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Disaster Recovery Support

Suntory "Land of Water" Kumamoto Support Project

Supporting Kumamoto Earthquake Recovery Efforts

Suntory Holdings Ltd. started Group-wide recovery support activities as the Suntory Land of Water Kumamoto Support Project to support the revitalization of Kumamoto after the earthquake that struck in 2016.
We have delivered approximately 210,000 bottles of Suntory Tennensui mineral water in April 2016 and contributed 100 million yen in relief aid to municipalities affected by the Kumamoto earthquake in May 2016.
Thereafter, Suntory decided to provide additional support of ¥300 million in October 2016. We launched the Suntory Land of Water Kumamoto Support Project, and we will continue to focus on activities that ensure the sustainability of groundwater in the Kumamoto region as well as those that support the livelihoods of the community members in affected areas through culture, arts, and sports based on the desire to contribute to the recovery of the prefecture as a company with the Suntory Kyushu Kumamoto Plant located in Kumamoto.

More information about these initiatives

Kumamoto Earthquake Recovery Support Site

Activities to Contribute to Sustainably of Groundwater in the Kumamoto Area

Suntory Kumamoto Groundwater Mirai Project
Recovery of Winter Rice Fields
  • Renovations

  • Planting Event

  • Long Awaited Harvest

Activities to Support the Mind and Body Through Culture, Arts and Sports

Holding sports classes

We hold volley ball and rugby classes by Suntory’s sports teams and baseball classes in disaster affected areas.

Number of participants
Approx. 2,200

Rugby Classes

Watching tour of RUGBY WORLD CUP JAPAN 2019 with Suntory SUNGOLIATH

Volleyball Classes

Suntory Dream Match Live

Vienna Philharmonic Recovery & Remembrance Concert

In cooperation with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, we established a fund, and, in addition to presenting performances by orchestra members, we provided grants and technical support to local organizations.

Number of participants
Approx. 1,300

Recovery & Remembrance Concert Led by Super Kids Orchestra Yutaka Sado

Supporting recovery concert activities since 2015 by Super Kids Orchestra led by international conductor and Super Kids Orchestra Artistic Director Yutaka Sado.

Number of participants
Approx. 3,000

"Minna no Machi" concerts held through the cooperation of Kumamoto Prefectural Theater, the Kyushu Symphony Orchestra, and Suntory

We have been holding concerts at elementary schools, public halls, and other locations around the Kyushu Kumamoto Plant in cooperation with Kumamoto Prefectural Theater and the Kyushu Symphony Orchestra since 2018.

Number of participants
Approx. 3,000

Community Support

Support Activities Using Suntory Capital Expanded with Focus on Kashima, Mashiki and Mifune around the Kyushu Kumamoto Plant in Kyushu

In cooperation with Suntory Flowers, we deliver flower seeds and flower pots to local people and hold workshops

Everyone Afflicted by the Disaster from Kashima, Mashiki and Mifune around the Kyushu Kumamoto Plant in Kyushu Invited to a Plant Tour

Invited people living in temporary housings in Kashima, Mashiki and Mifune around the Kyushu Kumamoto Plant

Number of participants
Approx. 850

Kumamoto Future Vision Program

Five years after the Kumamoto Earthquake, and beyond.
In 2021, Suntory, as a local company, will continue to think about the future of Kumamoto together with the next generation and continue our efforts to be close to the community.

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