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To Create Harmony with Customers and Partners: Products and Services

Quality Assurance from a Customer Perspective in All Processes

Grounded in the Suntory Group Quality Policy, our employees are continually working to maintain and improve quality in all of our processes, from product planning and development to material procurement, manufacturing, distribution, sales, and services.

Assuring Quality in All Processes

  • Identifying and improving all processes elements that maintain and increase quality.
  • Risk Evaluation of the ingredient, products, etc. that we manufacture and sell, and analysis and inspection of safety,
    from the perspectives of analytical science, microbial guarantees, and biological safety.
  • Ingredient traceability system such as using two-dimensional codes and social quality assurance activities
    related to sustainable procurement to realize a sustainable society.

Scientific Evaluation (Tests & Analyses)


Planning and

Research and

  • Designs that pursue good taste and functionality
  • Confirmation of safety and compliance with regulations,
    through scientific research, investigation, testing and analysis


Regular inspection
of water at the
Safety Science

Production site
visits (Florida,

  • Regular analysis and inspection
  • Development of new water resources
  • Research into water quality in Japan and overseas
  • Evaluation and selection of suppliers
  • Quality auditing of suppliers
  • Developing new ingredients and sustainable procurement
  • Evaluation of regulatory conformity for constituent materials
  • Developing new container and sustainable procurement
  • Performance and safety evaluation

Exterior check of products

Example of
premium gifts
attached to

  • Acquisition of ISO9001 certification, HACCP (Hazard Analysis
    Critical Control Point) recognition, and FSSC22000 recognition
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  • Adoption of TPM (Total Productive Maintenance, i.e.,
    the maintenance of production by all personnel)
  • Preventing and checking damage to containers, spillage of
    contents, and contamination of contents by foreigh objects
  • Strengthening of food defense, including room exit/entrance
    management and installation of cameras
  • Safety, function, and other inspections by expert teams
    of premium gifts
  • Compliance of food labeling regulations and standards
    for all products

Premium gifts

Draft beer consu
mption quality


  • Sharing quality assurance knowledge with distribution companies
  • Checking of equipment, temperature, and health and safety
    at product storage warehouses
  • Support for sanitaion management and quality control
    at restaurants
  • Seminars on improving quality at the point of consumption aimed
    at businesses serving keg draft beer
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