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To Create Harmony with Customers and Partners: Products and Services

Measures for Healthy and Comfortable Lifestyles

The Suntory Group provides a range of products and services to support healthy and comfortable lifestyles.

Contributing to Healthy Lifestyle through Products and Services

The Suntory Group is helping our customers lead healthier and richer lives by offering products and services matched to their needs and preferences, ever mindful of their health.
Suntory's history of research and development goes back to 1919, when the company established a laboratory directly supervised by the President, under the “Quality First” motto of Suntory founder Shinjiro Torii. Since then, in addition to the development of whiskeys, wines, beers, and nonalcoholic beverages, we have set a focus on the polyphenol contained abundantly in the plants that are the ingredients and are conducting ongoing research into its efficacy. The basic research efforts that Suntory has accumulated over the years have led to the creation of health foods and food for specified health uses (FOSHU).
We research and develop the foods for specified health uses (FOSHU) and health foods bearing in mind that we provide products and services that are scientifically proven to be safe and beneficial and to make a positive contribution to people's health. Accordingly, we aim to support our customers' healthy daily lives and realize our corporate mission of “In Harmony with People and Nature.”

Developing Food for Specified Health Uses Based on Research

Suntory is selling the food for specified health uses (FOSHU) that has a broad range of positive effects; Kuro Oolong Tea OTPP, which was developed based on research results to apply prevention of fat absorption in polymerized polyphenols of oolong tea characteristics, Sesame Barley Tea, which is suitable for people with high blood pressure, Pepsi Special, which prevents fat absorption, and Tokucha (FOSHU Iyemon), which is the world's first drink to clarify the lipolytic action of quercetin glycoside. We are discovering the heart of both health and taste by paying particular mindfulness to the taste of what we drink in addition to contributing to the health of consumers with a rich product line-up.

Japan Association of Ningen Dock Kenshin Endorsement and Suntory Drinks for Specified Health uses

Functional Analysis of Sesamin to Health Food Sales

We took on the challenge of analyzing the functionality of sesame that has been praised for its health benefits and scientifically investigating the health effectiveness of sesamin, which is one minor component of sesame lignan that is part of sesame. This was commercialized as our first health food in 1993. Thereafter, we released Sesamin EX, a more powerful version of the product, based on a combination with vitamin E, tocotrienol, Oriza Plus, which is a component derived from brown rice.
Suntory Wellness Ltd. is also selling a wide range of other health foods.

Unique Suntory Health Foods Backed by Science

Suntory's Research and Development System that Contributes to Health

Centered on research groups in the Suntory Wellness Ltd. Institute for Health Care Science and the Suntory Global Innovation Center Ltd., the Suntory Group searches for materials that aid health and beauty, scientifically researches their functions, and develops health foods and food for specified health uses (FOSHU) in partnership with Product Development Department and Quality Assurance teams. These related divisions engage in horizontal collaboration and cooperation to undertake diverse research and technological development projects, and will continue to create new value for the Group as a whole and offer solutions to customers.

Promoting Communication with Customers

We are delivering a wide-range of information to customers through our website and booklets

  • Recommended FOSHU content on the product information website

  • Suntory Global Innovation Center website

  • Health information booklet

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