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To Create Harmony with Customers and Partners: Products and Services

Voluntary Declaration toward Consumer Orientation

  • April 2017
  • Takeshi Niinami
  • President, and Chief Executive Officer, Member of the Board, Representative Director, Suntory Holdings Ltd.


Under the corporate mission of “To create harmony with people and nature,” we will offer products and services that pursue highest quality and enrich the lifestyles of people around the world and contribute in realizing a sustainable natural environment.
We strive to be a Growing for Good company that is a good corporate citizen and trusted by the customers following this corporate mission.

Initiative Policies

  1. (1)
    We will offer products and services that create harmony with the customers

    The Suntory Group values bilateral communication with customers based on the customer satisfaction first mentality. We respond sincerely to the opinions and requests that we receive from the customers. We are strengthening initiatives that connect to developing and improving better products and services.

  2. (2)
    We will pursue safety and reliability from customers' standpoint

    Grounded in the Suntory Group All for the Quality Policy, we will continually work to maintain and improve quality in all of our processes, from planning and development of products and services to material procurement such as water, agricultural products and packaging to manufacturing, distribution, sales, and services. We strive to improve the quality of our product and services while preventing quality risks through the Quality Assurance Committee which promotes quality management in the entire Group.

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    We will utilize customer feedback in our business activities

    We share the invaluable information and opinions received from our customers quickly throughout the Group to reflect that feedback in our corporate activities and the actions of our employees from improving products and services to strengthening risk management.

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    We will strive to provide information to the customers

    We are promoting accurate indicators and easy to understand expressions for the labeling of our products, promotional materials and advertisements. We also work to enhance information on our websites for customers themselves to search for online in addition to the communication received through the Customer Center such as telephone calls, letters, and e-mails. We will offer information about quality in an easy to understand manner for the customers.

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    We will foster a culture and awareness among employees to take action from the viewpoint of customers

    The Suntory Group will continue its Customer Satisfaction Cultivation Activities in our attempt to foster a corporate culture in which all of our employees keep the viewpoint of customers in mind in their work. We hold training programs for all employees, including those in divisions that have few opportunities to hear the views expressed directly by our customers.

Voluntary Declaration toward Consumer Orientation Activity Report