In order to promote Consumer oriented management, we conduct enlightenment activities for employees for nurturing Customer Oriented mindset.

Continuing to Meet Consumers Expectations

We focus on Customer-oriented Enlightenment Activities and culture-building, with the aim that each employee will deepen his or her understanding of changes in customer attitudes and interests, and be capable of delivering products and services that exceed customer expectations.

Overview of Internal Enlightenment Activities

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    VOC:Voice of Customer

A series of online seminars

The social environment is changing drastically and what customers expect from companies is also changing constantly. Against this backdrop, we have launched a series of online seminars that look at customer feedback on various themes we set for the purpose of understanding the changing needs of customers and applying leanings to our customer-oriented thinking and acting in each of our business segments.
Through these seminars, we aim to further understand the customers’ interest and the background behind the feedback we receive, and leverage this information to improve our customer-oriented mindset as well as to gain hints for our on the ground activities.

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Consumer Oriented Behavior Promotion (Nurturing of Work Ethics)

Enlightenment Seminars for Suntory Group Employees

We hold the Customer Oriented Brush-up Seminar annually for all employees. Each employee listens to voices including the words of encouragement from Customers and is presented with examples of Customers oriented activities being undertaken at each site in the company to deepen a Customer oriented mindset and encourage action. In addition, seminars at each Group company nurture a Customer oriented mindset and action in all of the activities at the Suntory Group.

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Real-time Monitoring of Customer Calls by Management

Suntory provides a program for management to listen to calls from customers received by the customer center in real-time. Managers in charge of each department can hear the questions, concerns and opinions that customers have about Suntory products and services in daily life.This puts in place an opportunity to utilize all of this customer feedback to better address their needs.

Top management listening to
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Senior managements listening to customer

Customer Month - For Enhancing Suntory’s Customer Oriented Spirit

Designating every May as Customer Appreciation Month, we all rethink what we can do for our customers. Each department discusses "who are their customers" and "what they can do with their customer-oriented approach." In addition, each employee writes down what he or she can do on their "My Voluntary Declaration Toward Consumer Orientation Cards."

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Assigning On-site Customer Relations Promotion Leaders

Beginning in 2018, we have assigned "Customer Relations Promotion Leaders" to play a central role in further penetrating and establishing customer orientation, particularly at sales offices that have many direct points of contact with customers. Currently, we are promoting customer-oriented behavior in all departments, including the partial start of assigning "Customer-oriented ambassadors" in addition to sales offices.

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Talent Development at Every Level

As a part of our Talent development program Suntory University, we carry out training in line with the career path of each employee. At first, during new employee training, participants will learn about the Suntory Group's Customer oriented spirit that has been continuously passed down since its foundation. As mid-level employees, by listening to the voices of our customers in groups and discussing their thoughts and expectations, we learn about the importance of customer orientation. Employees who are being promoted to manager are practically taught important Customer oriented decision-making techniques such as through group discussions based on case studies.

Enhancing Opportunities for Employees to Listen to Customers

We engage in activities to strengthen opportunities to share customer feedback with employees, even those who have less opportunities interacting with customers directly.

Sharing Voices of Customers via Intranet and Email

We share customer opinions and requests widely within the company on a weekly and monthly basis via the intranet and e-mail, with the aim of having all employees respond to customer opinions about our products and corporate activities and link them to their own work and actions.

Harmonics Report provided to employees via our intranet