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To Create Harmony with Society: Cultural and Social Contribution

Disaster Recovery Support

Supporting Kumamoto Earthquake Recovery Efforts

Suntory Holdings Ltd. started Group-wide recovery support activities as the Suntory Land of Water Kumamoto Support Project to support the revitalization of Kumamoto after the earthquake that struck in 2016.
We have delivered approximately 210,000 bottles of Suntory Tennensui mineral water in April 2016 and contributed 100 million yen in relief aid to municipalities affected by the Kumamoto earthquake in May 2016.
Thereafter, Suntory decided to provide additional support of ¥300 million in October 2016. We launched the Suntory Land of Water Kumamoto Support Project, and we will continue to focus on activities that ensure the sustainability of groundwater in the Kumamoto region as well as those that support the livelihoods of the community members in affected areas through culture, arts, and sports based on the desire to contribute to the recovery of the prefecture as a company with the Suntory Kyushu Kumamoto Plant located in Kumamoto.

More information about these initiatives

Supporting Kumamoto Earthquake Recovery Topics

Supporting Kumamoto Earthquake Recovery Website

Activities to Contribute to Sustainably of Groundwater in the Kumamoto Area

Suntory Kumamoto Groundwater Mirai Project
Recovery of Winter Rice Fields
  • Renovations

  • Planting Event

  • Long Awaited Harvest

Activities to Support the Mind and Body Through Culture, Arts and Sports

Holding sports classes

We hold volley ball and rugby classes by Suntory’s sports teams and baseball classes in disaster affected areas.

Number of Participants

Suntory SUNGOLIATH Rugby Classes

Suntory SUNBIRDS Volleyball Classes

Suntory Dream Match Live

Vienna Philharmonic Recovery & Remembrance Concert

Number of Participants

Recovery & Remembrance Concert Led by Super Kids Orchestra Yutaka Sado

We operate a project which provides junior high and high school brass band members in disaster affected areas to perform at Suntory Hall through practicing.

Number of Participants
Approx. 1,200

Community Support

Support Activities Using Suntory Capital Expanded with Focus on Kashima, Mashiki and Mifune around the Kyushu Kumamoto Plant in Kyushu.

Flower Shop Held Jointly with Suntory Flowers

Number of Participants

Everyone Afflicted by the Disaster from Kashima, Mashiki and Mifune Around the Kyushu Kumamoto Plant in Kyushu Invited to a Plant Tour

Number of Participants

Activities to Support the Recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake

The Suntory Group is expanding its support for recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake. Immediately after the earthquake, the Suntory Group provided 1 million bottles of mineral water as emergency relief supplies and donated ¥300 million to the three affected prefectures. We also worked to provide support for the reconstruction with contributions equivalent to a total of 10.8 billion yen: 4 billion yen in 2011, 2 billion yen in 2012, 2.5 billion yen in 2013, and 2 billion yen in 2014.

The Suntory Group launched the "Suntory Tohoku Sun-Sun Project" and actively continues its support activities with the focus on "Support Recovery of the Fishing Industry," "Youth Support Initiatives," "Challenged Sports" and "Support through Culture, the Arts, and Sports" with the hope to bring light warm like the sunshine, and smiles and joy to disaster affected areas.

We support the purchase of fishing vessels, fishing equipment and fixed fishing nets to assist the early recovery of fishing industry. We award grants to students at fisheries high schools, provide a safe and secure environment, and support NPOs that help children such as Save the Children Japan. We engage in other various cultural and sports activities to bring smiles and joy.

Since 2014, we have been providing support for Challenged Sports in Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima prefectures, based on our desire to deliver hopes and dreams. We will donate the equivalent of 1 billion yen over the period of seven years focusing on Challenged Athlete Subsidy aimed at supporting individual athletes and organizations, Challenged Sports Academy aimed at providing opportunities mainly for children to experience challenged sports and engage with athletes, and Challenged Sports Training Support aimed at popularizing, strengthening and supporting them.

Result of Support

Recovery Support for the Fishing Industry

Donating to the reconstruction of the prefectures' fishing industries

To support early reconstruction through the auspices of prefectural governments, Suntory donated ¥3.0 billion to Miyagi Prefecture and ¥2.5 billion to Iwate Prefecture

Support to cover costs of acquiring fishing vessels

To ease the burden on fishermen, the Suntory Group is acting through the auspices of Miyagi Prefecture and Iwate Prefecture to shoulder a portion of the costs to acquire new fishing vessels. The Group is supporting the restoration of about 10,000 vessels of all sizes and types, from deep-sea tuna vessels to squid fishing vessels

Amount of support to cover costs of acquiring fishing vessels

Support to restore fishing-related facilities

Donations for the reconstruction of the fishing industry in Miyagi Prefecture and Iwate Prefecture are also used in the restoration of fixed fishing nets and aquaculture facilities

Amount of support for fishing vessels

Amount of support for fixed shore nets

Youth Support Initiatives

Scholarships for fisheries high schools

For five years beginning in 2012, the Suntory Group is providing free scholarships to disaster affected students at seven fisheries high schools

Number of scholarship recipients (total)

Support for building a place for children in Fukushima to learn and play

We provide support for children's after-school clubs, training for instructors, and excursions, so that children in Fukushima Prefecture where environment is harsh could learn and play in safety

Number of child care facilities built

Number of outdoor activity participants such as summer camps

Providing Assistance to NPOs that Support the Children of Fukushima

We provide three year aid for organizations that provide intensive support to children in Fukushima Prefecture who have been living in evacuation centers for long period of time

Number of organizations that were awarded grants

Construction of Ishinomaki City Children's Center and Yamada Fureai Center

We provided aid for the total cost of construction for the Ishinomaki City Children's Center (Miyagi Prefecture) and Yamada Fureai Center (Iwate Prefecture) facilities that were planned and designed by the children

Number of Ishinomaki City Children's Center users annually

Cooperative program through music with the TOMODACHI Initiative

We are supporting students in disaster affected areas to attend music school in the United States with the cooperation of the TOMODACHI Initiative led by the US Embassy and U.S.-Japan Council. In the TOMODACHI Suntory Fukushima Mirai Music Program, we provide opportunities for the music club of Fukushima Futaba Mirai Gakuen High School to learn at workshops conducted by the New York Philharmonic orchestra in the United States


Challenged Sports Support

Challenged Sports Experience Classroom

We hold sports experience classrooms that focus on wheelchair basketball played by challenged athletes at elementary and junior high schools as well as athletic facilities in disaster affected areas

Number of participants annually

Challenged Athlete Subsidy

We provide grants to individuals and organizations as a way to support the training of athletes on par with global standards and to develop and popularize challenged sports

Individual category

Team category

As of January 2018

Challenged Sports Training Support

We support strengthening the base and improving the environment of Challenged Sports through renovating public facilities and donating sports wheelchairs in order to develop and popularize them

Sports wheelchairs

STT table-tennis tables

Facility renovations

Introductory Workshop to Wheelchair Sports
5Workshops Held

Support through Culture, the Arts and Sports

Vienna Philharmonic & Suntory Music Aid Fund

Together with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Suntory is providing aid for music-related initiatives and is bringing concerts to the disaster affected areas

The number of attendees at Concerts for Kids

Performance held by Vienna Philharmonic & Suntory Music Aid Award activities

Suntory and Japan Kogei Association Omoshiro Bijutsu Classroom in Tohoku

The Suntory Group conducted Study Support Program events headed by designated Preservers of Important Intangible Cultural Properties (also known as Living National Treasures) and other traditional handicraft artists

Number of participants in the Omoshiro Bijutsu Classroom

Suntory Museum of Art Traveling Exhibition

We hold exhibitions of Japanese art with items in the collection of Suntory Museum of Art in Sendai City and Koriyama City


Michinoku Wind Orchestra

We operate a project which provides junior high and high school brass band members in disaster affected areas to perform at Suntory Hall through practicing

Number of participants

Music for Everyone Concert held by Suntory and the Sendai Philharmonic Orchestra

Touring concerts were held for disaster affected area in Tohoku from 2016 through collaboration with the Sendai Philharmonic Orchestra centrally located in Sendai.

Number of Participants

Inviting the people from the disaster affected areas to cultural and sports events

We invited the people from the disaster affected areas to cultural events, such as Suntory Presents Beethoven's 9th with a Cast of 10,000, and sports events, such as Suntory Dream Match and international rugby match

Number of visitors to cultural events

Number of visitors to sporting events

Holding sports classes

Each year we hold volleyball, rugby and baseball classes led by Suntory’s sports teams in disaster affected areas

Sports clinic participants and competition attendees

Please see Feature 2: Activities to Support Recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake for details on Suntory Tohoku Sun-Sun Project

Suntory Group Support Activities for the Recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake

Support for Disaster Areas

The Suntory Group provides help to the people and places afflicted by disasters by providing relief contributions and drinking water when large disasters strike Japan or other countries.

Main Donations

Year Incident Amount Donated Beneficiary News release
2010 2010 Canterbury (Christchurch) Earthquake (New Zealand's South Island) 3.25 million yen Christchurch earthquake appeal fund  
2010 Foot-and-Mouth Disease Outbreak in Miyazaki Prefecture 10 million yen Miyazaki Prefecture, and the Miyazaki Community Chest Association Social Welfare Organization Suntory Relief Aid for Foot-and-Mount Disease in Miyazaki Prefecture (in Japanese only)
2010 Chile Earthquake 5 million yen Chile Embassy Suntory Relief Aid for Earthquake Recovery in Chile
2010 Haiti Earthquake 10 million yen The Japanese Red Cross Society Suntory Haiti Earthquake Aid
2011 Thailand floods Approx. 2.5 million yen The Government of the Kingdom of Thailand Support for Recovery from Flood Damage in Thailand
2011 2011 Canterbury (Christchurch) Earthquake (New Zealand's South Island) 6.2 million yen New Zealand Red Cross Earthquake Relief Donation to New Zealand
2011 Floods in Queensland, Australia 8 million yen Queensland The Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal Flood Relief Donation to Queensland Australia
2011- Great East Japan Earthquake 4.3 billion yen in 2011
2.0 billion yen in 2012
2.5 billion yen in 2013
2.0 billion yen in 2014
(total: 10.8 billion yen)
Iwate Prefecture, Miyagi Prefecture, Fukushima Prefecture, Save The Children Japan, et al. Relief Donation for Earthquake in the Tohoku Region of Japan
2014 Landslide disasters in Hiroshima 1 million yen Chugoku Shimbun Social Welfare Services Corporation  
2015 Nepal Earthquake 3 million yen Nepal Earthquake  
2016 Kumamoto Earthquake ¥0.1 billion in April
¥0.3 billion in October
Kumamoto Prefecture Release of Contributions to Kumamoto Prefecture
2017 Storm Disaster in Northern Kyushu Fukuoka Prefecture (5 million yen)
Oita Prefecture (5 million yen)
Fukuoka Prefecture/Oita Prefecture Relief Donation for the Storm Disaster in Northern Kyushu
2017 Aid Following the Massive Hurricane Disaster in the United States Approx. 110 million yen (1 million dollars) American Red Cross About Aid Following the Massive Hurricane Disasters in the United States
2017 Aid Following the Earthquake in Mexico Approx. 22 million yen
(200,000 dollars)
Mexican Red Cross About Aid Following the Earthquake in Mexico

Providing Free Beverages When Disasters Strike

Suntory Foods Ltd. has developed and is furthering the installation of emergency beverage vending machines. This system normally sells beverages from vending machines in peace times but will provide them for free during disasters or other emergencies. Beverages can be easily accessed even if the power goes out. Many people used this system after the Great East Japan Earthquake that struck in March of 2011. We are furthering the installation on premises with focus on public facilities and hospitals. We plan to keep actively installing these types of vending machines in the future.

Emergency beverage vending machine

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