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To Create Harmony with Society: Cultural and Social Contribution

Disaster Recovery Support

Support for Disaster Areas

The Suntory Group provides help to the people and places afflicted by disasters by providing relief contributions and drinking water when large disasters strike Japan or other countries.

Main Donations

Year Incident Amount Donated Beneficiary News release
2010 2010 Canterbury (Christchurch) Earthquake (New Zealand's South Island) 3.25 million yen Cristchurch earthquake appeal fund  
2010 Foot-and-Mouth Disease Outbreak in Miyazaki Prefecture 10 million yen Miyazaki Prefecture, and the Miyazaki Community Chest Association Social Welfare Organization Suntory Relief Aid for Foot-and-Mount Disease in Miyazaki Prefecture (in Japanese only)
2010 Chile Earthquake 50 million yen Chile Embassy Suntory Relief Aid for Earthquake Recovery in Chile
2010 Haiti Earthquake 10 million yen The Japanese Red Cross Society Suntory Haiti Earthquake Aid
2011 Thailand floods Approx. 2.5 million yen The Government of the Kingdom of Thailand Support for Recovery from Flood Damage in Thailand
2011 2011 Canterbury (Christchurch) Earthquake (New Zealand's South Island) 6.2 million yen New Zealand Red Cross Earthquake Relief Donation to New Zealand
2011 Floods in Queensland, Australia 8 million yen Queensland The Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal Flood Relief Donation to Queensland Australia
2011- Great East Japan Earthquake 4.3 billion yen in 2011
2.0 billion yen in 2012
2.5 billion yen in 2013
2.0 billion yen in 2014
(total: 10.8 billion yen)
Iwate Prefecture, Miyagi Prefecture, Fukushima Prefecture, Save The Children Japan, et al. Relief Donation for Earthquake in the Tohoku Region of Japan
2014 Landslide disasters in Hiroshima 1 million yen Chugoku Shimbun Social Welfare Services Corporation  
2015 Nepal Earthquake 3 million yen Nepal Earthquake  
2016 Kumamoto Earthquake 100 million yen in April 2016
300 million yen in October 2016
Kumamoto Prefecture Release of Contributions to Kumamoto Prefecture
2017 Storm Disaster in Northern Kyushu Fukuoka Prefecture (5 million yen)
Oita Prefecture (5 million yen)
Fukuoka Prefecture/Oita Prefecture Relief Donation for the Storm Disaster in Northern Kyushu
2017 Aid Following the Massive Hurricane Disaster in the United States Approx. 110 million yen (1 million dollars) American Red Cross About Aid Following the Massive Hurricane Disasters in the United States
2017 Aid Following the Earthquake in Mexico Approx. 22 million yen
(200,000 dollars)
Mexican Red Cross About Aid Following the Earthquake in Mexico
2017 Hurricane Maria Which Impacted the Virgin Islands Approx. 55 million yen
(500,000 dollars)
Virgin Islands Aid Fund  
2018 Torrential Rains of July 2018 (in Western Japan) 900 million yen
(Hiroshima, Okayama, and Ehime Prefectures received 300 million yen each)
Hiroshima Prefecture: Japanese Red Cross Society Hiroshima
Okayama and Ehime Prefectures: Aid provided directly to each prefectural government
Information About the Donations for the Torrential Rains of July 2018
2018 2018 Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake 100 million yen Hokkaido Information About Support Provided for the 2018 Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake
2018 Support for Midousuji Ginkgo Namiki,damaged by Typhoon No.21 50 million yen Osaka City
2019 Typhoon No.15 50 million yen Chiba Prefecture Suntory Pledges ¥50 million to support Typhoon No. 15 Relief and Recovery

Providing Free Beverages When Disasters Strike

Suntory Foods Ltd. has developed and is furthering the installation of emergency beverage vending machines. This system normally sells beverages from vending machines in peace times but will provide them for free during emergencies such as when disasters strike. Beverages can be easily accessed even if the power goes out. Many people used this system after the Great East Japan Earthquake that struck in March of 2011. We are furthering the installation on premises with focus on public facilities and hospitals. We plan to keep actively installing these types of vending machines in the future.

Emergency beverage vending machine

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