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We are working to construct and promote a quality management system throughout the entire Group both in Japan and overseas.

Our Philosophy Underpins Quality Assurance

The Suntory Group has always striven to better the quality of its products and services with a customer first approach since its founding. Every employee always endeavors to sustain and improve quality according to the Suntory Quality Policy of "All for the Quality", which clarifies our approach to quality, to earn even greater trust from customers.

Suntory Quality Policy "All for the Quality"

Promotion of Quality Management

Following the acceleration of its own global development and expansion into new fields of business, the Suntory Group has been enhancing its Quality Management Systems as part of its Group Governance.
We installed the Quality Assurance Committee at Suntory Holdings Ltd. to promote quality management throughout the entire Group. This committee identifies quality risks and prevents trouble before it occurs in priority issues across the organization based on the Group quality strategy.
The Chief Quality Officer (CQO) of Suntory Holdings Ltd. plays a vital role in this process by strengthening the quality management capacities through holding meetings on product quality with each Group company.

Comprehensively Identifying and Minimizing Potential Risks

We are continuing to move ahead with our efforts to carefully identify and minimize risks from serious crises such as violations of law, negative health impacts, and quality hazards, as well as potential risks that have not yet manifested themselves. Since 2006, we have been holding Weekly Risk Review Meetings to share internal and external quality risks that were identified during the week, and discuss the countermeasures for management and executive personnel from Production Research and other divisions. We also monitor changes in potential risks.

Quality Assurance Activities at Group Restaurants

At each Group restaurant, we carry out thorough control regarding kitchen equipment, ingredient, food allergy, food labeling and so on.

Inspection of kitchen equipment


Sharing and Expanding the Common Suntory MONOZUKURI Values (SMV) of the Suntory Group, nurtured since the foundation of the company

We believe that it is our duty to continually deliver high quality products with new value, safety and reliability, able to bring joy to consumers worldwide.
Thus, we are committed to producing high-quality, safe and reliable products that delight consumers across the globe. This promise is shared within the group through the Suntory's MONOZUKURI Manufacturing Values and Code of Conduct, which we have held dear and consistently delivered on since our founding.

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