary Recalls

While we do our best to assure quality, we also disclose information appropriately and promptly when problems do arise.
During the period from January 2020 until December 2020, there were no voluntary recalls for which company notices were published in newspapers. There were no recalls due to legal violation. During the same period, there were two instances of information labeling for products and services which violated appropriate regulations and our internal standards.