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Throughout our history, we have been staying true to our founder Shinjiro Torii’s spirit of “Giving back to Society”. We have been particularly active when it comes to charitable and social welfare activities directed toward people from less fortunate circumstances. Suntory Group has been ever mindful of changing social needs in the social contribution activities it has continued carrying out to this day.

Support through the Social Welfare Organization

Social Welfare Organization Hojukai

Suntory founder Shinjiro Torii began the Hojukai in 1921 with the establishment of the "Imamiya Dispensary" free clinic in the Airin district of Osaka City to assist people living in financial hardship based on his strong belief in social contribution. The Hojukai was named by combining one Japanese kanji character of Shinjiro Torii's wife's name and one Japanese kanji character from our Kotobukiya company name from that time. During the turmoil after the Second World War, accommodation facility was provided for victims of war, people that returned from overseas and people that did not have a place to go, which are currently used as dorms for mother and child, special elderly nursing home and nursery schools. Hojukai continued activities as a social welfare organization and it operates Takadonoen (special care facility for seniors established in 1974), Domyoji Takadonoen (a general-purpose welfare facility established in 2008), the Tsubomi Nursery School (1975), and the West Asahi-ku Community General Support Center (commissioned by Osaka City in April 2011).
To respond to the current needs, Suntory has been putting efforts in at-home nursing care services such as home-visit nursing care, outpatient nursing care, and in-home long-term nursing care services. In the spring of 2017, Tsubomi Nursery School moved to a new premise with the aim of an even more unique and comfortable facility as well as a nursery school that nurtures a wealth of sensibility.
"Hojukai", the first corporation to conduct social welfare activities in Osaka, celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2021.

  • Takadonoen, special care facility
    for seniors and Tsubomi Nursery School

  • Domyoji-Takadonoen, a general-purpose
    welfare facility

  • Exchange between Takadonoen
    and Tsubomi Nursery School

Social Welfare Organization Hojukai

Donating Suntory Products to Children Homes with the Cooperation of Food Bank Activities

The Suntory Group has donated approximately 94,000 cases of food and drinks to entities such as orphanages, welfare institutes, community centers, and disaster affected areas since 2010 through the Second Harvest non-profit organization that engages in Food Bank activities. The products that are donated are given under the condition that they have the same quality as the products sold commercially. We also conduct the same level or quality assurance, customer service, and all other operations for those products as the products sold commercially. This program started in Tokyo Metropolitan area in 2010 and was later expanded to include Okinawa in 2013. In the future, we will continue this food bank activity to deliver the appropriate amount of food as necessary.

Endowments to inner-city children homes

Engaging in Charitable and Voluntary Activities

Charitable activities

Suntory Group will continue to conduct community contribution activities through charities. We will also actively participate in charitable activities such as summer and year-end charity campaigns at each business establishment throughout Japan.

Supporting Community Building through Charity

Suntory Ladies Open Golf Tournament

Entry fees to the amateur-professional charity tournament, money from charity corner sales, etc. from the Suntory Ladies Open Golf Tournament (started in 1990) have been used to support Kobe City’s disaster recovery efforts from the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake. The support continued from 1995 to 2010.
Since 2011, we have donated fire-fighting vehicles and other equipment to Natori City and Sendai City in Miyagi Prefecture as support for disaster-affected areas that were severely damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Since 2016, we have been providing recovery support to areas affected by the Kumamoto Earthquake and the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Although the 2020 event has been cancelled, we have made a donation to Hyogo Prefecture to support medical professionals.

Fire trucks donated to Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture

Suntory Dream Match

Suntory Dream Match is an event held from 1995 where proceeds from the sales of beer and other beverages, baseball goods, charity seats, as well as part of the proceeds from the sales of baseball uniforms signed by participating athletes are used as donations to organize baseball and catch ball classes with the participation of active and retired professional baseball players in order to support the recovery of baseball in the Tohoku region since 2016.

  • A baseball workshop held in
    Kumamoto Prefecture in November 2020

  • Catch ball class in
    disaster affected areas using charity