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The Suntory Group actively participates in corporate sporting events and supports sports promotion activities. We have our own rugby and volleyball sports teams that compete in league games. Both teams place special emphasis on promoting their sports, planning and carrying out community-based activities such as holding rugby and volleyball workshops mainly during the off-season.

Activities to Promote Sports

Suntory’s Rugby Club Suntory SUNGOLIATH

Company rugby club Suntory SUNGOLIATH was created in 1980 and participates in the Japan Rugby Top League, a national league for company rugby clubs. Suntory SUNGOLIATH is one of the leading teams in Japan, winning the Top League championship five times and All-Japan Rugby Football Championship eight times.
We are actively engaged in promotion activities for rugby to support a healthy mind and growth of the body through sports.We also actively participate in rugby workshops and other events taught first-hand by Suntory SUNGOLIATH team members.
The Suntory SUNGOLIATH team also puts effort into social contribution activities and actively participates in events that include rugby workshops, local cleaning activities, and disaster recovery support activities.
We actively strive in new efforts to let more people, including women and children, know about rugby, including an event held by Suntory to watch the 2019 World Cup in Japan together with people from disaster-affected areas.

  • Suntory’s Rugby Club
    Suntory SUNGOLIATH

  • Participants of Rugby workshop

  • Suntory SUNGOLIATH
    has won the All-Japan Rugby Football
    Championship eight times


Suntory’s Volleyball Club Suntory SUNBIRDS

Company volleyball club Suntory SUNBIRDS, created in 1973, participates in the V. Premium League Division 1, the top company volleyball league in Japan.
To promote sports, the club engages in activities such as coaching volleyball techniques and supporting the management of volleyball competitions (2019 was the 14th time for elementary schools, 41st time for junior high schools, and 23rd time for the mother's volleyball competition). In addition, SUNBIRDS athletes taught in the volleyball workshops to various age groups, with as focus on elementary and junior high school students, with the participation of about 5,800 participants in 2019.
Furthermore, Suntory SUNBIRDS participates in social contribution activities. The athletes helped with a wide-range of activities such as leading exercises with a ball for the elderly as well as working with the police to prevent youth delinquency and crime. The SUNBIRDS also held volleyball workshops for elementary and junior high school students in Iwate, Miyagi and Kumamoto Prefectures as part of support activities to support the recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake and Kumamoto earthquakes.

  • Suntory’s Volleyball Club Suntory SUNBIRDS

  • Volleyball workshop for communities

  • Activity for preventing youth delinquency and crime


Ai Miyazato Suntory Ladies Open Golf Tournament to Enter AIG Women’s British Open

Suntory Ladies Open Golf Tournament is an official ladies open golf tournament of the Ladies Professional Golfers’ Association of Japan hosted by Suntory. The event was held at the Rokko Kokusai Golf Club in Kobe City from 10,2021. This tournament is seen as a competition to test the true skill of the golfers because it is held for four days while in Japan most golf tournaments usually last for three days. Ai Miyazato, a professional golfer affiliated with Suntory, acts as an advisor for the tournament and is involved with setting the course, PR for the tournament, and hospitality for visitors. As an international open tournament, it opens its doors and supports the growth of Japanese and international up-and-comers and amateur golfers who are expected to become leading players in the future, and actively engages in other charitable events.
From the 30th tournament on, the first- and second-place golfer will gain entry to the AIG Women’s British Open.

  • Serena Aoki and Ai Miyazato, an advisor for the tournament
    (winning the 2021 tournament)

Suntory Ladies Open Golf Tournament

Suntory Dream Match

Suntory has been hosting baseball games since 1995 by separating famous players who have retired from professional baseball into two teams to provide dreams and excitement. The dream baseball match has brought joy to a total of 1,090,000 baseball fans so far. The Premium Malt's, led by Manager Koji Yamamoto, and the Dream Heroes, led by Manager Yasushi Tao, played an exciting baseball game at the 25th match held in Tokyo Dome in May 2021. The event was held in May without an audience for the first time due to the spread of the new coronavirus. A portion of the proceeds from this event goes toward holding baseball workshops for the recovery of baseball.

Day of the match (2019)

Suntory Dream Match

Suntory Challenged Sports Project

The Suntory Group started supporting challenged sports in 2014 as a part of our recovery support for disaster-stricken Tohoku region.
In addition to the provision of grants and donation of sports equipment, we hold challenged sports experience classes, including wheelchair basketball sessions, for children in the Tohoku Region.
Over 5,000 people have participated in the event so far.
The Suntory Group has not only supported recovery efforts as an official partner of the Japanese Para-Sports Association and the Japan Wheelchair Basketball Federation since 2015 but also strives in efforts that include the support of athletic activities and competitions for athletes such as Suntory Employee Mami Tani, an active para-triathlete, in addition to employee volunteer activities. Moreover, we are working in promotional activities, such as video production of rules for wheelchair basketball, VR videos of wheelchair basketball, and online publishing projects to introduce the passion of the athletes. We will persevere with our athletes in the future under our PASSION FOR CHALLENGE grounded in our “Yatte Minahare” spirit that we have had since our founding.

Supporting Challenged Sports

Suntory Challenged Sports Project (only Japanese)