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Suntory Challenged Sports Project

The Suntory Group started supporting challenged sports in 2014 as part of our recovery support for the disaster-stricken Tohoku region.
In 2015, we have worked broadly in efforts such as expanding and strengthening our initiatives while bringing together athletes to reach beyond the framework of recovery support.

PASSION FOR CHALLENGE -- Reaching for Dreams United --

Challenged athletes have the resolve to persevere beyond any limitations regardless of disability.
Suntory has been forging avenues to a variety of new fields since its founding based on the Yatte Minahare challenging spirit.
This is exactly the reason Suntory empathizes with the passion and perseverance of these athletes. We are broadening these activities based on our desire to support these athletes to overcome any challenges and support their infinite potential.

1. Official Partner

  1. (1)
    Japanese Para-Sports Association (From 2015)
  2. (2)
    Japan Wheelchair Basketball Federation (From 2015)
  3. (3)
    Wheelchair Basketball Teams: Miyagi MAX and TEAM EARTH (Fukushima)
    Russell Iwate and SCRATCH (From 2015)
  4. (4)
    Japan Table Tennis Federation For Intellectual Disability (From 2020)

2. Hands-on Classrooms

We have held more than 47 hands-on basketball clinics by inviting instructors from Miyagi MAX and other teams to teach at elementary and junior high schools as well as other public facilities, to cultivate awareness and popularize challenged sports.
We also offer experience in a broad range of competitions from blind soccer and blind marathons to chair skiing and boccia.
Number of Participants: Cumulative Total of Approx. 5,500
(As of January 2020)

3. Suntory Challenged Athlete Subsidy

We provide grants to challenged sports with the aim of training and empowering athletes at a global level in Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures.
Grant Recipients: 294 Individuals/129 Organizations (Total of approx. 206,000,000 yen)
(As of January 2020)

4. Introductory Workshop to Wheelchair Sports (Students: Persons with No Experience and Supports of Wheelchair Sports)

The goal of these workshops is to expand the range of wheelchair sports. 13 clinics have been held in Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures up until now by inviting Daisuke Hashimoto, who acquired a rehabilitation sports instruction license from the German Paralympic Committee, as the instructor.

5. Sports Equipment Donations/Sports Facility Renovations

Suntory has donated sports equipment such as competitive wheelchairs to Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures and conducted renovations of facilities, including the gymnasium where Miyagi MAX trains in order to facilitate an appropriate challenged sports environment.
Facility renovations: 3 locations; Sports wheelchairs: 35; STT table-tennis tables: 5

6. Event Sponsorship

We sponsor and support the operation of the events below to popularize wheelchair basketball as well as put in place a competitive environment.
We are conducting various initiatives to bring even greater affinity to these sports. (FY2019 Results)

  1. (1)
    Wheelchair Basketball Championship Emperor's Cup
    Sponsorship of the Competition and Expansion of Various Measures as a Special Sponsor
    - Wheelchair Basketball Hands-on Booth Exhibition and Give-away Sample Program
    A Wheelchair Basketball Experience Corner with VR Video Gives Everyone a First-hand Simulated Experience from the Eyes of the Athlete During a Match
    - Suntory Wheelchair Basketball Corner
    Hands-on Shooting Corner Installed for Everyone to Try Shooting Hoops from an Actual Wheelchair
    - Secondary Awards
    Winners of the MVP, Score Leader and Special Suntory Yatte Minahare-Go for it Prizes Receive 1-year of Suntory Products
  2. (2)
    International Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Friendship Games OSAKA CUP
  3. (3)
    World Challenge Cup International Wheelchair Basketball Competition
  4. (4)
    Kitakyushu Champions Cup International Wheelchair Basketball Competition

7. Employee Participation and Enlightenment

  1. (1)
    Suntory conducted hands-on wheelchair basketball clinics as well as demonstrations though National Team athletes at the softball competition for employees of the Suntory Group who work in the Kanto region (approx. 3,600). The rugby and volleyball teams from Suntory participated to bring about an exchange through sports which eliminates any boundary felt due to a disability. (Conducted since 2015)
  1. (2)
    Competition Spectators (Number of Participants Watching and Cheering on Athletes in 2018: Approx. 510)
    Suntory provided information for employees to go watch the Japan Para Championships (2015), Kitakyushu Champions Cup International Wheelchair Basketball Competition (2015), 2015 IWBF Asia-Oceania Championship Cup (2015), International Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Friendship Games OSAKA CUP (2016, 2017, 2020), Japan Wheelchair Basketball Championship (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019) and the World Challenge Cup International Wheelchair Basketball Competition (2017, 2018, 2019).
  1. (3)
    Competition Volunteers
    A total of 15 people participated in the All-Japan Wheelchair Basketball Championship (2016), the Japan Wheelchair Rugby Championships (2016) and hands-on classrooms.

8. Video Produced to Explain Wheelchair Basketball Rules

Suntory produced a video to describe the rules of wheelchair basketball in an easy-to-understand manner through animation to show at competitions such as the All-Japan Championships to bring greater awareness to wheelchair basketball.

9. A VR Video Gives Everyone a First-hand Perspective from the Eyes of Wheelchair Basketball Athlete During Competition

Suntory produced a VR video with the participation of Japan National Team members (2016) to simulate the perspective of the athletes during a match to demonstrate the intensity and grace of wheelchair basketball.

10. Publishing OUR PASSION Project Series on the Suntory Homepage

We publish OUR PASSION about perseverance through interviews with athletes and staff who are involved with Suntory Challenged Sports Projects to bring enlightenment and popularize both the players and the sports.

11. Activity Support for Challenged Athlete Mami Tani (Formerly Mami Sato)

Mami Tani has competed in the three Paralympic Games back-to-back in the running long jump. She transitioned to Para-triathlons in 2016. Mami Tani has been engaged in various CSR activities that include an invitation speech for the 2020 Tokyo Games and reconstruction support.