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To Create Harmony with Customers and Partners: Products and Services

Measures for Healthy and Comfortable Lifestyles

The Suntory Group provides a range of products and services to support healthy and comfortable lifestyles.

Contributing to Healthy Lifestyle through Products and Services

The Suntory Group is helping our customers lead healthier and richer lives by offering products and services matched to their needs and preferences, ever mindful of their health.

Developing Food for Specified Health Uses Based on Research

Suntory is selling the food for specified health uses (FOSHU) that has a broad range of positive effects; Kuro Oolong Tea OTPP, which was developed based on research results to apply prevention of fat absorption in polymerized polyphenols of oolong tea characteristics, Sesame Barley Tea, which is suitable for people with high blood pressure, Pepsi Special, which prevents fat absorption, and Tokucha (FOSHU Iyemon), which is the world's first drink to clarify the lipolytic action of quercetin glycoside. In addition to contributing to the health of our customers with a variety of lineups such as Iyemon Plus, a ready-to-drink (RTD) product which has the ability to lower bad cholesterol (LDL), we place special emphasis on deliciousness and are researching how to make products both healthy and delicious.

Expanding our Lineup of Natural and Healthy Products

For decades the expansion of the world beverage market has been driven by consumer demand for drinks, especially carbonated products, which contain large amounts of sugar. In recent years, there has been an accelerating shift in demand toward healthier and more natural drinks.
Utilizing knowledge for developing sugar-free beverages such as tea and water and low-sugar beverages, knowledge cultivated for many years in Japan, we are developing new beverages such as goodmood in Indonesia and MayTea in France. Originally developed for the Indonesian market, we also launched goodmood in Thailand in 2019. In Europe, we are actively reducing the amount of sugar in our products, especially in Lucozade and Ribena.

Functional Analysis of Sesamin to Health Food Sales

We took on the challenge of analyzing the functionality of sesame that has been praised for its health benefits and scientifically investigating the health effectiveness of sesamin, which is one minor component of sesame lignan that is part of sesame. This was commercialized as our first health food in 1993.
Thereafter, we released Sesamin EX, a more powerful version of the product, based on a combination with vitamin E, tocotrienol, Oriza Plus, which is a component derived from brown rice.
Suntory Wellness Ltd. is also selling a wide range of other health foods.

Promoting Communication with Customers

We are delivering a wide-range of information to customers through our website and booklets

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