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To Create Harmony with Customers and Partners: Products and Services

Nurturing Employees that are Consumer Oriented

In order to promote Consumer oriented management, we conduct enlightenment activities to make employees Consumer oriented.

Continuing to Meet Consumers Expectations

Each of our employees is putting their strength into Consumer Oriented Enlightenment Activities while nurturing work ethics for the purpose of becoming a company employee able to deliver products and services that surpass Consumer expectations by deepening our grasp of the changing awareness and interests of Consumers.

Overview of Consumer Oriented Enlightenment Activities

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    VOC:Voice of Customer

Consumer Oriented Behavior Promotion (Nurturing of Work Ethics)

Enlightenment Seminars for Suntory Group Employees

We hold the Consumer Oriented Brush-up Seminar annually for all employees. Each employee listens to complaints and words of encouragement from Consumers and is presented with examples of Consumers oriented activities performed in various actual work environments internally to deepen a Consumer oriented mentality and encourage action. In addition, seminars at each Group company nurture a Consumer oriented mindset and action in all of the activities at the Suntory Group.

Each department hold discussion on "who are our customers" and "What can we do through consumer oriented spirit" at the Consumer Oriented Spirit Month every May. Furthermore, each employee writes down what they can do individually in the My Voluntary Declaration toward Consumer Orientation Card.

  • Consumer Oriented Brush-up Seminar

  • Massage from management

  • Showcases consumer oriented activities of colleagues

  • Each employee declare their consumer oriented
    activities with My Voluntary Declaration toward
    Consumer Orientation Card

  • Top management listening to customer voice

Consumer Month - For Enhancing Suntory's Consumer Oriented Spirit

Since 2018, we have designated May as the Month for Enhancing Suntory's Consumer Oriented Spirit, emulating Consumer Month established by the Consumer Affairs Agency. To provide opportunities to again think about what all employees can do for our customers, in 2019 we sent messages from management throughout the company, put up awareness raising posters at all our location (approximately 50 locations), and held internal lectures by inviting external lecturers. In addition, we held discussions at the department level about being oriented with Consumers with approximately 700 departments and 5,500 employees participating.

  • In-house lecture given by outside lecturer

  • Poster designed to encourage employees to possess a Consumer oriented spirit

Placing Employees in Charge of Consumer Oriented Spirit Promotion in Locations Where Business Takes Place

In 2018, Suntory began appointing Customer Service Leaders entrusted with the main role to further penetrate and grasp Consumer oriented business practices around the many sales sites which are one of the main contact points with customers. In 2019, we have been promoting Consumer oriented behavior in each department through efforts including starting to place some Consumer Oriented Ambassadors also in locations other than sales officers.

  • Participants reviewing activity goals and entire year

  • Session with management

Human Resources Development at Every Level

As a part of our human resources development program Suntory University, we carry out training in line with the career path of each employee. At first, during new employee training, participants will learn about the Suntory Group's Consumer oriented spirit that has been continuously passed down since its foundation. Mid-level employees spend a day answering phones at our customer center to discover first-hand specific things they can use in their own work to become more Consumer oriented by directly interacting with customers. Employees who are being promoted to manager are practically taught important Consumer oriented decision-making techniques such as through group discussions based on case studies.

Improving Opportunities for Employees to Listen to Customers

We engage in activities to strengthen opportunities to share customer feedback with employees, even those who rarely interact with customers directly.

Transmission of Information via Intranet and Email

We share, via intranet and email, opinions and requests received from customers which are sent out on a weekly and monthly basis so that all employees will look at customer feedback on our products and corporate activities to influence their own work and actions.It also includes opinions and thoughts of the employees about customer feedback. Opinions of other employees are offered to share various viewpoints through exchanging opinions with each other.

Harmonics Report provided to employees via our intranet