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Suntory Group is engaged in a variety of activities related to music, art, sports and experiencing nature that are designed to support the healthy growth and development of the children who will be responsible for the future.

Supporting the Development of the Next Generation through Various Activities

Suntory Group provides children with opportunities to meet top athletes and come into contact with genuine works in fields such as sports, music, art, and the natural environment. As the importance of educating the youth is on the rise due to the decline in the children, we are strengthening the support to form the characters and individuality of children.

Art Kids Club Iro-Iro Do-Re-Do-Re Suntory Hall and Suntory Museum of Art joint workshop

Suntory Hall—Nurturing Next-generation Performers and Audiences

With Suntory Hall, we plan and offer various programs to develop the next generation, hoping children will experience a thrill listening to live music performed by leading musicians and taking classical music into their lives. We have been holding "Concerts for Children" which is Japan’s first regular orchestra concerts for children and "Minato-city & Suntory Hall Enjoy! Music Project" for fourth grade elementary school students in Minato-city from 2014. We also host other programs such as "Master Class by Principals of Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra," in which members of Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra teach young musicians directly, and "Rainbow 21" which targets young students who aspire to be musicians or be active in the music industry.

Minato-city & Suntory Hall Enjoy! Music Project

Minato-city and Suntory Hall have continued the on-going hands-on arts program focused mainly on music since 2014 for local fourth grade elementary school students. Internationally recognized conductor Kazushi Ono was involved with the planning for the workshop and performance under the theme “Joy of Vibrant Voices” in 2017. In the two-hour workshop held at each elementary school, a soprano, alto, tenor and bass from the Suntory Hall Opera Academy performed. The workshop demonstrated the difference in the range of these voices and the vocal resonance (B-flat), sung the Japanese song Momiji, and provided guidance to the source material key to Beethoven's 9th before the concert in January. On January 12, 2018, roughly 1,400 fourth grade students from Minato elementary schools gathered at Suntory hall to watch the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra led by conductor Kazushi Ono.

  • Elementary School Workshop

  • Minato City & Suntory Hall
    Enjoy! Music Project at Suntory Hall

Enjoy! Music Project

Holding "Concerts for Children"

We have been holding “Concerts for Children” since 2002 with the hope to establish a tradition of regular visits to concert halls in children and bring classical music into their lives. This is Japan's first regular orchestra concert for children. We collect and adopt illustrations for the flyers and the theme song for the season from the children in a format that allows children to not only listen but also participate. A program which children selected through audition can perform as a member of the orchestra, offering opportunities to play musical instruments under the guidance of the member of the orchestra, opportunity to be a child receptionist and other participatory events are being further being increased.

  • Performance by children

  • Hands on experience corner
    of musical instruments

Suntory Hall Keizo Saji Junior Program Seat

A program that continue the wish of Keizo Saji, the first President of Suntory Hall, to pass down classical music to the next generation. The program invites three pairs of both elementary and junior high school students to performances held on Saturday, Sunday and holidays at Main Hall.

  • Keizo Saji Junior Program Seat

Suntory Museum of Art — Art Appreciation Opportunities for Children

Aiming to become a museum where children are always there, we provide various programs which children can easily enjoy art and nurture the mind to love art.

Offering Education Programs

The Suntory Museum of Art is actively working to proliferate education to the next generation according to the “Art Revised, Beauty Revealed” museum message that includes The Suntory Museum of Art who is proactively engaging in activities that offer education to the next generation.
We offer free admission to children in middle school and younger, and also distribute a leaflet. This tool not only guides users to notable areas of interest but also cultivates a spirit to enjoy free inspiration brought by appreciation. As an education program that provides a venue for exchanges linking visitors with the art museum, we also conduct the "Open Doors to Beauty for the First Time" interactive mini lecture for people new to art appreciation, and on Saturdays, we offer "Friendly Talks" designed to familiarize viewers with the arts using simple slides. We have established a friend membership system to certify children that have participated in commemorative lectures on exhibits and special performances five times as a "master of art". We also accept visits of children and students in elementary and junior high schools mainly from Minato-ku as a school program.

  • Opening Doors to Beauty
    for the First Time series

  • School Program for Each School

Omoshiro Bijutsu Wonderland 2017 Celebrates a Decade in Roppongi

The Omoshiro Bijutsu Wonderland 2017 is a summer exhibition held to offer a place to experience, feel and discover Japanese art in a variety of exhibition formats taking advantage of both digital technology and analog means. Under the motto Open the Door to Art!, the second exhibition held in 2012 cultivated an opportunity for people to enjoy finding works at the Suntory Museum of Art in addition to nurturing an affinity with Japanese art, such as feeling the world of art in an overall space with video, sound and other ingenuities as well as the experience of interactive creation using digital technologies.

  • Using Voice to Spray Black Ink
    on a Large White Sake Bottle

  • Experiencing the Beauty
    of Cut Glass on Video

Supporting the Development of Children through Sports

Suntory Group runs a variety of activities designed to support the healthy development of children's minds and bodies through sports. As part of the activity, Suntory’s sports teams, rugby club Suntory SUNGOLIATH and volley ball team Suntory SUNBIRDS promotes their sports and holds clinics to directly teach children in a various places. In 2017, approximately 17,000 children participated in the program. In addition, the SUNGOLIATH are cooperating in opportunities for children to interact with rugby such as the operational support for the Suntory Cup Japan Kid's Tag Rugby Championship. The SUNBIRDS are also holding a Ball Play Seminar for Children to Experience the Joy of Exercise as an elementary school class and supporting the operations of the local volleyball competitions.

  • Rugby Clinic

  • Volleyball Clinic

Support through the Hibarigaoka Gakuen

The Hibarigaoka Gakuen has been supporting continuity education from kindergarten to high school since Shinjiro Torii became the first chairperson of in 1950. Shinjiro Torii places importance on being devoted to one’s parents and kept saying “a person who is devoted to one’s parents can do anything well.” The spirit of founding is passed down today and the school engages in educating people based on a belief that “the basic natural thought of mankind of parents’ whish the growth of their children and children appreciates and respects their parents unites a family, which raises the thought of contributing to the society.” From 2008, the school supported the opening of an environmental lecture and currently operates a kindergarten, Hanaiku in the elementary school and junior high school as well as activities outside the school, special classes and lectures to educate about the environment through a systematic program and supports the programs.

Planting trees at the open air school

Nurturing Challenging Spirit through Experiencing Camping at an Uninhabited Island

Since 2007, Suntory Group has been promoting Yoshima Project in cooperation with Kobe YMCA, a public interest incorporated foundation which operates a camping site in an uninhabited island in Shodo-gun, Kagawa Prefecture since 1950. The project is intended to nurture spirit of challenge and dreams of children experiencing rich natural environment unique to an uninhabited island and plans and holds Adventure Camp participated by Gota Miura and various programs around the year. In 2017, approximately 4,300 children participated in the program.

  • Yoshima Summer Camp

  • Yoshima

Suntory Mizuiku -Education Program for Nature and Water

As a company utilizing the blessings of water to manufacture products for customers, we offer the Suntory Mizuiku - Education Program for Nature and Water. It is a unique hands-on program from Suntory to teach the next generation the importance of nature’s role in water resource cultivation so that water resources may be handed down to future generations. The program centers on two activities: Outdoor School of Forest and Water and Teaching about Water at Schools. This activity is approaching its 15th year since it began in 2018. (Sponsor: Ministry of the Environment and Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)

  • Outdoor School of Forest and Water

  • Teaching about Water at Schools

Suntory Mizuiku-Education Program for Nature and Water

Developing Work Value in Children Through Real Experience

The Suntory Group has opened a Beverage Service Center pavilion for children to experience operations related to vending machines at KidZania in Tokyo and Koshien where kids learn about work and society through play. The Beverage Service Center can teach vending machines systems as well as the knowledge and innovations used to deliver products to customers while evoking passion in people to support beauty, safety and reliability. We hope to cultivate work value and bring new awareness to children everyday through hands-on experience where they can interact with actual vending machines often seen as no more than part of the cityscape.

  • Learning the Inner workings of Vending Machines

  • Delivering Products to Vending Machines

Introduction to the Beverage Service Center at KidZania in Tokyo and Koshien

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